The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank. I am Wandbua. I was describing the land and climate of the physical Island of Mann. But before I continue, I must tell you, Frank that recently you have come in contact with some information on the subject we were discussing. Some of this information will be the same as the history I give. But most of the information you have heard was incorrect and the manner which it was told you set you on guard, quite rightly so. But the correct information can carry the tint of the incorrect surrounding it.

Frank, you must test what I have to tell by your inner feelings and objective research.

On the east and north sides of the Island of Mann, there were sheer cliffs along the coast dropping off into the sea. These cliffs averaged 340 feet high, rising out of the sea, and with the highest cliff 408 feet. The inner plain was almost flat slanting southwest. The island had been a part of the land mass now known as South America, about 55,000 years ago. Then it was at the mouth of a great river. The inner plain still had the fertility of a delta at the time of which I am speaking. The climate was milder there than it is there now, almost as the middle part of your California by the sea. There were a few woods on the plain especially on the western side of the cliffs and on the “mountain” on the southeast side of the island. There were five fresh water springs on the island. The water of three of these springs ran together forming a river which emptied into one of the two bays. This bay, more like a cove, was a mile and a half north of the “mountain”. The plant and animal life was the same as was on South America at that time. But there were two exceptions to this. One was the race which had had Self Awareness a thousand years before the time of which we are talking. This race was peaceful, rather inward. These ate plants and were very passive. The other exception was the race of creatures which now are human. These two races had appeared in other parts of the world but never in that half of the planet, except on the Island of Mann.

Frank, rest now. I shall come through tomorrow and shall try to finish this.