Frank wrote this poem for one his students, Teresa …

you ain’t no deer

Frankly, my dear,
You ain’t no deer!
No coy thing,
Fragile, timid,
Ready to run
At any sound…
Ready to run away
Into fearful hiding!
You are a Molly Bloom
Blooming giggling deep belly lust!
Ale drinking
Pipe smoking
Pushing my hand deep inside you
After waiting amused
For us others to pick up
And join you
In a lusty jam!
Legs wide open,
Eyes trusting,
Yours is a fleshy universe,
On stage
In rapture trance
Musical warmth flowing
From sucking joy!
And I ain’t no deer hunter,
My dear!
© Frank Moore 10/14/2000


Teresa is a Featured Artist on Frank’s website:

From the book Chapped Lap by Frank Moore, published by Inter-Relations.