Hidden treasures discovered while digging through Frank Moore's huge archives.

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Frank Moore / Matrix 280: Theater of Human Melting

January 25–April 23, 2023

It was an amazing event. We are very happy that we made the trip to Berkeley for this.

Keith Wilson and Vincent Fecteau curated the exhibition. The opening featured the Curators’ Talk. It was hard to see how these two guys who had never even met Frank would be able to capture the depth and vastness that is Frank and his work. They were going to be speaking to an audience that included many people who knew, love and worked with Frank.

Their presentation brought tears to our eyes. Their talk was a duet … a tag team … getting deeper and more real with each turn. By the end you could see Frank there speaking through them as they channeled him.

Looking at the photos it looks like a night at Burnt Ramen between acts with the mix of art outlaws mingling and hanging out together in the magic that Frank always brought. It was so warming to be with everyone, enjoying …


The large outdoor video screen that displays announcements on the side of the museum
Keith Wilson and Vincent Fecteau


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More photos of the Berkeley trip ….


I Get Results! Frank Moore for President 2008

I Get Results! Frank Moore for President 2008
​Cushion Works, San Francisco, CA
January 20–March 12, 2021
Organized by Jordan Stein with Keith Wilson

Photo by Graham Holoch

From the website about the exhibit:

I Get Results! presents archival video footage, including public appearances and platform pronouncements, alongside official campaign documentation, press, and merchandise, all set within a patriotic installation modeled after the Moore/Block info-table assembled for events around the Bay. The exhibition opens on Inauguration Day, 2021, and remains on view for six weeks.

Keith Wilson and Jordan Stein looking through the archives in Berkeley to select items for the exhibit.

Visit the website for the exhibit here:

I Zoom Results!
Keith Wilson and Jordan Stein in conversation with
Linda Mac and Mikee LaBash
February 16, 2021

In parallel with I Get Results! Frank Moore for President 2008, an exhibition on view at Cushion Works from ​January 20 to March 6, 2021.

Visit the website for the Zoom talk here:

More photos by Alexi, Erika & Corey:

Frank’s Paintings to BAMPFA

Mikee and I have been aware that we need to make some arrangements for Frank’s amazing oil paintings for after we are gone.

So, Mikee went online and got an email for UC Berkeley’s Art Museum, now known as BAMPFA (Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive). We introduced ourselves and Frank, and included pictures of some of Frank’s paintings. Of course, we name dropped Bancroft Library!!

Much to our amazement they wrote back and said the director, Larry Rinder, would like to come to the house and see Frank’s paintings and talk! It was surreal. Our wonderful Keith Wilson was here to film it all. (It turns out that Keith and Larry know each other.)

Larry loved Frank’s paintings and picked two paintings (Patti Smith & Mariah) that he would love to add to their collection. He explained that because of storage issues, they can’t take the entire collection. It now goes to two committees for approval. The deal is the two paintings would go to BAMPFA when Mikee and I die, but until then they can borrow them if/when they would like to include them in shows. He recommended some other local museums that may also be interested in adding some of Frank’s paintings to their collections.


Frank must be totally cracking up!!!

We forgot to take some photos (!), but Keith sent us these great stills from the footage that he shot.

These are the two paintings:

Mariah by Frank Moore
Mariah, oil on canvas, 40” x 34”, 1977 by Frank Moore
Patti Smith by Frank Moore
Patti Smith, oil on canvas, 34” x 38”, 1979 by Frank Moore

See more of Frank’s paintings here: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/paintings/index.html