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Quotes Part 3

This is part three of three posts showing just a small sampling of what people have said over the years about Frank, Frank’s work, performances, writings, music, etc.

“I was watching a John Cale doco the other night, and as you can imagine, there were scenes from the 60s with the Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol interacting. I suddenly thought that Frank is a lot like Andy–sort of a magnet for and an enabler of creative artists…boogie on”
Dr. Gruve

“I impulsively told my friend of my adventure with Frank Moore and how it brought me to many levels of consciousnesses. It was a wonderful road that Thomas Hana sent me on. My work with you … shaped my life. Next week I will celebrate 66 years of my human life on this planet. If I had not met you I probably would not have lived to collect social security. My life became enriched with happiness and content.”

“At a certain level you are an ad man! You create a series of distractions to allow for the bigger message to be absorbed. From you ‘THE Amazing Sex God’ I get the sizzle, the steak and a whole lot more.”
Paul Escriva

“…you’re inspiring people to be not just artistic, but more human!  Bravo, kind sir.”
Jake McGee, Kotori Magazine

Leemus commented on your video “Eroplay – April 24, 1985”, 5/2/12:
“You are untouchable Frank! You have no real peers of which to speak. Keep up the good work!”

“Some performance work is easily categorized, not Frank Moore’s whose performances challenge all established performance criteria.”
—Audrey Rubinstein

(Frank Moore is the) venerable performance-art guerilla (and, dig it, presidential candidate)
—The L.A. Weekly

“It’s experimental performance art at its most experimental.”
—San Francisco Bay Guardian

Frank Moore … “the taboo-shattering performance artist”
—S.F Weekly

“In the 90’s (Frank Moore) had come under fire from the ultra conservative Senator Jesse Helms who regarded his art obscene. Considered obscene ‘art that you create in people the desire to go out and play with other people, to enjoy life.’ As usual, obscene is only our ignoring the revolutionary impact of this great man.”
Ilaria Farulli, Alfredo Meschi, authors of Italian book, “Love Laid Bare

“Frank Moore is one of my biggest influences. He used to say that my handicap was perfection. That my seemingly perfectness was an inhibitor to building community.”
—John the Baker, musician & baker

“In my book Weapon:Mouth…Frank gets a whole page to himself..he made a difference!”
Stoney Burke, political satirist

“Moore pushed the envelope. He colored outside the lines. He knew no boundaries. He reached for the stars and shot the moon. Our daily lexicon doesn’t serve well when trying to describe what Moore was and did.”
—Tom Dalzell, Quirky Berkeley

“… a part of what Frank was about was about breaking the forms, breaking the behavioral pattern forms that you could call taboos, like you called them taboos. To allow yourself to create a new form that’s perhaps more open, more intimate, more aware, more conscious than the old forms. That’s one of the ways that I interpreted some of Frank’s sayings and teachings and work.”
—Russell Shuttleworth, anthropologist from How to Handle an Anthropologist

“Frank had a tendency to bust your balls.”
—Mik Hamilton, Frank’s chiropractor

“If you’re a person doing anything creative, expose yourself to the philosophies of Frank Moore. They will help you re-evaluate the way you approach your art.”
—Vinnie Spit, musician

“I mention LUVeR to people that I work with at KPFA and elsewhere and I get stuff back like, “Oh that pornography site!” … I don’t think that way.  I see what Frank is doing as being actually very political, but people don’t understand that.  People don’t make the connections that Frank makes. Frank sees the bigger picture.  What Frank is doing is pushing the envelope.”

“I sees Frank’s main thing as being ‘Don’t let life get you down!  There is nothing you can’t do.’”
—Gerald Smith, political activist

“(The Combine Plot is) one of my favorite pieces by Frank. It was one of the first things I read when we first got interactive… and it just spoke strongly to me about the state of things… then.. putting into the perspective of NOW is really insane and intense though.”
—Lob, musician

“(I) really had a blast (on The Shaman’s Den)…, and Frank’s piece Cultural Subversion said everything that (I) was trying to say.  Frank is a genius”
—John Sinclair, 60s Cultural Figure

“I know Frank and Linda! They are just the greatest! They are the hippest people on the planet! Linda and Frank have always challenged me … I’ve known them for years …they have always challenged me to be more free. I remembered talking to Frank for the first time in the late 70s. Just seeing them walking down the street made me happy.”
Annie Mac, Berkeley resident

“I really enjoyed the show. You are very insightful and a powerful person. You bring out the best in all people. Most people have no idea that your knowledge and ability to express your ideas are what they had in mind and could not verbalize or communicate like you Frank!! Thanks.”
Carl Bryant, Labor Activist

“Thanks to you for inviting me to do your show. It was one of the funnest and best things I’ve ever done. You said it best-Pure Fun!”
Pete Holly, musician

“We had an amazing and unique experience performing and recording a private show for the folks at Luver.com. Frank Moore (known for running for President and for his radical performance art and music) is a witty interviewer, who has a great bite to his questions that just makes you giggle. I loved the experience – and performing in his super colorful Bezerkeley home for him, Linda and Mikee was just one of those nights you can’t forget. They are each very creative and kind-hearted, and put a lot of time and effort into interviewing, filming and broadcasting band shows.  It was such a unique and amazing experience that we will never forget! Frank’s words to introduce the show made my hair stand up – quite poetic and thoughtful. ‘One of my favorite words is liminal, which is the state in between two states, combining the two states like dawn or twilight. When you just wake up from a dream. This band focuses on the space in between the notes which is silent, but they are not wimpy new agers. They are just The Simple Things.’”
The Simple Things band

“Wanted to let you know that we really dug hanging with you guys that evening. It was one of the more memorable and unique aspects to any tour we’ve done.“
Megan, The Family Curse band

The facts of Frank’s extensive body of work is pretty fucking amazing really, even if performance art isn’t your thing, which dawned on me as the afternoon progressed. I was in the living room of someone who was the real deal in the bravery/edge-riding/originality department.”
—Deborah Crooks, musician, after guesting on the Shaman’s Den

“Talking with you was one of the most surprising, thought-provoking, inspirational experiences I’ve ever had.  I feel like you’ve updated and expanded my definitions of art, conversation, intelligence, and even how I interpret the concept of ‘a person’.“
Capital (the guitarist with the pear-pattern boxer shorts)

From Carl Bryant’s Shaman’s Den 12/8/02
Frank said “I’m not Letterman or Leno”.
Carl replied, “But you’re just as much fun”.

“Frank’s whole Vimeo archive is so epic.”
—Sean Christopher on Facebook

“In my opinion the vids from Frank are about humanity. It takes a kind heart to enter in these vids. Respect.”
Kees Spruit on Vimeo

“I agree Kees, I see humanity and beauty in Frank’s videos that I find refreshing and shows a really great part of human nature.”
P.K. on Vimeo

“I have really enjoyed watching these videos that document Frank’s work and his incredible ability to draw people out, shed their fears, and connect them to each other in such a profound way.”
John Carpenter, on Vimeo

“I really found a home with EROART and any real success my videos achieve is all because of you. Thanks again.”
—Sam Peebles, Magical Thing

“The EROART manifesto from 1984 just nails it. I’m so glad to have read it.”
—Isabela Fawn, video maker and Eroart member

“I learned from performing with Frank the freedom not to fear making mistakes by playing “wrong” notes that it was OK to leave silence for short periods of time and how to allow space for the other musicians, to play fearlessly. Although I had the leaning already Frank cemented this.”
Tomek von Schachtmayer, musician

“This album is dedicated to the great revolutionary artist and spiritual warrior Frank Moore. To whom I owe too much to put into words. Peace my brother.”
Rourke Smith, Waveformalpha “Flucht der Planet der Sklaven”

Interview with the man behind decades of brilliant art.

Frank Moore is Art, plain and simple. From his passionate musical performances to his highly erotic live performance pieces, to his oil paintings and digital artwork and the volumes of movies he’s written, directed, and acted in, books he’s published, lectures he’s given, television and radio shows he’s hosted…his profound insight, purity and wit set a high bar for artists of any kind.

Moore’s creative forces are so powerful, his body is spastic like he has cerebral palsy. As everyone knows that women can’t resist spastic men in wheelchairs, Moore can often be found surrounded by beautiful naked women, usually with one straddling him in his chair. 

But then you look closer, and see the humanity in this connection, this deep form of communication way beyond mere words and vocal patterns. At 65, he continues to perform live near his home in Berkeley, CA, with his partners Linda Mac and Michael LaBash.

He calls himself a voyeur and a shaman; he writes like a modern-day Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, but with a sense of humor and more charisma. His impact can be seen across the globe…yet he still comes off as a funny, humble guy, happy to be alive, still excited about creating art after all these years. 

In his new book (10 years in the making) – Art of a Shaman – he explores performance and art in terms of how they can be a magical way to effect change in the world.

Talking with him, it’s easy to forget that he holds two master’s degrees, one in psychology, and the other in performance/video. He masks his brilliance by slowing down to our level, even if for only the time it takes him to know you’ve caught up.
—Jake McGee, Kotori Magazine, 04/04/2011

“(Andrew) Goldfarb recalls breaking his foot eight hours before a performance with Frank Moore.

“I was going to cancel,” says Goldfarb, “but I thought, ‘I’m opening for Frank Moore, I can’t cancel.’ Frank has invented a new language for [public performance]. Don‘t always understand what he‘s up to, but he causes me to examine my notions of sexism, sex, monogamy, and the animal/psychological duality of modern living. He‘s an amazing inspiration for anyone seeking freedom of expression without any physical or mental boundaries.”
—from: S.F Weekly, More is Moore by Silke Tudor

Paul Krassner at end of “Conversation between Two Muckrakers” 8/30/94:

Frank: You always have inspired me.
Paul: Well, I’ll tell you Frank, it’s a two-way street ’cause you inspire me. So, let’s continue to inspire each other.
Frank: How?
Paul: How? Because you work hard … and you say what you mean … and you communicate. It’s difficult to communicate and you do it. And that’s the most important thing … that’s what life is about is communication. And I respect it a lot. So, what else is there to do in life but communicate. You know, and you do it with passion and honesty. So that’s inspiring.

“I found the tapes amazing…. I was surprised and deeply impressed by the gentleness and sense of community that I got watching you and your group perform. We live in a world where there is so much hatred and in that hatred is such a fear and loathing of bodies and human interaction. But in your tapes I saw people interact in such a way that hatred was overcome and was replaced by comfort, kindness and understanding.

“(In Chero Collage) the audience is led in, sat down, some get a massage by naked, painted members of your group. Then you’re brought in and lain across a member of the audience and then carried on stage. It seemed so simple yet I felt you were addressing many complex issues surrounding our relationship to our own, and others, bodies. We wear clothes all the time continually denying that we and those around us have bodies under the clothes. Your tapes have made me think a great deal about how sexualized, regulated and forbidden bodies have become. I was continually encouraged by the fact that in each of your videos the people on stage or around stage seemed to really enjoy what they were doing….

“(In The Outrageous Horror Show) there are certain moments that have an absurd beauty that I am unable to describe….  What I found in your work was a desexualization of the body that challenged taboos surrounding the body. When this rigid sexualization is removed, the sensual and erotic joy of touching, and exploring reacquaints the viewer (and participants) with the personal strength that can be gained through this reacknowledgement of bodies and the selves that reside inside those bodies.

“I found your work to be both challenging and inspirational….”
Marnie Parrell, Pleasure Dome, Toronto

Re: The Drama Review “Eroplay” 1989

“I have finally read the Drama Review piece and I love it. It is one of the profoundest pieces of writing on performance or theatre or just plain living that I have read ever. Period. Something to read and think about over and over again. I am so tired of the new of the fast of the whats next–they are killing our souls. I can’t call what you have written an essay but a love song to society–makes total sense to me on the deepest most un-speakable levels. How you deal with the unconscious working side by side the conscious –as you say like two films going on at once. If you never write another thing, Frank, it won’t matter because this piece is luminous. And believe me I have read so many ‘manifestos, essays, critiques, artist statements’ ad nauseum over the years.

“Its a beautiful generous manifesto and I look forward to reading more–it also has this beautiful slow pace as if forcing the mind of the reader to change pace as well and let the other world come to the forefront–the cartography of the soul is where you take us…each in our own way…rather than your way…which is generous indeed of you.”
Shelley Berc, writer, teacher

Frank Moore for President 2008:

“The Predisposition for ‘Seem to have a compulsion not to take no for an answer under any circumstances’ is why this candidate can revolutionize politics as he has revolutionized accessibility for all human beings. (And I thought I was going to have to write in ‘Angela Davis’ again!)”
Lisbeth West, duckdaotsu media arts

Quotes Part 2

This is part two of three posts showing just a small sampling of what people have said over the years about Frank, Frank’s work, performances, writings, music, etc.

“Hi Frank,

I’m watching “Fairytales Can Come True” on the Intimate Theater right now. Its GREAT! I love how the guy is going for sensitivity training haha.  So funny.  All the music is used so perfectly.  I love the Peter Gun part.  Frank this movie rocks!!!  So powerful and important.  You are so normal!  haha.  It’s true, everyone feels like that, we all focus on our shortcomings instead of our strong points.  Well maybe not everyone, but I certainly relate.  You are one of the coolest people on the planet.  you little ol’ do-dilly dad.“
John the Baker, musician

“When I first saw you and some of your vids I was very amazed and pleased. Pleased in the sense that you have a very open-minded and positive attitude towards sex for one thing. Second was the fact that you don’t seem to see any limitations to what you decide you want to do. It sure seems like you have some serious fun.. its really great! Pushing the envelope and living life fully and with intent..Good for you. I think you’re quite a wonderful person.”
Diana Battle, RN

“Saw Frank’s video, “I’m Not Like Everybody Else,” at Radical Light: That Little Red Dot video screening at ATA and it was fantastic…disturbing, funny, brilliant. Thanks!”
Janet Silk, Painter/Professor

“I think the video, ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ is amazing.  Incredibly poetic.”
—Cristine Brache, Art Curator  

“I’ve just looked at your works. They are fascinating and addictive..”
Jacek Jedrzejczak, Polish Photographer

“I just want to say this is really amazing stuff! I really wish I lived in an environment where a woman and I could just love each other like this! This is some of the purest intimacy I ever saw…and its not even sex! Love it! RIP Frank”
Denzel26 review on Internet Archive “Nonfilms – Frank & Barbara”

“A killer great video–one of your best–a real rock n’ roll show!   But sweet, psychedelic, and sexy.  And orgiastic and wild in the end.  I loved those shows at Burnt Ramen!   And Bob was so great, of course—I miss him.”
Michael Peppe, artist, musician, writer re: Cherotic All-Star show at Burnt Ramen, 10/26/06

“While never comfortable and quite often challenging viewing, Moore’s work manages to simultaneously laugh at and insight compassion for his struggles to find love, to have sex, to  communicate…”
Alex MacKenzie, curator Blinding Light Cinema

“I personally want to thank you for the breakthrough work you have done for us ‘other’ actors. I think work like yours will bring acceptance to film makers, producers and directors that people with disabilities can act…even if it has a touch of ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes/Andy Warhol’ feel to it. I believe we are on the verge of tipping the scale…BIG TIMES! Keep up the great work!”
Tristan, deaf actor

“(FEISTO) is a sometimes startling, frequently funny, and occasionally just head-scratching look at the sexuality of someone society tends to think of as neutered”
Ken Eisner, reviewer, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly, April 2002

“I love FEISTO!!! The story is so in your face and yet so subtle…. Great job Frank!”
Melanie Lee, filmmaker

“I see so many levels beyond the surface story. The biggest for me is the link between fun and creativity. Related to that is how much our concern with conformity causes us to miss so much. Clearly, there’s also the story of not assuming that someone who is different has little to nothing to offer. You can see the joy in her whole being when she is with the creature. Slowly even Chip realizes the folly of defining ourselves and dreams by the expectations of others.

Bravo, Frank. A truly moving video on so many levels.”
—Don Hanson, Vimeo viewer about Feisto

“…a trend that I have been aware of for some long time and has now been defined by friend of mine, Frank Moore…. He calls it the cherotic movement. This is not unlike the so-called sexual revolution of the sixties, but a physical/spiritual movement that redefines and expands sexual, spiritual, social concepts of reality….”
Tuppy Owens, Forum magazine

“We can only rediscover (as Frank has done)…the powerful ancient rituals that tell us how to be HUMAN.”
Chief Distant Eagle, Free Cherokees

“It is wonderful how much you have independently discovered the sacred medicine way!”
Chief Distant Eagle, Free Cherokees

“I’m sure what bothers people like that about you is that you refuse to toe the line of any axe-grinding agenda, and that you refuse to fit the mold of any particularity. Of course, that’s one of the things I love about you!”
Chief Distant Eagle, Free Cherokees

“It told me that a lot of people really are freer than they think and that it takes a ritual experience like the ones that Frank offers for them to really enjoy all that they really know and claim it for themselves….The Journey to Lila is a lovely freeing experience. It offers so much, especially to the ‘yang’ side of us. Nothing beats ‘yin strength’ it is clear and precise, gentle and loving. Not a dramatic climax or revelation, but nice — like a sunrise.”
Luna Griffith, S/R Press

“When something moves me, it moves me. Frank, your work moves me. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh (though I feel guilty for it, even though I know you’d probably just smile at me and let me know it’s OK), it makes me aroused, it makes me think, it makes me…..believe it or not….more human, more alive. And I love that. I adore it with all my heart.”
Kenyata Sullivan, artist

“Frank, that poem (“Tortures”) is the most outrageously incredibly powerful ode to the body that I have ever read. With all of my power I will make your work available to more hungry for truth souls.”
Linda Montano, artist, teacher

“…You are truly marvelous. You’ve got it all right. You make the connections. And you ain’t afraid of nuthin’”
Bill Mandel

“…Frank had his method of bringing out more than any actor would know was there, and having them take chances they never dreamed they would.”
Jesse Beagle, artist/composer

“Frank is an inspirational man. His art was banned by Jesse Helms, and his work continues to disable corrupted and conformist minds. Frank is truly a work of art!… Frank is a dedicated and disciplined  free speech activist and community leader. I met Frank in Wilmington, NC after my first WeFest appearance in 1998 and we’ve been friends and colleagues ever since. Frank almost died after the week at WeFest….Frank’s commitment to fight the crushing powers of what he calls “The Combine Plot” and I call the Fascist UsA,  knowing that he risked death to be there. Knowing Frank gives me extra strength to keep working for justice and peace. So gain some inspiration to keep fighting the good fight and watch me and Frank jam at his house in Berkeley. By the way Frank’s got mittens on so you won’t have to see anymore blood this time. Smash apathy!”
John the Baker, artist/promotor/baker

“…but most of all, the delight of being invited into the HOME of LUVeR is definitely a very unique adventure which only one who has experienced it can understand – the ‘one of a kind’ homey-home/art gallery/holiday lit/artistically painted/ extraordinarily designed and bordering  on genius cats / not to mention the loving beings who make you feel so comfortable who live in this remarkable house, and then there’s that man/child/shaman/cute tie-dye dressed, coloring his little legs, his eyes in a steady gaze and his arms and legs moving about expressively, eyes-piercing-into-your-soul – look out!!! the man in the wheel chair. Ah, who would be running too fast to miss this important way station on the path of life.”
Jesse Beagle, artist/composer

“…and lovable mutant freaks like Frank Moore get to send out pure signal as a homing beacon for humanity….”
Bowerbird, poet

“I feel exhausted but in your eyes I see the Fire and Passion still very intense – that is why I said that you inspire. You ask the right questions and you open doors for others and thereby for yourself. It is balanced and mutual.”
Kalib, musician

“In particular I am assessing the reaction to my work and its implications for my future direction. My encounter with Frank Moore and his loyal followers is undoubtedly a turning point in my photography if not my life. He made me feel that until now I have had one foot on the platform and the other on the train. I’ll get back to you on what that means for my work.”
Tony Ryan, Tasmanian photographer

‘So I say give it up… the powers that be have already tried to shut Frank up, but it didn’t work.”
Bob Cardoni, rock ‘n roller

“The magical work Frank does, and I, and people like us, is all about affirming our humanness, and counteracting the forces of dehumanization.” —Chief Distant Eagle

“I am also in a wheelchair…. It is really an inspiration to see someone like you out there. It’s about frickin time that the disabled community had a cross between Ron Jeremy and Martin Luther King to not only promote positive disabled stereotypes, but also creative sexual expression tied into the process. (I suppose one is just the catalyst of the other).”
Jeremy Plante

“Frank says he has to find something he cannot do …. the piano player, the painter, the serious article writer, jam originator, theater writer/actor/director/producer/radio producer /tv /shaman /author of books /poet/performance artist/SINGER!!!/organizer par excellence /party animal/people-lover/cat-lover what have I left out?” 
Jesse Beagle, artist

“For being such a small little guy in a wheelchair, are you a hell of a man to kick in locked doors to rooms filled with taboos.”
Mickie Monster, artist Sweden

“In my book, Frank, your radical deep content and your fantastic community-building skills are a valuable inspiration to me – and as I often tell you, ‘Thanks for bein’ here!’”
Art DeSantis, artist

“What you do seems even more significant now (not that it wasn’t before), considering recent events in New York City and Washington. There is so much hatred, violence and uncertainty in this world, and it’s great to know that you continue to delve into the nonviolent art of playfulness and sexual expression. It seems so much more important now to keep this going.”
Joe Verrilli, poet

“…the Stephen Hawkins of performance art who ‘fucks with the frame.’”
Mark Mackintosh, Underdog Online, Amsterdam

“Personally, I believe Frank Moore’s interpretation of ‘These Boots are Made for Walking” to be the most memorable piece on the cassette (audio SHOES by Joe Verrilli).”
FnL Osowski, Australia

“and while i’m writing (and thinking about the subject of taking those we love for granted), let me just tell you how much i appreciate you, your steadfast friendship, your inspirational brilliance, your sexy body, your soulful eyes, your intimate eroticism, your caring sponsorship of my oh-so-nasty show on btv, your take-no-prisoners sense of values, your poetry, humor and your always intriguing emails. peace through pleasure, art & REVOLUTION suzy”
Dr. Susan Block

“(We) have run into a lot of interesting, very accomplished, amazing people doing our music, but by far, Frank is the most inspiring, influential and amazing artist we have ever met. He has had the most profound effect on us.“
carl f off & Hop-Frog’s Drum Jester Devotional

“Freedom and the power of free speech has become the signpost of (Frank Moore’s) work from the 1960s to today….. His career’s work has been to burst through the barriers of social isolation that separate people.”
Nick Stillman, Editor, NYFA Current

Quotes Part 1

This is part one of three posts showing just a small sampling of what people have said over the years about Frank, Frank’s work, performances, writings, music, etc.

“His stamina is unrelenting, and the music goes on and on. I am repelled but stuck: I can’t turn away.”
San Francisco Weekly, 2001

“Best of the Bay Area!”
S.F Bay Guardian

“….San Francisco’s legendary Frank Moore…(is among)…the best and most influential artists in the discipline.”
L.A. Weekly 2003

“One of the few people practicing performance art that counts.”
Karen Finley, performance artist

“Frank Moore is one of my performance teachers.”
Annie Sprinkle, performance artist

“…one of the U.S.’s most controversial performance artists,….”
P-Form Magazine

“…He’s wonderful and hilarious and knows exactly what it’s all about and has earned my undying respect. What he’s doing is impossible, and he knows it. That’s good art….”
L.A. Weekly

“Resisting… the easy and superficial descriptions…, Moore’s work challenges the consensus view more strongly in ways less acceptable than…angry tirades and bitter attacks on consumer culture.”
Chicago New City

“If performance art has a radical edge, it has to be Frank Moore.”
Cleveland Edition

“Transformative…” Moore “is thwarting nature in an astonishing manner, and is fusing art, ritual and religion in ways the Eurocentric world has only dim memories of. Espousing a kind of paganism without bite and aggression, Frank Moore is indeed worth watching.”
High Performance Magazine

“Surely wonderful and mind-goosing experience.”
L.A. Reader

“In performance, Moore takes advantage of his disadvantage, becoming an unlikely guide into the pleasures of the body, taking audiences where they would probably never go without the example of his vulnerability and trust… That Moore should be the one urging us to stay connected to our physical selves is both ironic and poetic…” 
The Village Voice

“(The Cherotic All-Star jam) was frighteningly original!”
Dirty Dave Sanchez, “Rampage Radio” KUSF, San Francisco

“Frank Moore isn’t your average artist… one of the more provocative writers, film directors and – yes – performance artists around since the early 70’s.”
The Oregonian

“…the most oddly affecting performance I’d ever seen.”
Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

“(Frank Moore is a) master reality bender”
Magical Blend Magazine

“Art Event of the Year: Moore’s ‘Passions Play’ allowed us the freedom to live out the potentials inherent in our lives, to freely explore the nature of our bodies and our collective experience as human beings. Using artistic techniques in a ceremony that broke the boundaries of art to become shamanic ritual, Moore challenged us to go deeper into the realms of the human spirit and physical body, reminding us that art is about living, exploring, and expanding our sense of what is possible in our lives.”
Phoenix’s From the Ashes

(Frank Moore is) “the most amazing human being I ever met. No one has been more inspiring to me in terms of what he created in his lifetime  … and his presence was incredible. … He is/was such an amazing soul and light. His spirit lives on.”
Sasha Cagen, author

“Just wanted to share with you how much fun I had at the free-form jam…. Holy Shit! I’ve been looking for new musical experiences since I was knee-high to an ewok. Not to brag, but I’ve prided myself on being open and unconcerned about form, style, etc., always listening for that special  something that would raise the hair on me’ arms. I’ve probably played hundreds of such “shows”, but I have never heard anything like what we all went through the other night!!! Wow!! Thanks for bringing it all together, man.”
Russell Kline, bassist “Formerly the No-No’s”

“At the Intimacy Performance Saturday nite, I did the most new things in one room in one nite I’ve ever done in my life, I’m pretty sure–and think about that, how often does that happen in anyone’s life!?”
Marie Kazalia, writer

“Next time Marilyn Manson comes to town, I’m going to tell him that his show is pretty normal, pretty ordinary. If he really wants to see something intense, he should come to San Francisco and see Frank Moore.”
Audience member after see Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Stars perform at Kimo’s in San Francisco

“We meant the night to be a gradual meltdown, but that was insane, that was beyond insane, it was great!”
An events’ organizer after the Cherotic All-Star Band performed

“Started listening to some of your music reminds me of why I liked early Gong.  You (and I am sure you realise this) are exercising far more freedom than the average man, very smart!”
Steve Siddell, UK Teacher

“Again, it was an amazing experience playing with all of you.. The music was so damn good, the performance was so dreamy and the whole experience was extremely uplifting.”
Carl F. Off, Refrigerator Mothers

“…wonderful red hot glowing ensemble wunderwork…opened eyes enlightened minds and basically rocked so fuckin hard. What a warm group of artists you embrace and collaborate with. Lotta love on that stage brother!”
Rich Werner, producer of The Annual Hollywood Performance Marathon at The Theatre of Note, Hollywwod

“Frank Moore and his Cherotic Allstars”, words cannot describe the aural and auditory hallucinations, preparations and incantations that Frank and his merry band of musicians will astound and confound you with.”
After Saint Stupid’s Day Parade, After Party Extravaganza Press Release

“Wow, Spit and Moore together! I met Vinnie in Syracuse, NY after drinking a bottle of cough medicine at his show in 1992, and Frank Moore in Wilmington, NC in 1999 during We-Fest. Vinnie is a crazy guy, and also a talented musician who plays 50+ instruments. Moore rides a perverted wave of performance and psychedelic prose. A good meeting of minds here.”

“Frank Moore strips away the outer layers of sound with his music just as he unmasks the outer layer of culture and mind in his performances.”

“Prepare to get … uncomfortable. Frank Moore, shaman, disabled performance artist, and 2008 presidential candidate, merges music, dance, erotica, religion and improv to create an experience few people have an easy time describing.”
San Francisco Bay Guardian

“We came, we saw, we read local performance artist-provocateur Frank Moore’s poem… experience the joys of unsettled discomfort….”
Kimberly Chun, SF Chronicle

“Frank Moore, a genius explorer of the frontiers of human affection.”

“Mr Moore has amazing moral authority. His work is a revelation.”
Anthony Greene commented on your video “Uncomfortable Zones of Fun, June 25, 2011

“Lauded and controversial shaman performance artist Frank Moore … will be sure to baffle your mind. Moore will attempt to re-imagine human emotion through the use of musicians, actors, dancers, and members of the audience. It’s experimental performance art at its most experimental.”
George McIntire, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Frank is a consummate director. He recognizes the tactics of his performers. He provides incidents to support the action. Then, as a director, he uses the elements of individual performance to further his own vision. And all of this in an improv environment. WOW!”
Al@1826, Vimeo Viewer & audience member Risk for Deep Love

“Frank’s beautiful performance art, is connected to hidden realms, other worlds, deep within—loving, primal, very pagan, and erotic. Something, sadly, a lot of humanity has lost to another time. Ancient, yet modern at the same time.”
Daniel Griffin, artist

“I also presented highly challenging work, such as … controversial events by performance artist Frank Moore …. These daring artists were creating work that attacked the very notions of what art was. Or what was socially acceptable.”
Michael Maxucci, EZTV curator

“Some of his performers are gorgeous but in the end you only feel the inner beauty of everyone, including yourself.”
Tuppy Owens, sex therapist and author, about experiencing Frank’s performance Journey to Lila

“This is such a beautiful, loving trusting environment to be in… I wish there was a gathering / event like this here! Frank (and all you lucky people who knew him) really uncovered a whole new depth of Human passion both the erotic kind and the loving nurturing kind…”
David Taylor, after watching video of Frank’s performance, “The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun”, February 27, 2010 on Vimeo

“I have a fondness for Frank and Bob (Madigan). I miss them dearly… the music scene is just not the same…its just fucking lame… ok, i’m getting upset and about to over turn my desk & computer….”
Lance Ozanix, Skitzo

“My perception of performance art was drastically redefined the first time I saw a performance piece by Frank Moore in the mid-1980s.”
Lynn Hixon, assistant professor in the Performance Dept., School of the Art Institute, Chicago

“Picture Joe Cocker with a beard and glasses in a wheelchair, with that look as he hits that one high note from “A Little Help From My Friends” (the one that sounds like tearing sheets)…. Frank doesn’t sing. He groans. Yet his attempt to belt out “My Way” (the Tom Jones version) WITH hand gestures (sort of), had the crowd mesmerized!”
Raindog, The Casiotones

“Fuck Burning Man. This (Performance) is great!”
Kim, artist (after attending “The Magical Gestures of Play” performance at Dr. Suzy Block’s Speakeasy Gallery, Los Angeles 9/2/00)

“Frank’s art inspired me and showed me how far it was possible to go in the direction of art as an engulfing experience, and of doing genuine, no-bullshit magic in the modern world”
Fred Hatt, visual and performance artist and photographer

“Luv you guys. Performance art alone is compelling.  Sexuality alone is compelling. Politics alone is compelling. Philosophy alone is compelling. Psychology alone is compelling. You combine all of the above! Does anyone else? Yet, the masses flock to movies with car chase scenes. Go figure.”
Michael Rosenthal, audience member

“To me, the first time I heard Frank’s Jam at 848 S.F., it began somewhat tentatively and smoothed out gradually like a big taffy pull. It boiled down tighter and tighter and characterized by being ‘another planet’ music, or as old musician friends would have said ‘outer space’ – It’s ‘good grass’ in sound-form, everybody’s high and it didn’t coast a dime. The only one who would be ‘out of tune’ would be the one who was in tune, on time, counting the measures, waiting for a cue, and came with prepared arpeggios! It was mesmerizing…”
Dorothy Jesse Beagle, musician, poet, etc.