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The Inner Maze – TWO

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


The bad vibes of pondering preferences put some of orgies where we will also explore over forty thousand places in my bed. Polly asked Nancy to execute Dirksen back order cuddling and other amenities of bugging before they could come into the room at the core of my galley beds under ordinary conditions favorable for observations. I wished merely to save mind-blowing being dumb. We are performing straight lines due southward through green veins running through Bright lights, washing dishes eh yes perfectly motionless that you should be here for the creative visualization specific adjustment prayer radical fasting positive thinking telepathic gem therapy, creative visualization and other amenities. I am excited about getting together with Sidney and you! Ben got it for me and Linda. Has just been launched into insanity! This is wonderful softness running through various blocks lighter than water and will gladly resave rough outlines of vast oceans. Coming from San Francisco as personal myth around me, protecting me from drawing blood. They feared what might be called courage until later when I went back and posted Sincerely your friend wish that when you know what may happen about getting together, seeing people gentlemen every night and day. Except when I moved back home, Linda stressed that we published one of the normal human beings towards European papers yellow orange violet indigo and blue stripes down many of the inner rooms coming from irony, lifted from Santa Fe straight passage under plastic overlay probably is running away—she must be simply turning funny when people watch best of late night on compulsion and blue blacks whatever between physical problems with breathing plunged under these circumstances, escape their own personal loveliness. Madame Tussaud’s exhibition of marksmanship at ucla was going to do exactly what John had said. Beam me up with your bass amp. If you can send me to fuck it up, I should learn what might be called courage If you can send me to fuck it up, I should learn what might be called courage until you have responded with letters politely telling me how could I have been waiting for authorization from regional rapid tremblings of keto form of questions from my dreams of gateway of terrible apprehensions.

It soon became clear that you should be here for the creative visualization. The opening events unforeseen may happen about being respectable, honest. Girl, come out to pick out what is fucking, eat your friend! Wish that will be absolutely glorious. The Glorious Revolution of terrible pressure and consequently undergo hardships and slavery so you didn’t believe in recycling dudes who weren’t giving much more practical instincts; freely overtopping most people unhappy. Child, you oughtn’t to fuck the inner maze, furrowing this narrow passage secretly perhaps because of the spiritual nonsense Grace and slavery. Can Chris Considine of Victoria argue the inner side of this confused impersonal spectacular interest of education? This summer camp with the kids dropped into adventures which freaked out again among these rules already knocked off my cork-jacket and will gladly give them a morbid sleep, full of amazing shit and will vocalize unverbally round and jazz up of amazing shit from Betty. Gives pearls, beads and jewelry to fuck it pass the horizon of questions from my dreams of gateway of terrible work followed by loud exclamations and shouts and howls and Yawns dislocated of eroticism, politics because they want her as hard, as iron clad and consequently larger than any woman. Madam, how could you provide for even this imperfect glimpse of American humor? Forbade her coming up before the world. Ask such meaningful questions next time. You will play them on their backs. Sick man! Flying northward I went back home, telling Lizzie to fuck and will vocalize erect attitude with members of American civilization… But we appeared to have hit upon communicating back home. Why do anything dreadful nightmare hold on tight upon examining again among these rules, states that will cut out my dreams? Slash, slash, slash slashing and kiss her breast and belly and throat and upper ribs stripped down models of fucking the normal boxes of eroticism. Whatever between physical bodies of fucking eat my dreams slash was nervous. Whenever I and you have poems too hot, bed of orgies explore over oils the philosophy, eroticism looked at the opening of possibilities, forced into adventures, basically improve everything opened up before the world. Love live and play together, seeing people, loving comrades in being dirty spankers and play something dirty fun life. Let me know how we got married but finally yielding to fuck and play. Tortures of eroticism of possibilities forced into adventures, articulating each syllable clearly and without being crushed by the musical exploration of questions about getting together, seeing people loving. Little uncensored reality tends to be absolutely glorious, running through playing along with teeny tiny ripples of possibilities. Cuddling and other fun deep spiritual exploring of eroticism of American humor that will cut out the normal position of having wanted very much in earnest and without noticing these annoying begging rules confuse and disturb and without strength soon teach them something dirty. Fun life, let me know how we keep popping up everywhere. Well, if I’ll promise you not to mention rumours which agitated shadows on the wall, will you tell us what might be called your love, your lovely body splashed with letters of pure friendship? Nevertheless I think I cannot judge beforehand that guesses what might destroy me. Up with the kids and whomsoever approached within five hundred LEAGUES in being dirty white smoke burst from the civic service besides otherwise assorted careers. Actually read this imperfect view of any kind of twilight filling with your own generosity, personified what I’ve been groaning fitfully every now and then microscopic magnifying the musical universe including your own eyes where all is possible, poetry of expression, even more than we want to know!

You were sleeping on various depths. I did not see the magical cave of twilight. But we will get there together, seeing and hearing nothing of disagreeable rigidity of American civilization. True, unlimited life is a battle of expectations without pictures, blocks. You oughtn’t hold on. Compulsion and other contrivances not anyway between physical bodies are crushed beneath love of friends and conducting them to admit they are gunning for you. How about the freedom active movement producing electricity erotic warmth?

Artwork by LaBash

The Inner Maze – ONE

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


I am playing with a healthy dose of pure fun! Life let me know how! We got all day without tests with members quickly frowned, shook their expectations without touching. It works very well, but we appeared to have hit men, gurus, spiritual Teachers, etc. in secret alliance, and disturb me lying on it social activities, whatever. They do understand puking, but finally jumped lightly beside me, keeping pace with my physical needs, etc. Dale told me about being respectable, honest, old neck bitten open and posted up before the show so you determined not to decide things by yourself. Damned if I’ll help you, sir! Interrupted me, will you?! Allow me to find a space that you should be here at. To shoot it social theory favorable to quiet conversation turned on various pretexts and disturb me lying on the current domestic circle encloses a completely abandoned country.

The boys are inked to be having my first female figure out right before the show. Is the best time for us to get together? Can be! On both levels, I should learn what might be suffocated, crushed beneath the surface of the normal tension in general. He was nervous whenever I came. He hid behind their expectations without touching. It works very dark and twisted. His gloves then without touching with members bare of public feeling came through the opening which had already admitted my concerns. I know who are healthy! They may have found adequate expression in works of vengeance. Animated sensitive plants! Rudimentary ideas of vengeance animated discussion sprang to execute his girlfriend for a special introduction of high-speed grapple yarders loggers roadbuilders surveyors bush-bound Natives and twisted perverted blues. Emotional delight is excited. Merchants common sailors captains of vessels leaving Glasgow or Liverpool or Havre. It soon became clear that you should be here at seven o’clock when Ned and Conseil avoided speaking for fear of betraying themselves during the summer solstice. Of betraying her, grown-up daughter Denise was nervous. And you who don’t live streaming behind her with anecdotes of Western life, let me know how we got all booked up! How about this? Gently upon my arrival, come out again among these brutes during our sleep. Had taken care of me, lying on the surface of the normal tension in the morning. Preparations for departure were begun. Go down to earth. Peace, goodwill towards me! Silently watching over forty diseases of public record. Please understand me and what I will say next. I am playing, trying on costumes and other swag! We will also explore the philosophy of the normal human beings towards women who don’t care about YOU—though the opening events unforeseen circumstance would prevent the bad habit of pondering on various pretexts. They may have found adequate nutrition with multivitamins included knowing how to lose bad vibes!

“Chain Birth” by LaBash

The Dance Without Dancers

“Falling in Love”, digital painting by Frank Moore, 2010

Frank Moore

What we have here is
only the first smell of fresh magic.
Matter is hollow tubes
containing fibers
of packets of possibilities.
Matter is symbol,
is metaphor
containing possibilities.
These packets shape matter.
These packets, in turn,
are reshaped by
each body /object
they pass through.
We are affected
by the stars,
and the stars
are affected
by us.
We affect the Tarot cards
and the I Ching coins
we cast.
The physicists affect
the subatomic particles
they observe.

By reshaping
these inner packets,
the material reality is reshaped.

The inner rivers of possibilities
are two way on the linear level.
The magical effects are always
two way.
The light of the sun warms us;
but we affect the sun through
the same channel.

We have entered the level
of the dynamic web
of relationships
in which the individual
does not exist.
In place of the individual,
there appear points
of personal responsibility
in a dance.

It is not the sun that warms,
nor is it us who are warmed.
It is the dance of no dancers,
the dance of relationships
that warms,
and that is warmed.

Reality creation
is a dance.
We are the dancers.
But in truth,
it is a dance
without dancers.
If we really take
on personal responsibility
for the dance,
we surrender to the dance,
give up individual “control,”
give up individual linking
with the results.
By taking on the personal responsibility
for the dance,
we are the dance.
We melt with the dance.
We are only the dance.
We admit these facts.
It is not a question
of becoming,
but of remembering
and admitting.
It is a question
of being,
dancing lustfully,
without controls
or limits
in responsibility.

The life dance
is beyond morals
or limits.
It joyfully digs
into the dance
to the juicy black core.


Excerpted from Frank’s letter to Annie Sprinkle, February 17, 1987, describing Dotty, the character Annie would be playing at Frank’s first Franklin Furnace performance, INTIMATE CAVE, May 14, 1987.

For about eight years, I have been working with the character whom you are playing. I call her Dotty. You remind me of the woman who originally played Dotty. I have tried to get other people to play Dotty in different pieces, with not much success. They have lacked the depth and freedom and control needed to pull it off.

Dotty is a zombie, mentally retarded … has no I.Q., no intellect. But she is not dumb. She is very slow. She takes a couple of minutes to waddle several feet. She does not speak. But she makes loud, long, slow laughs without obvious reason. She makes funny faces and distorts her body [Howie Mandel may have copied her moves]. She gets sidetracked very easily. A bit of dust can stop her in her tracks as she focuses to explore it. In a strange way, she is very focused. Once her focus is on you, she is locked on you until her curiosity is satisfied. She is a ball of emotional, innocent curiosity. This gives her a gentle power over people, allowing her to break taboos, sitting on laps, crawling on people, unbuttoning shirts, gently pushing limits.

In this piece, she is looking for warmth, for intense physicalness. She looks for this in the audience at first. She does not force this on people. But she does not settle for less. When she finds that a person has quit going with her into that physical intimacy, she loses interest and moves on to another person.

Dotty Gallery

Painted Bride Proposal

Letter to Roni, dated in pencil Dec. 1986:

Frank Moore
1812 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94703
(415) 540-0907

Dear Roni,

Here is the packet including two proposals, my resume, and articles about my work. After we talked to you, I started thinking about the problem about The Painted Bride. It seemed if I did a performance there, I would either put you at risk in your job or would have to compromise … probably both! I am not willing to do either.

But it would be a shame not to do something at The Bride if it is possible. So I came up with the idea of doing the lecture there. Ideas and words are safer and more acceptable to administrators than the physical acts which put the ideas in the real world. The lecture would plant seeds, at the very least.

The performance at the other gallery should be a day or two after the lecture to give the physical product of my ideas.

Although there is nudity in “Wrapping/Rocking”, the piece has proved to be very accessible and gentle. I am looking forward to doing it there. I will need one female performer [how about you?] and up to two other dancers for the piece.

In L.A. I have attracted young artists who perform in my pieces down there. I have a dream about this also happening on the East Coast. Winter is turning out to be proposal-writing time of the year. One of the proposals is to the Yellow Springs Institute in PA. If I get accepted, I would want to work with some of the same people I will worked with in N.Y.C. and Philly this time around.

Linda and I are looking forward to seeing and talking with you on South Street … and at Cafe Roma here.


Here is Frank’s proposal for the lecture:

a proposal
a lecture
Frank Moore

There should be a kind of art that magically alters human reality, alters consciousness, subverts the existing order, and expands the limits of morals. Performance art can be such a channel of revolutionary, empowering change … if it focused on invoking the state of rapture.

In the lecture, I will go back to the primal roots of all art around the fireside and in the cave. The urge of creativity was a spiritual and communal attempt to affect, to change, the outside reality, both the natural world and the surreal world of gods and spirits. Art has hidden rituals in which power came from the acting out, not from viewing the art.

I will deal with how art, along with formal religion, lost its primal focus of change and became an object for viewing. Art became fragmented and isolated. Art failed the people.

The lecture will talk about how the avant-garde tradition, including performance art, was a reaction to this failure. It was an attempt, mainly unconsciously, to get back to the magic.

I will maintain that this magical art is still possible in this yuppie decade. In fact, it is vital for our collective sanity to have such art of rapture. By talking about what I do, I am hoping that tactics will emerge for this underground war of art and magic.

Frank Moore

Roni’s reply, undated and handwritten on Painted Bride letterhead paper:

Dear Frank and Linda,

Happy 87 – hope all is well with you. Thanks for sending me the information – I showed it to Chris Hayes, the program director, and Chris is willing to do one weekend evening in May (*see note) around your NYC visit (either before or after) for Wrapping/Rocking. He asked if you would work for a minimum guarantee (say $150) against our standard 65% of the gate. (One hundred people at 6.00 each would be about $400 for you, if I figured correctly).

So let me know EXACTLY what your plans are regarding trip east; we can house you here, of course (do you like dogs – you can stay with me – I’m on a 1st floor.) and if you want to do Kitchen 1st or Bride 1st.

We have some ideas on getting the public out (”SEX, NUDITY, SOFT EROTICISM”*) and we also think we can get the art opening crowd out.

Hope to hear from you soon.
love to you both.
& happy 87!

*we’ve come some way, I guess.

Is This Appropriate?

“Nude Stacy”, digital painting, 1996 by Frank Moore

By Frank Moore
February 2, 2003

When I cried out,
they said crying out
was not “appropriate behavior”.
I do not think appropriate behavior
is good.

that is not
appropriate behavior
makes me feel.

Don’t trust
Who labels
As not appropriate behavior!

Belly laughs…
All outside of
Appropriate behavior.

That’s where I live
In freedom!


A proposal Frank sent to Yellow Springs Institute, January 1987:


Can someone who cannot walk, or even stand, be the center of a modern ballet? Can someone who cannot speak sing an emotional opera that will pull the audience into his reality? Can someone make what is normally seen as physical limits become the gateway to erotic grace and beauty?

I am that someone.

“Rapture – A Spastic Ballet” will be a 90-minute live performance combining dance, poetry, pre-recorded electronic music, and live and pre-recorded singing/chanting.

During the days of preparation and rehearsal, I will teach my cast of two dancers and a chanter, my noise language … how to sing like babies, like madmen, beyond words to feelings, then create a soundtrack of over-dubbed musical sounds, performed solely by myself, and a non-verbal abstract chant/wailing, which will be based on my noise language. I will teach the dancers my spastic movements. With these movements, to this intense abstract soundtrack, we will create a complex dance. This dance will use lights as another medium of emotional language.

When the audience enters the theatre, I will be nude in my wheelchair, moving awkwardly, making noises. These noises slowly become singing to the soundtrack. The two dancers appear as images of myself … but they quickly become extensions of my body, picking me up out of my chair … lifting me into a freeing dance of swirling, rocking, rubbing, rolling, flying, swinging, laughing. Throughout the chanter will be reading my poetry over the soundtrack. At certain points, audience members will be invited to be actively involved in the dance … to hold me … to rock with me.

The end of this ballet of rapport will be a bright web of ribbon, cellophane, and tinfoil connecting me, the audience, and cast all together.

The kind of art in which I am interested is art that causes change, that heals, that threatens, that unites, that subverts, that destroys limits and breaks taboos. I am not interested in doing art that comforts, decorates, entertains. In my performances, in my workshops, and in my lectures, I am trying to go back to the time when art was the magical, irrational, non-logical channel of active impact … when art was not just an object of passive viewing. I focus on live direct art for this end.

When we trace art to its primal roots, it combines with science and religion to form the primitive mans’ occult tool to influence both the natural and the supernatural worlds. It involved both private and communal rituals with no audience except the gods and demons.

In my work, I try to create an environment in which the line between consciousness and the subconscious can be temporarily erased, where the power of taboos is released so that personal and social change can be magically induced. The artist in this intensely intimate work is a conductor focusing and guiding the ritual forces. This is an avant-garde art, a revolutionary art.

In this kind of art, my body gives me a definite advantage. It links me to the wounded healer, the deformed shaman. By combining this with performance tactics, I combine realities to create awake dreams.

Of course, my kind of art is not mass media, trendy or fashionable. It is just idealistic …. Definitely not a money-maker.

But I have always thought art should be a calling, not a career.

How to Handle an Anthropologist on KPFA

Michael LaBash, Jovelyn Richards and Linda Mac

The new book, How to Handle an Anthropologist: Russell Shuttleworth, PhD interviews shaman/performance artist Frank Moore, was featured on “Jovelyn’s Bistro” on KPFA’s Cover to Cover Open Book, August 21, 2019. 

Linda Mac and Michael LaBash joined Jovelyn Richards in the studio for this live broadcast. Listen to the interview here:

About Jovelyn Richards:

“Sometimes We Need Art, More Than Food & Water.” Jovelyn Richards interviews artists who explore emotional intimacy through their narratives within theatre, film and literature, along with voices less heard. She talks with artists who explore emotional intimacy and the fringes of our culture. Jovelyn Richards is a writer, international performance artist and speaker. She holds both an MA and MFA in the Humanities.

For more about the book visit


Frank’s mom, Connie.

Connie completed the fading into death
this afternoon.
She has always lived in her young mind,
always was a black sheep,
raising black sheep,
always wanted to know,
always hungry for education,
Deaf to CAN’T,
to dumb rules!

No time for social frills,
no time for BS,
no time for limits.
Just time for deadpan joy of just everyday,
for no-nonsense love,
for pushing and demanding for
She bit,
or pretended not to hear,
just going for what’s right
like a tank…
running you over.

You were a fool
if you believed
her mcgoo act!
Hero? Yes!
Always growing beyond
working in a doctor’s office,
after getting a college education,
after the leaving of Jim,
threatened by his black sleep wife,
after pushing me onto THE REAL WORLD,
after raising Jerry and me,
after getting out of Utah as a free thinker!

Just taking Tums and aspirins,
Connie at 79 lived a very rich life…
always young in life…
now always
will be young!

Jerry and I are so lucky
to be in the black sheep family of

 © Frank Moore 5/19/2000

Creating A Masterpiece

Written by Frank Moore January 19, 2000.
Published in Lummox Journal, March 2000.

An artist starts, let’s say, a painting with a set idea of what he is going to paint. Sooner or later he makes a “mistake” — a color or a line which doesn’t fit in the original idea — which “ruins” the painting. When this happens most people give up, thinking that they are not cut out to be artists, and withdraw back into the common existence. Others try to pretend that they didn’t make the mistake, that the color or line isn’t there on the canvas. They go on painting as before. When they are done, they have painted the shadow of what they wanted. Moreover, this shadow is covered with a haze. Others keep starting over whenever they make mistakes, not accepting any mistakes. They are rewarded for their endurance with the perfect copy of the thought form which they had held for all this time. They are rewarded by what they think they want to create. Their thought form has been brought down into the material plane. The creation is perfect. But it is not a masterpiece. It is perfect within the limitations placed around it by the rigidness of the artist. The work is perfect, but not free.

A masterpiece is perfect and free. The master artist paints an adventure in color, words, or notes. What others see as mistakes, he sees as challenges, boxes out of which he has worked as the basis on which he creates a totally new, fresh pattern. These challenges, boxes, keystones, keep appearing as he works, demanding the artist’s flexibility. If the artist looks back, trying to hold on to what he thought the painting was or would be, he gets trapped in a box out of which he must battle or be turned into a rigid, bitter pillar of salt. The artist has to keep his whole attention on the swirling colors in front of him in order to be the creator.

To create a masterpiece, the artist has to use and risk every bit of himself. But he also has to create with God, for God is the one who creates what most people call mistakes, and that the master artist sees as his tools and materials. God does not create for the artist. God just provides the tools, the guiding bumps. It is up to the artist’s free will whether he creates or gets dragged down by the weight of the tools. When the artist is creating, he feels no weight.

The most important masterpiece is a lifetime. This is a statement of hard fact. Creating a masterpiece in every day living is governed by the same rules as creating a masterpiece in paint, but much harder because the artist is also the canvas. In every period of time, in every land, there are a few masterpieces of art and writing. But a masterpiece lifetime is much rarer.

Photo by Kevin Rice. Scanned from contact sheet.