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The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  This is Wandbua.  The first beginnings of what is remembered as the City of Mu was sparked about 14,000 years ago with the Hable’s search for better fishing-grounds when there was a slight shift in the patterns of the sea fishes which until then had inhabited the Hable’s bay.  This new fishing-ground was found southward in the form of the Island’s river and the bay or cove beside  which the nonhuman villagers once lived a long time ago.  The memory of these nonhumans had faded from both the Hable mind and the Kaner mind.  All that was left of these nonhumans was the emotional myth which surrounded the “holy” mountain from which the Kaner and the Hable kept away;  also remaining was the mistrustful awe of the Hable by the Kaner which was rooted in the feeling of being somehow inwardly lacking on the Kaner’s part.  Because of the Kaner’s repeated raids on the Hable village, the Hable developed a crude outward government to maintain the defenses of the village.  This consisted of the oldest of the tribal family as the whole — the oldest man in the Hable, and the first-born son, when he reached the age of 13, of every woman in the tribe. There was also a priest, an old woman or a deformed male who managed to survive the test of not being physically normal in that crude society. This priest’s main duty in the village was to conduct the rituals of “war magic”; these early priests also collected from the members of the tribe personal myths which came from within the individual worlds of emotional worlds.  The priests weave these personal myths into one collective mythology, based mainly on reactions against the terrors of the night — that is, fear.  The priests then used this tribal mythology to interpret dreams, visions and natural omens.  This tribal mythology caused the astral plane to become increasingly hard and rigid into a land of frightful demons.  This was because the tribal mythology reinforced the Maya-Over Sac, making it impossible for the individual at the moment of death, or of dream, or of inspiration, to reach the deeper dimensions of spiritual existence.  It was impossible because to reach these then unknown dimensions, the spirit completely alone, would have had to do battle with his own personal terror, and much harder, his own beautiful but shallow demigods and all of their illusionary pleasures and powers; if he had succeeded in this, he would then have to face the demons and demigods of his tribe and race.  This group of demons and demigods had been growing steadily in intensity.  It was impossible for the individual spirit to even start this inner battle because although a spirit did have reason enough to destroy — or at least to avoid — the demons, he had no reason in his mind to do battle with the demigods, or even to refuse the gifts, the powers, and the paradises they offered to him.  He had no reason because he didn’t know what was hidden behind the seal …


The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  Quite radical earth changes which happened over the time period of a thousand years — from 9,000 to 8,000 years ago — caused a changed relationship in distance between what was the Island of Mann and what is South America now — by the end of this thousand year period, the Island sank under the ocean.  Moreover, this changed relationship caused confusion in your mind, Frank, about the Island’s location in relation to South America; this confusion has been reflected in our talks.

The Island was west of South America.  Our confusion arises from a great body of water, over 700 miles wide, which separated the Island from the main land mass when humans inhabited the island and created the civilization of Mu.  It also arises from the waterway which connected the west and the east oceans together.  The Great White Brotherhood used this waterway to sail to its new home in the East when the city of Mu was about to be destroyed.  For more than 10,000 years after this voyage, Man had tried to rediscover this waterway; this search led Man to unexpected discoveries.  Even after Man convinced himself that this important waterway no longer existed in that world, he recreated it.

This ancient waterway disappeared during the great earth change.  This earth change was caused by the immense inner pressure which had been building during the time period of 550 years around the fault line which still runs from Central America, all of the way south in the wide band which is now known as the “Fire Basin”.  During this 550 year period, there was heating up of the Earth’s molten core; this was linked with what men were doing at that time, especially on the Island of Mann, linked both directly and indirectly with the negative use of advanced material knowledge which was about to leave the isolated Island, spreading into the wider physical world of Man.  This heating up of the core caused an immense expanding pressure which can only be compared to the inner pressure of material creation of that physical planet Earth.  At the time of which we are speaking, the Earth’s crust had become colder, harder and denser.  This crust on the western half of that globe would not allow this great inner pressure to escape gradually in the form of minor earthquakes and volcanic activities.  Instead, this pressure was forced to build over the centuries. If the Fire Basin fault had not cracked and given vent to this pressure, the whole Earth would have been in danger of a very serious inner explosion.

When this earth change began, the Island, which was in the middle of the fault, experienced heavy volcanic activity which destroyed all life on the Island and covered the City of Mu under lava.  This volcanic activity lasted off and on for the 57 years that it took the land mass which is now the bulge of South America to rise.  Many of thousands of years before this time, this land mass was once dry and bigger than it is at the present time.  What was to become the Island of Mann was the western point of this ancient land mass.  This point was a fertile delta at the mouth of a great river.  Over 50,000 years ago, a large part of this land mass sank under the ocean, only leaving the island and the land which is now east of the Andes dry.  It took the great earth change of 9,000 to 8,000 years ago to once again lift the land mass — all of it except about a 300 mile wide strip of what had been its eastern coast, which remained submerged – above the water.  The southern half of what is now Central America also arose from the water, connecting South America together with North America. During the last 200 years of this period of great geographic change, the Island of Mann very slowly sank under the water to the position that it can be found today.

The next time, I will start to describe how the group of spirits which have come to be known as the Sons of God entered into the influence of that world. 



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  The material and cultural evolution of the humans on the Island of Mann will appear, when the scientists and historians there who study ages past rediscover this island, to have started much later than the human cultural development in other parts of that physical world.  The ruins, pottery, the fossils of man and remaining tools, all of which are locked away within rock on the island, will show to your scientists that once man’s cultural development did finally begin, it advanced very quickly indeed; they will be also startled to find that at a certain point in this development, there was a revolutionary leap which happened in the time period of 600 years, but which contained the material advancement and growth of every level, which should have happened over several thousands of years.

To put this into some kind of context, you should know that your scientists have confused the Titan culture for the prehistoric human culture.  A culture which was truly human came into being in Asia minor, Africa, and southern Europe only about 13,700 years ago.  This human culture was late Iron Age and early Bronze age, with some tribes in Africa being isolated from the Titan influence and being more primitive as the result.  The culture which has been connected by your scientists with the time before 13,000 years ago was primarily Titan, not human, culture. Human culture was based upon the foundation of the Titan culture in most parts of that world.  But in a few places on that world such as the Island of Mann, the humans developed on their own without an unhuman route to build off from.  Within this context, you can see that the humans on the Island didn’t start developing later than the rest of the human race.  They were in fact, the very first to begin to develop.

We have seen how the human packs of the island had melted by about 16,500 years ago into two tribes, the Kaner and the Hable.  The Kaner roamed within a wide area in the western woods, following the game animals.  This wide area had as its center three of the Island’s five fresh water springs. The Kaner was forced to roam because of its forever moving food source. The Hable, while also being a hunting tribe, had another, more stable source of food — that of fishing in the northeast cove.  This cove, with a large spring a quarter of a mile west of it, became the center for Hable tribe.  The Hable, even in hunts, never went over three miles away from this center of the cove and the spring.  Soon — about 16,250 years ago — the Hable started to live in wooden huts around the spring.  The Kaner held a great mistrust toward this rooted way of living of the Hable.  The Kaner connected this beginning of town living with the unhuman villagers of the southeast.

The nonhuman villagers had always kept a long distance between themselves and the humans, both Kaner and Hable alike.  To the humans, the villagers were in almost the same dimension as the gods and demons with which the humans came into contact every day in their normal world of emotion. Sometimes, the Kaner would hear the villagers’ songs floating in the air and feel the absolutely pure release of creative energy.  The Kaner knew that the tribe rarely if ever achieved at this point of history a magic as pure as these songs.  The nonhuman songs filled this human tribe with a sense of loss and of spiritual homesickness; these songs filled this tribe with vague memories of finer dimensions from which they had in some time past been banned, but in which the nonhuman villagers freely lived.

The Kaner’s reaction to these painful feelings was fear, hate and anger-rage.  Because of the Kaner’s fear of the great magic of the village, this negative reaction could not be aimed at the village directly. Instead, the reaction took the form of Kaner raids upon the Hable settlement.  In the Kaner mind, the Hable were somehow connected with the nonhuman villagers by living within stable communities.  However, the Hable were as skillful hunters as any of the Kaners; moreover, the Hable had slightly more advanced weapons than the Kaner.  So the Hable could easily repel the Kaner attacks.  This warfare continued for 350 years, from 15,950 to 15,600 years ago.  The ending of this time of battle did not involve the Hable tribe.  One night, after the tribe had worked itself emotionally up by the use of “war magic” — one of the roots of black magic — the Kaner attacked the nonhuman village.  In the village, only the watcher of the opening in the wall and the tenders of the fire were awake at the time of the attack.  There wasn’t time even for the watchers to wake up the rest of their village.  Even if the attack had come during daylight, the graceful villagers would have been no match for the Kaner.  By that morning, there was not one nonhuman villager alive on the island of Mann.  After a few more of this kind of incident on other parts of that world, this group of nonhuman awareness faded from that world, as the awareness of the Titan did a little more than 2,000 years later.



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  This is Wandbua.  Before we continue with the physical history of the Island of Mann, I want to give you the exact locations of the two islands in which we are here interested as history.  If you draw a straight line 308 miles west from what is now the second largest seaport of Peru, you will have the location of the Island of Mann, lying deep under water and rock.  If you then draw another straight line 235 miles southwest from the island now known as Crete, you will have the general location on the island of Atlantis, which is now covered with 461 feet of water and 17 feet of hard lava.

Frank, Mr. Reed wants to come through now for awhile.  But I will spend a much longer time with you tomorrow to continue the history.  In the meantime, it might be interesting for you to look up on the map the locations which I have given.



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  To understand the concept with which we left off the last time, you have to realize that after the aware state within these humans had dulled, the humans existed in a dimension which was a blending of the astral-alpha and the physical-beta worlds.  There wasn’t as yet a sharp division between the astral and the physical world.  As a result, these spirits stayed in a state in which their emotional aspects, both their self-destructive emotions such as fears and self-doubts and hates and their higher emotions such as loves and creative inspirations, took on objective forms and objective reality of their own.  These emotional forms, which are now connected to the lower levels of the astral dimension, came into existence of their own within that world of the early humans.

This is one of the ways by which the human awareness changed, reshaped the physical world into which it had entered.  These objective emotional forms shaded and distorted the human view of the physical world.  The state in which these spirits came to exist can be compared to the dream state, the state of so-called insanity, and the state that is brought on by drugs — these three states which are in reality just three aspects of one astral state, exist still within your field of experience.

It was common for the humans who existed in this state to meet terrible demons and beautiful gods in the course of everyday living.  Every animal and every tree was given a new and very magical dimension by these humans. This dimension had to be dealt with before every hunt, later before every battle, and much later still before every planting.  Having visions was an everyday affair, as hearing voices later was after the humans started thinking in words.  The emotional tint of this state for the individual before the appearance of language depended on the character of the mind of  the individual.

If the individual had a spiritual memory of the pure aware state from long ages past, the world in which he now lived had the tint of wonder and awe. However, the terrors of the night dwelled foremost in the mind of most of the early humans.  As the result, the emotional world for most of these humans was filled with almost unbearable horrors and grotesque demons. Before the arrival of language, individual men had no way to share with one another their experiences in this world of emotions.  Each was on his own inside this world.

After death, these spirits came to not travel into the deeper, finer vibrating dimensions of existence.  Instead, they remained in the lower levels of the astral dimension, very near to the physical plane as they stayed close to the astral when they were in physical bodies.  Slowly there developed around each individual spirit what is known as a Maya Sac.  A Maya Sac is the system of illusions which a spirit tends to surround itself with at the moment of physical death just as the physical body while it is in the womb surrounds itself with a sack of liquid.  This Maya Sac is linked with the emotional world in which the spirit had just existed.  If the emotional world was one of awe and of wonder, the Maya Sac would be a complex system of illusions which created an unreal physical paradise or Heaven with the individual spirit — along with that spirit’s desires which he had held within the physical plane — as its center.  If the spirit’s emotional world was filled with the terrors of the night, the Maya Sac would be a hell haunted by horrible demons and with the spirit’s fears and doubts he had held within the physical plane.

The Sons of Man came to stay in these illusions, neither growing nor learning, during the period between lives.  The selection of physical bodies became almost random instead of being a choice of knowing free will. These spirits were drawn back into the physical world by their crude, carnal desire for physical experience.  The spiritual memory that a spirit retained after returning into the physical plane for a new life … his spiritual memory of the Maya Sac he just left reinforced his new emotional world; this memory also set the tone or tint of the new emotional world. Now you can understand the reinforcing cycle of illusions.

When the humans couldn’t communicate their inner emotional experiences to one another during life, after death each spirit became isolated inside his own Maya Sac, isolated from all other spirits.

After the discovery of fire and after the human language had developed to the point where it was capable of crudely communicating human inner experience and emotions, the men started sharing their individual emotional world with one another.  This happened when the pack — and later the tribe — huddled around the communal fire for protection against the terrible night demons that lurked in the black just outside the firelight.  As they waited for sleep to come, one by one of the pack told tales to these others with whom he felt an emotional bond.

As these tales, which now would be called religious myths, were told, there would be a release of a highly emotional charge of creative energy from the tale-teller which both he and the listeners would actually physically feel and see.  These early humans considered it as magical.  As we have seen, such releases raised the vibration of the physical world to a finer rate if the release was pure and wasn’t rooted in fear. Unfortunately, most of these inner tales came out of emotional worlds which were shaped by fear.  These tellings of tales created a tribal emotional world which drew its qualities from the common qualities shared by most individual emotional worlds in the tribe.  This tribal emotional world provided a connection between the various emotional worlds.  This event in the physical world, because of the immense emotional shift from individual imagination to group imagination, cause a change in the astral dimension. There appeared over-groups of individual Maya Sacs.  These Over Maya Sacs became the various Lands of the Dead, in which the illusions from the individual Maya Sacs melted together forming an over-system where there was a dream existence of spirits waiting for other lives.  Most of these Lands of the Dead were based on the terrors of the night; thus, they mostly were versions of Hell.  Through the spiritual memory, images of these Lands of the Dead found their way into the tribal myths.  These myths, by giving these worlds of terror energy, reinforced these Hells, and the Maya Cycle gained in force.  These Hells sealed the astral and the physical planes off from the deeper, finer dimensions of spiritual existence.  This seal could only be broken from within — that is, by spirits coming from the deeper dimensions.



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  The thousand years between 17,500 to 16,500, the humans on the Island of Mann made a number of very important discoveries and inventions … they discovered not only the many uses of fire, but how to start fire and were soon roasting their meats from the hunt.  The nonhuman villagers had the stone ax and a stone tool for digging, but the humans invented these kinds of tools on their own by using their new minds.  These minds were the closest aspect of the now dulled aware state … closest to the physical plane.  The creatures within which the spirits of the Sons of Man came to dwell always had physical brains, as all higher forms of animal life have.  Within these physical brains, fears, reflexes and instincts exist.  These fears, reflexes and instincts are the reason that animals can live their automatic existence.  But when the spirits or awareness entered the human creatures’ bodies, the humans were lifted into the higher dimension of total physical awareness.  Within this dimension, the instincts and reflexes should have come under the control of this new awareness, and fear should have been entirely cast away as being absolutely useless in this new state of being.  However, the humans held onto their fears.  As a result, there arose a conflict between their awareness and their fears, causing their awareness to be dulled — that is, their awareness went deeper within and became covered up by layers of self-doubt. The conflict also created the mind which stands between the physical brain and the aware-spirit.  The mind could have been, and still could be, used as a tool to rediscover the aware-spirit, the aware-state.  However, the Island’s human focalized their new minds upon the material world and became a race of inventors, explorers and later, artists.  Such creative invention and exploration could have led the humans back to their full physical awareness, and even beyond to the full spiritual awareness, by raising the vibration of the physical Earth to a higher, finer rate.  Inventing and exploring — the activity termed as science — releases as much creative energy into that dense world as painting or singing does.  Unfortunately, the lack of creative energy from that world, caused by the negative uses which the humans put their inventions and discoveries to, vastly out balanced their creative release.  The humans used fire as a powerful weapon in their tribal wars.  The spear was also used as a weapon toward the end of the first series of tribal battles … the invention of the stone spear, on its positive side, changed the human radically.  Not only did it make the hunt easier, but it also opened a new source of food for humans — that of fishing.  By the end of the first series of tribal wars on the Island, the human packs had been united into two main tribal families.  This occurred about 16,550 years ago.  One of these was a nomadic tribe which hunted in the Island’s western woods, always moving with their sources of food; this hunting tribe was known as Kaner.  The other tribe, the Hable, was also a tribe of hunters.  The Hable, however, stayed near the smaller of the two coves on the Island in order to be able to fish with their spears as well as hunt.  The thousand years which it had taken for these tribal families to evolve from the human packs, was full of animal terror and human creativeness.  As we have seen, at the beginning, when the first flashes of the aware-state began, the human creatures traveled in hunting packs … they didn’t have any form of shelter or protection.  At night they huddled together in the pack for warmth and safety while they slept.  All around them while they slept was darkness, unknown and unseen dangers and horrors as well as the lonely cold.  At the same time, some danger could erupt from inside of the pack.  The night was a time of cold terror and of the darkness full of menacing noises.  During the day, the individual’s life was totally focused upon the hunt.  When the awareness had dulled in these creatures, they started projecting their possessive desires onto the animals they were hunting, causing these animals to become in the human’s mind favorable demigods.  In the same manner, human fears came to be projected onto the vague shapes and frightening noises of the night.  Thus, these shapes and noises came to be actually live as demons.  The human emotional thought actually gave these demigods and demons their own outer reality and existence.  They came to exist not only in man’s imagination, but in the “real” world which man lived in at that time.  They became totally separate from the human imagination.

Frank, rest.  I will continue this the next time.  Goodbye.


The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  The race which the Island’s nonhuman villagers were a part of, used their self awareness within that physical world only to maintain their existence in that world.  They discovered the primitive uses of fire, but they never discovered how to start fire burning.  The only tools they invented were stone tools for cutting wood and stone tools for digging holes in the earth.  They also discovered how to tend wild fields of grains and how to prepare such grains for eating; along with gathering berries, roots and honey, this is as far as they materially advanced.  This is because they existed mainly on other dimensions more than on the physical dimension.  They were more involved with their village relationships, their religious ceremonies, and their singing, than with finding things which would have made their physical life easier.  Thus, beyond this primitive point, this race did not physically or materially advance, even though spiritually this race was more advanced than the human race which is there now.  On the Island of Mann, within 700 years from the first flashes of awareness within these human creatures, these humans were more materially advanced than the nonhuman villagers.

Let me take a minute to describe the relationship between the human race and the race of Titans.  This relationship existed from 430 years after the beginning of human awareness in that physical world outside of the Island. Individuals, men, of the Titans started marrying women of the human families.  This happened in what is now known as southern Europe (especially southern France and Spain, Central Africa, and Asia Minor.) The Titan had achieved the balance between physical or material and spiritual existence and advancement.  They had created a primitive style of living which fell between the New Stone Age and the Iron Age.  They knew the secrets of fire, lived in caves in some areas, and worshipped Life in the form of animals.  At this period, the Titan worship was beginning to shift from Life in the form of animals towards Spirit in the form of the Sun and the Moon.  The major Titan secret or discovery, however, was clay colors, vegetable dyes, and other materials in creating colors.  The Titans released creative energies into that physical world, raising and refining that world’s vibration, by drawing and painting with these clays, dyes and so forth.  To the Titans, drawing and painting were religious and magical activities, as singing was to the second nonhuman race, and the creative placing of huge stones upon one another was to the first Sons of Man to enter that world.

The Titans treated their human wives as equal to the wives who were born into the Titan race.  They taught their human relatives — relatives by marriage — their cultural secrets.  That is, they treated their wives equally until death, physical death.  Their burial customs show that the Titans recognized the spiritual difference between them, and the human race, the Sons of Man.  When a Titan male or female died, they would build a huge fire to burn the body, then the whole tribe of the departed spirit sat around the warmth and the light of the fire.  Then the ashes were thrown on the water of the sea, a river or a lake.  The Titans believed the spirit departed from the physical world, returning to Spirit, with the smoke; that the warmth and the light of the fire was the spirit’s love influence which was his gift to his tribe and which the tribe absorbed; and that, by putting the ashes, which were now a tiny heap, upon the waters, they were putting the body back into the fine vibrating world of form, the Life force which is within every material thing, including inorganic objects.

After the death of a human wife, or an off-spring with a body that looked human more than Titanic, the Titans buried the body in the earth in the same manner in which we saw the villagers of the Island of Mann bury their own dead … but for different reasons.  By burying these humans in the earth, the Titans were linking humans to the material world of dense vibrations.  However, the Titans tried to release the human spirits from the dense physical dimension into the astral world by drawing images of the dead human body on rocks and walls of caves.

By the way, the first life on that physical plane of Debbie, her first life on Earth, was as one of these human wives of the Titans about 14,000 years ago.

In myths, including Greek and Hebrew traditional mythologies, the Titian — or Titan — came to be known as a race of giants, of demigods.  This is because the average height of the Titans was six feet; moreover, unlike the second non-human race, the Titans were physically massive.  In some areas of that world, the human civilization was built upon the Titan culture; in those parts, the Titans gave humans tools and colors and fire.  But in other parts of that world, such as on the Island of Mann, where humans made their own material discoveries and inventions on their own, they did so because, unlike the nonhuman villagers, they centered their existence upon their material life.  They never have had the balance of the Titans.  The Titans began to fade from that world 13,000 years ago into a world deeper within.  At that time, Earth and its influence became quarantined.



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  Gradually this telepathic communication spread from mates out to creatures who were both karmically and physically related very close together.  It became common for small groups of spirits to enter physical bodies at the same time, to share the state of awareness.  For days after an experience of this type, these human creatures, although they couldn’t remember what had happened in the aware state, had a vague feeling of loss, of sadness, and of loneliness.  These higher feelings were filtered through their throat area just as the lower emotions of fear and doubt, which tied Man to the influence of Earth, were filtered through the region of the belly.  Because of this feeling of loss, sadness and loneliness, these became dissatisfied and started to be pulled to their fellow creatures. Until this time, they had been kept together within their packs by the needs of survival — the need of protection, the need for collective action in the hunt, and the need for a selection of mates.  But now they were drawn to one another by the need to share what had been newly born within them, and by the needs of love.  The system of noises and physical gestures which was used in the hunt couldn’t begin to express what these human creatures now needed to express.  From this dissatisfaction and frustration grew a real language.  At first these creatures started giving persons and physical objects and animals around them names.  Soon after this, words for the colors were coined.  Later action words came into being, then simple describing words were invented.  But it took 650 years before words for abstract ideas and concepts could appear.

Other inner abilities these creatures discovered they had while they were within the aware state were teleportation, levitation and the ability to shape a material object such as a stone by their thoughts.  When the time of the state of awareness had expanded to over an hour, these creatures started by their thoughts to pile huge stones, one upon another, creating different shapes, much as a child piles boxes or toy blocks.  Later Man worshipped and burnt animal and human offerings at the bases of these giant rock creations, thinking these must have been made by some mighty gods. The spirits piled these rocks out of a religious reaction to the beauty which they sensed both all around them and within them.  By creating these giant forms, these spirits were releasing their creative energies into the physical world.  By doing this purely they would have raised that world’s vibrations to a higher, finer rate, causing that world to become a part of the subjective dimension.  This was the original moving force that brought these spirits of the Sons of Man into the Earth’s influence to experience and create in the physical plane.  Unfortunately, as we have seen, both a collective karma and individual karma’s had developed, requiring Man now not only to create and experience on the physical plane, but also to manifest the real spiritual love in that dimension, to bring this love down into the physical plane.  This is the only way that Man can correct the imbalance he has caused in that world, the only way we can pay off our karma as human spirits.

Unfortunately, after the time period of aware state — that is, the time spent by a spirit within the body — had expanded to over an hour, the spirits became satisfied to make these physical bodies their sole dwelling place until the physical death of the bodies.  When this happened, the state of awareness soon dulled; the inner abilities were forgotten.  The spirits soon lost their ability to exist on many dimensions at the same time and settled down to the physical world.  The self awareness, in the form of the brain and the lower mind, became merely a tool for the personal life on that world.



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  As I have said before, when the first flashes came from within these human creatures, when the Sons of Man first came into physical bodies, the creatures were literally frozen by the newness and the absolute beauty of the new world which they had entered into — the physical world with a new form of Self-Awareness added.  The individual creature was frozen to the spot where this new state of being overtook him – frozen from that moment that this flash started to long minutes after the experience had ended.  During the time that the creature was thus frozen, he could not perform any action either on the objective or subjective levels.  The entire being of the creature was totally involved in trying to absorb this immense beauty which was suddenly both all around him and inside of him.  It took several centuries for the spirits to expand their time within the physical bodies to about an hour.  When this state of awareness lasted for an hour, the human creatures had time in this state enough to adjust to this strange, new world.  Once this adjustment had taken place, the creature was free to explore this new world.  He soon found that when he was within this state, he had new inner abilities which couldn’t be taken outside of this state of awareness, except in the form of vague shadows of memory.  These inner abilities were the extra-physical or super-physical abilities which now are tied to the astral plane, the alpha level.  It is important to remember that while even within this state of awareness, the creature was not aware of anything outside of the physical plane.

The first of these inner abilities to be discovered was that of telepathy. At first when a creature was within this aware state, he often had a telepathic link with the spirit of his mate whenever their two spirits happened to be in physical bodies at the same time.  He would receive her mental pictures as well as her emotional feelings; there were as yet no thoughts or words to be communicated in this manner.



The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  As I said before, when the human creatures of the western woods on the Island of Mann started to have flashes of self awareness — that is, when the spirits of the Sons of Man started 19,000 years ago to enter into these animal bodies — these creatures had no way of coping with emotional shocks.  They had no way of using these flashes in their animal life.  At first, the spirits could only stay in bodies for flashes.  Some spirits who were overeager for physical experiences tried to stay in the body longer.  This caused the death of the body by the burning fever. These deaths started the personal karma of the individual spirits involved, and also added to the collective karma of Man.

Frank, I will go slower so it shall be easier for you to type this.  By the way, both Mr. Reed and myself enjoyed our meeting in the higher astral or alpha dimension of Andrew.  We had been looking for that meeting.  I still keep remembering the many times when I was a young woman on Atlantis playing with Andrew, as the child of my best friend.  When the group was about to leave for Egypt, I asked my friend to give me the child so that I could raise it as my own.  But it was impossible because of my friend’s husband.  I left the island in sadness.  To get back to the history, these deaths created fear of the unknown, of the worlds beyond death.  This fear, placed within these creatures even before they had real self awareness, is one of the roots of the superstitious myths of the underworld, of Hell.  It also was one of the causes of the illusions which trapped spirits after the physical death — trapped them in the lower astral plane until they were born again into the physical world.

Slowly, over several centuries, spirits could stay in the physical bodies for a longer time, first several minutes, but then for about an hour.  In these fleeting states of awareness, the human creatures were suddenly lifted above their automatic animal lives, lives based on fear and physical needs, and were shown themselves — both their physical bodies and their own spirits — and the physical dimension within which they existed, and of which they were a part.  At first, for many years, these creatures when they were in this state could only stare at the terrible beauty that was, and still is, the physical world and more importantly, was them.  After a long time, they began — the individual person in this aware state, began to see relationships, spiritual ties, between himself and his fellow creatures.  At first he saw these kinds of relationships tying to his mate. Remember, at this period, the aware state lasts not over an hour at a time; also an individual creature never had these insights more than three times at the most during his life span of from 25 to 30 years.  After an aware state had ended, after the spirit had departed, the creature had no memory of the insight, of what he had experienced during the aware state. Only vague shadows inside the creature’s brain remained.  But slowly these shadows changed the life pattern of these human creatures.  The change first appeared in the automatic sexual process of reproduction of physical bodies.  The process began to lose its automatic nature, emotional bonds appeared tying mates together.  This is the positive side of the change. On the negative side, the fights over mates in the packs came to be caused less by the instinctual drive to protect the procreation process – the process of producing physical bodies — and came to be caused by emotional jealousy left by the spirits.  Later, about 600 years after the first awareness flashes, this change started manifesting itself in the internal order of the human packs.  Because of this, family tribes grew out of the packs of the Island’s packs about 17,500 years ago and along with them came minor tribal wars.

In the aware state the person, while being aware of all of the tremendous beauty of the physical plane, was not aware of any dimension outside of the physical one.