The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  You should know that the group of human spirits which became trapped in the influence of that physical planet Earth numbered five billion; this group has come to be known as the Sons of Man.  You can see the number of physical bodies suitable for human Self-Awareness was vastly smaller than the number of human spirits.  The number of bodies could be increased gradually until about the middle of the last century.  Moreover, most bodies of the creatures which were to become human were not at first ready to be inhabited by spirits, not ready for self awareness.  They were not ready for many reasons.  Because of this some of the spirits stayed in the emotional state of the astral world, while most went into higher dimensions of Spirit to wait until the right time for them to enter physical form.  These few spirits who stayed in the astral world, remained near to the physical plane in their bodies of color lights — bodies of emotions.  Here they could observe the physical world, but could not experience it directly.  These spirits attempted to enter the world of Earth early.  At first they tried to enter the bodies of the two races which already had spirits, self awareness — both the race of which the island’s villagers were a part and the more advanced race which has come to be known in the Jewish myths as the Titans.  This attempt failed without the individuals of these two races becoming conscious of the attempted influence.  This attempt failed because the two races had healthy, positive self awareness — that is, these people didn’t have inner fears or self-doubts.  It has always been impossible for a spirit to enter, possess, a body that is inhabited by a healthy spirit without that healthy spirit consciously willing it.

The result of this attempt was the creation of the first karmic thread of the rope which now ties Man to that physical world.  These few spirits next tried to enter the bodies of the creatures which lived in the island’s eastern woods.  This caused about half of these creatures to die from a burning fever.  The villagers found a few of these dead bodies in the wild grain fields, and were moved to bury these bodies just beyond the holy meadow in the same manner as they buried their own dead.  They never had done this before, nor did they have a logical reason this particular time. But they had a characteristic of following their impulses or inner feeling which was the base of their communal songs.

The human spirits who had stayed in the astral dimension next tried to come into the bodies of the lower animals — horses, cattle, birds, fishes, wolves, etc. — all over the planet.  The result was the burning fever and death for the individual animals.  This event is the base for the animals in myth such as centaurs, mermaids, werewolves and also the half human/half animal gods of the primitive religions of Earth.  This event was handed down orally in myth form and finally was written down in the first book of the Jewish Bible.

The effect of these attempts was to tie Man, or at least the group of spirits, to the physical world Earth.  These spirits had to stay from then near that physical plane until they had corrected this karmic imbalance they had caused in that world.  They could have corrected this imbalance from the astral world at that point.  But they didn’t.  By that time the bodies which were to become human had evolved finally to the point where they could physically accept the spirits into their bodies.  The rest of the Sons of Man again entered the astral world, and prepared themselves to enter the physical world.  They prepared for material experiences which they needed for their growth.  But what had been a balanced world was now imbalances and spiritually dangerous.  This added to the possibility for growth for those spirits who could remain positive in that world.  So the few spirits entered the world within physical bodies while the others waited in astral world for turns.  As I have said before, the first crossings, if you will, were made on the Island of Mann.  At first these were flashes within a fraction of a second.  These flashes of awareness, of insight, left the creatures — mostly older children and young adults — stunned and frightened minutes after the flash occurred.  Moreover, they quickly pushed its happening immediately out of their memory and went back to their lives of animal survival.  This was the best because these animals had no way of handling the emotional shock of being snapped out of the animal darkness to total awareness — not to total enlightenment, but physical awareness.  These flashes expanded very gradually over a number of years.

I must leave now.  I shall continue this within a week.  I shall focus on the history of the island and how it brought about a new spiritual order. But know that self awareness came to the creatures which we must now start calling human (came to the land masses which now are Asia and Africa where the humans were hunters and food gatherers) about 200 years later than the island.  The awareness quickly dulled and the history was physical and carnal.  The historical pattern would have been the same, on the Island of Mann, if the spirit who in the first life was known as Kaliva, and in the second life as Kadham hadn’t taken the responsibility of Man onto his own karma.  Goodbye.