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Month: September 2018

wrapping and rocking

the two nude figures sit in
time and space.
one upon the other.
rocking together.
rocking in their cave.

two magic figures
rocking together against time.
rocking back through time.
back and forth.

mother rocking her baby.
rocking against sickness and tears.
rocking back into love and peace.

in the cave,
unseen except by the spirits,
the holymen rock out of this reality
of personal isolation of greys.
rock until they rock
into the pulse of pure light.
back and forth until at-one-ness came,
until atonement came…
not just for them…
but those outside the cave.
magic rocking.
passion rocking.
almost sexual,
not quite…
very sexual…
beyond sexual.

two bodies rocking together,
rubbing isolation away.

grandpa sits in his rocking chair,
slowly holding onto creaking passion of living.
lovers dance,
rocking back and forth to the music.
sometimes fast.
sometimes slow.
passion rises warm and comforting.
pain and grief disappear.
a kid holding onto a blanket,
rocks back and forth,
holding onto the wrapping
that holds us all together.
colorful ribbons of our cocoon.
the 2 lovers pumping
hard on the swing, working together
to get the highest
thrilling flying and swooshing drop
on their bellies
and, yes,
in their loins.
almost sexual,
but not quite….
very sexy…
beyond sex.
mere sex would get
in the way of
the child-like melting
of earth and sky.
back and forth,
up and down,
wrapping us together
in brightness
and softness
and the magical commonness.

a girl laughs
on a big old rocking horse.
a g.i. holding his guts in,
blood oozing out,
rocks on the battlefield…
rocks to keep life in
and pain out.

light pulses,
reflected off tin and plastic.

daddy rocking baby to sleep on his lap.
cozy togetherness in ribbons,
rocking by the fire
far away from reality.

the arab woman,
on her knees beside
the unrecognizable remains of her husband
rocking to handle grief and pain.
a crazy rocks
on the street corner,
talking to beings from another reality.
wrap us up cozy.
wrap us warmly.
maypole dancers with ribbons.
admit that we all are wrapped up together
in see-through ties.

the gypsy woman,
eyes closed,
rocks back and forth,
giving master spirits
her voice and her body
to speak through.
rocking in her tent.

the boys rocking
uncontrollable from laughter
at their childish pranks.

rocking surrealistic in the darkness,
in their colorful bonds,
the two nude figures,
using magical passion to melt together,
rock like the blind,
like the insane,
like the holy men,
like lovers…
and the magical melting spreads out of the cave
and into the world.

© Frank Moore 1986-2002

Featured image photo by Kevin Rice.

Poem by Frank Moore
Chanted by Michael LaBash
Background music:
excerpt from “Body Music”
performed by Frank Moore’s Chero Company: Leigh Gates, Michael LaBash, Alexi Malenky & Rourke Smith
Thumbnail photo by Kevin Rice
A segment from the web video series LET ME BE FRANK, Episode 4.
Website for the series:
Watch episodes:

Here are some Wrapping/Rocking performances:

Wrapping/Rocking @ The Intersection, San Francisco, California
March 14, 1986

Wrapping/Rocking, Sixth Sense Gallery, NYC
May 19, 1987

Wrapping/Rocking, Painted Bride, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 23, 1987

Wrapping/Rocking & Statues, EZTV, Los Angeles, California
September 9, 1988

“Wrapping/Rocking”, Berkeley, California
January 14, 1989

Wrapping/Rocking, University of California, Berkeley, May 1, 2003

Poster by LaBash

Frank Moore Live Audio Archive at

We have uploaded a still-growing collection of live performance music to the Frank Moore Collection on the Live Audio Archive at This collection features live recordings by Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band. It also includes recordings of his jams on his live streaming internet show, Frank Moore’s Shamans Den, that were not always official Cherotic All-Star performances, but featured many members of the band. All of the recordings are available to download for free in a variety of audio formats.

Here are some samples:

• • • | | • • •

a live solo concert: piano, vocals & chimes as part of Leslie Baker’s Salon via Skype, March 10, 2012, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

• • • | | • • •

“Dying is Sexy – The Jam – Part 1”
from Dying is Sexy, a 48-hour performance for FADO’S “TIME TIME TIME” in Toronto, Canada, August 27-29, 1999.

• • • | | • • •

Hot Marshmallow Jam
Recorded live on Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den
May 19, 2013

• • • | | • • •

The Rage Of Passion Tour 2005 – Il Corral
Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band
Friday, August 12, 2005
Il Corral, Los Angeles, California.

• • • | | • • •

Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band
Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, 2004
Kimo’s, San Francisco, California.

Dying is Sexy – drawings by Fred Hatt

Sketches by Fred Hatt drawn during Frank’s 48-hr performance, Dying is Sexy, for FADO’S “TIME TIME TIME” in Toronto, Canada, August 27-29, 1999.

Drawings by Fred Hatt

For more details about the performance:

Watch segments of the performance:


August 26, 2003

We are standing
before a gate,
On the edge
Of newness,
Holding hands.

All bodies desire
To merge with,
To fuse with
The core of every body
Within closeness,
Core within all cores.
This is the hidden secret
Of Gravity.
It is not a mere attraction
Of bodies…
Not sexual.
But this desire
Has been long
Thought of as impossible
In this reality of divisions…
Because of unwillingness
To melt bodies and forms,
To melt through skin,
To melt beings
With the Other,
Going through layers,
Until cores fuse
Into just life.

But the time has come
For fusion,
A blend of explosions
And implosions
Outside of time and space,
Deep within our body,
Peeling away layers
By deep friction
Of warm love.
Time has come
To start to fade out
The reality of division
By lighting the fuse
Within the small hidden cave
Between our bodies,
Going within the warmth.

The reality of division
Started when the cell of Life
Divided and kept dividing.
This reality of difference
Released the possibilities
Of personal love and creativity,
The possibility of personal responsibility
And being in aware relationship

But before the Pyramids…
A blink of an eye
Within an evolution…
The reality of division
Becoming a filter
Used by the elite
To turn evolution
Into progress
That benefited their
Empires of isolation.

Yes, we are standing
Before a gate,
On the edge of newness.
When we light the fuse
Within the hidden cave,
It will release unimagined
It will release what has been
Locked up and away for so long.
Get the foot off the neck
Of dreams.
Get the weight of the world
Off the little kid’s back,
Release the deep beating heart
From the tight cage.
It may release blasts
Of tears, pain, joy, giggles.
It will release life
Full of wonder
deep inside our body.
Together we will take
The blasts within us,
Expanding us
In all directions.
We don’t even know
What fuse is.
It may not be any particular act.
We are just following it deeper,
Going past taboos,
Going beyond language…
Just going on a journey
Within between our bodies
Within our trust.
We will make our report
After we return
From the merge core,
And after we discover
A new language.

Life itself
Survives at all
Because of the secret journeys
Of the dismissed
Within small caves
Of love,
Personal trust,
And passion
Beyond taboo.

A poem by Frank Moore
Read by Edna Floretta
Art/Animation by Michael LaBash
Music by Sander Roscoe Wolff
A segment from the web video series LET ME BE FRANK, Episode 10, “Theater of Melting”
Website for the series:
Watch episodes:

Old posters

It feels like things are just roaring along and we are running to catch up … !

We had started talking about resuming work on Frank’s multi-volume, full-color, coffee table Performance Books, but we didn’t know it was starting right away … and then one thing led to another …. and we were trying to figure out which year a Gilman Street performance was that just showed up on Facebook … and in the course of searching the internet, we came across this Cornell U. collection of punk flyers … which led to their collection of flyers that included Frank … BOOM! … work on the Performance Book has resumed!

Gilman Street Project, September 1987
New Generic – Swedish American Hall, September 1984
Gilman Street Project, April 22 – June 11, 1988
Gilman Street Project, September 1987
Gilman Street Project, May 27, 1988

This is what is written under Frank’s name on this poster that we found posted on Facebook:
“Several yrs back the paraplegic God type on VideoWest?
He’s back, and boy is he something.”

Posters from:

Neon Peace in Sacramento

Another layer of moving in …

Today Erika, Alexi and Corey drove here to Sacramento in a 20 ft. U Haul truck filled with Frank’s oil paintings, and the framed art / photos! The oil paintings were neatly packed in the wood structure/box they created for it. The day was spent unloading the truck, but we did manage to hang the neon peace sign in the front window and the first piece of art … Superman!!!

Alexi, Erika and Corey arriving in the U Haul!
Alexi, Erika and Corey arriving in the U Haul!
Alexi opening up the paintings' box
Alexi opening up the paintings’ box
Frank's nude statue in its new home in the garden
Frank’s nude statue in its new home in the garden