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NYC 1989 Tour!! – Part 4

Frank performed Journey To Lila on two weekends at Franklin Furnace in New York City in June 1989. Here is an excerpt from a letter Frank received from Fred Hatt in 1997, almost 8 years after the performance, who had attended one of those performances. He had just discovered Frank on the web and emailed Frank to introduce himself and tell him about the impact his experience at this performance had on his own work:

I feel like all of these things were potential in my interests and my work at the time in 1989 when I came to experience a journey to the planet Lila with you and your friends.  But I had never seen real experiential magic presented as art before – not distanced by anthropology, not burdened by cosmological mysticism or pretensions of grandeur.  You showed how simple magical consciousness really is, and how effective in opening people up, expanding their freedom and then going beyond that to make them feel their connectedness.  The steps of the journey peeled away layer after layer of psychological armor with scalpel precision.  As an artist, I had always felt isolated, a loner, awkward dealing with other people, although I craved collaboration.  Some things I learned from your performance changed me immediately, but others grew over a period of long years, nurtured through my own trial and error and through all I learned from so many others along the way, and are growing still.  I am no master of magic, but I am free and live my life in joy, and though I enjoy solitude, I no longer feel so isolated or awkward and I love to work with others.

… I am glad that you are still spreading subversive joy and I am glad to be in communication with you since you are one of my heroes and teachers!


Photo by Annie Sprinkle Photo by Annie Sprinkle Photo by Annie Sprinkle Photo by Annie SprinklePhotos by Annie Sprinkle

Franklin Furnace Press Release announcing the performance

Ad in the Village Voice

An ad for the performance in the Village Voice

Old floppy discs

5.25" floppy discs from the 1980s

We dropped off 45 old 5.25″ floppy discs from Frank’s Atari computer from the 1980s at our computer repair store this evening to see if they can access the files and transfer them to a data CD.

The Used Computer Store on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley.

The Used Computer Store on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley.

NYC 1989 tour!! – Part 3

Photo by Eric Kroll

While in New York City, Annie Sprinkle introduced us to the photographer, Eric Kroll, who then scheduled a photo shoot with us while we were in town. Here are some outtakes from the photo shoot at his studio.

Photo by Eric KrollPhoto by Eric KrollPhoto by Eric Kroll Photo by Eric Kroll

Photo by Eric Kroll

All photos by Eric Kroll

NYC 1989 tour!! – Part 1

In 1989 the six of us, Frank, Linda, Mikee, Alexi, Rourke and Leigh, took Amtrak across the country to New York State, where we did the five-hour performance, Journey to Lila, at Hallwalls in Buffalo and Pyramid Arts in Rochester and then two weekends at Franklin Furnace in NYC. We were also scheduled to do a music show at CBGBs but they had a fire during our sound check!!! and had to cancel that night’s show and we could not stay the extra day for the replacement date they offered us. We took over a train car with our sleeping bags, food, etc. on both legs of the trip!

Here are some photos from the train ride to New York.

Rourke Smith & Alexi Malenky

Rourke (Smith) & Alexi (Malenky)

Mikee (LaBash)

Mikee (LaBash)

Leigh (Gates)

Leigh (Gates)

CBGB June 15, 1989

During our East Coast tour in 1989 to Buffalo, Rochester and New York City we were scheduled to do a music show at CBGBs but they had a fire during our sound check!!! and had to cancel that night’s show and we could not stay the extra day for the replacement date they offered us.

Frank Moore's Outrageous Horror Show poster

Frank Moore’s Outrageous Horror Show poster

Frank Moore's Outrageous Horror Show setlist

Frank Moore’s Outrageous Horror Show setlist

The Hips Voice, August 26, 1970

The Hips Voice

Frank wrote for the underground press paper, The Hips Voice, when he lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 1970s. Thanks to Paul Escriva for retrieving this article from the Underground Press microfilm collection at The Chicago Public Library, Chicago, Illinois.

That Goddamn Weed of Life

by Frank Moore
November 28, 2002

That goddamn weed of life,
Green, yellow, purple,

cracking through the blacktop
in the park.
We don’t own it.
We own all life.
All life is our property…
Except weeds!

After the riots,
We put all living greens,
All living color,
Behind tall black iron fences.
Lovers, babies can’t lay on the grass,
No dreamers stretched out in fresh smells,
Looking up into the fluffy clouds of possibilities
Ever changing.

All of that was too dangerous.
Now we separate flesh
From life colors.
Now, walk or roll on blacktop,
Squint thru black bars
At grass, trees, flowers…
All at a safe distance…
Sit straight up on benches
With hard arms of separation,
Preventing love-making,
Showing any tender pleasure.

All of that
Is kept in a safe distance
In the past
In this zoo,
In this gas chamber
Of a park…

All at a safe distance
Under control
Under lock and key…
Except for this goddamn weed of life
We sprayed it with poison,
Ripped it out,
Crushed it…
But it keeps coming back!

Doesn’t it know?
We own all life now.
It’s our personal property now.
We own the building blocks,
The dna keys of life…
Under our patents and copyrights.
We own the water.
We own the seeds.
We own the monopoly on life,
Hijacking evolution itself
Into the goal of profit.
We who sit in first class,
In box seats,
Behind oak doors,
Not to be seen.

80 percent of all humans,
and of all life
are useless weeds,
to be ultimately destroyed
by all means necessary…
and in the meantime
to be contained within warehouses,
keep them moving from warehouse
to warehouse,
nomads without space
on blacktop
without water wells,
rain barrels,
farms of independence,
or music of a free soul.

We own the rights to all imagination
And dreams.
We hold all the cards!

So why is this goddamn weed
Cracking the blacktop?!
How come this single weed
is spreading unprocessed life
all around?

And the cracks
In the blacktop
Are spreading!

John Seabury art

Frank Moore by John Seabury

by John Seabury … he came over and Frank modeled for this in the early 1990s. Frank knew John since the 1970s. We performed our Outrageous Horror Show at the Psycotic Pineapple reunion show at the Berkeley Square in 1988 by invitation. We were honored. John also played in Frank’s Cherotic All Star Band.