In 1987 Frank started putting together Readers for his apprentices. He called them Frank Moore‘s Shamanistic Apprenticeship Readers. We put together the last reader, #26, in 2013, the year Frank passed away.

Here are the contents of the first two readers. The complete list of contents for all of the readers is below as a download link.


Frank Moore’s Apprenticeship Reader #1

“Statement of Principles” chapter from Towards a Poor Theatre (pgs. 255-262) by Grotowski.

Chapter 5 “Performer Training Interculturally” from Between Theater and Anthropology by Richard Schechner.

Chapter 30 “What Paradise?” from The Living Theatre (pgs. 167-175) by Pierre Biner.

“Tu es le fils du quelqu’un” [You are someone’s son] (pgs 30-41) by Jerzy Grotowski from TDR Fall 1987.


Frank Moore’s Apprenticeship Reader #2

Chapter “Nakedness” from Environmental Theater (pgs. 87-124) by Richard Schechner.

“Karen Finley A Constant State of Becoming” an interview by Richard Schechner (pgs. 152-158) September 1987 from TDR.

“The Decline and Fall of the (American) Avant-Garde” chapter from The End of Humanism (pgs. 13-128) by Richard Schechner.

Chapter 37 “PARADISE NOW: The Revolution of Transformation” from The Living Theatre (pgs.205-223) by Pierre Biner. “A Night at the Symposium” (pgs.31-47) by Robert Brustein.

“From Ritual to Theatre and Back” (pgs. 90-91) from Essays on Performance Theory by Richard Schechner.

“Selective Inattention” & “Ethology and Theatre” (pgs. 147-179) from Essays on Performance Theory by Richard Schechner.


Download the complete list of contents here (pdf)

Frank’s bookshelf in his studio, Berkeley, California.