The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  As I said before, when the human creatures of the western woods on the Island of Mann started to have flashes of self awareness — that is, when the spirits of the Sons of Man started 19,000 years ago to enter into these animal bodies — these creatures had no way of coping with emotional shocks.  They had no way of using these flashes in their animal life.  At first, the spirits could only stay in bodies for flashes.  Some spirits who were overeager for physical experiences tried to stay in the body longer.  This caused the death of the body by the burning fever. These deaths started the personal karma of the individual spirits involved, and also added to the collective karma of Man.

Frank, I will go slower so it shall be easier for you to type this.  By the way, both Mr. Reed and myself enjoyed our meeting in the higher astral or alpha dimension of Andrew.  We had been looking for that meeting.  I still keep remembering the many times when I was a young woman on Atlantis playing with Andrew, as the child of my best friend.  When the group was about to leave for Egypt, I asked my friend to give me the child so that I could raise it as my own.  But it was impossible because of my friend’s husband.  I left the island in sadness.  To get back to the history, these deaths created fear of the unknown, of the worlds beyond death.  This fear, placed within these creatures even before they had real self awareness, is one of the roots of the superstitious myths of the underworld, of Hell.  It also was one of the causes of the illusions which trapped spirits after the physical death — trapped them in the lower astral plane until they were born again into the physical world.

Slowly, over several centuries, spirits could stay in the physical bodies for a longer time, first several minutes, but then for about an hour.  In these fleeting states of awareness, the human creatures were suddenly lifted above their automatic animal lives, lives based on fear and physical needs, and were shown themselves — both their physical bodies and their own spirits — and the physical dimension within which they existed, and of which they were a part.  At first, for many years, these creatures when they were in this state could only stare at the terrible beauty that was, and still is, the physical world and more importantly, was them.  After a long time, they began — the individual person in this aware state, began to see relationships, spiritual ties, between himself and his fellow creatures.  At first he saw these kinds of relationships tying to his mate. Remember, at this period, the aware state lasts not over an hour at a time; also an individual creature never had these insights more than three times at the most during his life span of from 25 to 30 years.  After an aware state had ended, after the spirit had departed, the creature had no memory of the insight, of what he had experienced during the aware state. Only vague shadows inside the creature’s brain remained.  But slowly these shadows changed the life pattern of these human creatures.  The change first appeared in the automatic sexual process of reproduction of physical bodies.  The process began to lose its automatic nature, emotional bonds appeared tying mates together.  This is the positive side of the change. On the negative side, the fights over mates in the packs came to be caused less by the instinctual drive to protect the procreation process – the process of producing physical bodies — and came to be caused by emotional jealousy left by the spirits.  Later, about 600 years after the first awareness flashes, this change started manifesting itself in the internal order of the human packs.  Because of this, family tribes grew out of the packs of the Island’s packs about 17,500 years ago and along with them came minor tribal wars.

In the aware state the person, while being aware of all of the tremendous beauty of the physical plane, was not aware of any dimension outside of the physical one.