The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  I am Wandbua.  We got to where human spirits first came into animal bodies for flashes.  I am having a difficult time coming through.  Relax, Frank.  Know that your spirit is your self-awareness which is eternal.  So when I say spirits started coming in and out of animal bodies what I really mean is, the creatures that were living on the physical planet Earth, who were living the animal existence before or after their physical life, suddenly had flashes of self-awareness.  At first these spirits dwelled in the bodies only for a few seconds at a time.  I am still having a hard time getting through, but I will try to continue.

This coming into bodies of spirits has been known in our religions and myths as the Fall of Man.  Coming into physical bodies, however, wasn’t a “fall”.  The human spirits needed to experience things which could, and still can, only be experienced within a physical body within a physical world.  The physical plane is a garden of fruit trees.  Everyone must taste and enjoy these bitter-sweet fruits of physical and material experience. If one sees that world as a beautiful garden and starts tending it, he shall have the fruits and will rediscover the gate which leads to the next garden.

However, these first spirits to enter human bodies in that physical world became tempted by the bitter-sweet fruit, and put these fruits above the fruits of other dimensions.  They stayed in bodies longer and longer, experiencing more and more, especially physical sex.  Finally, these spirits existed totally in the physical world, confident that they could leave their material bodies and return to the astral world at any time they so willed.  But the physical world, and especially their bodies, hardened. It hardened because of the effect this new group or race of Self-Awareness, or spirits, had on this physical world.

Any self-aware being can’t help affecting the situation, world and dimension surrounding him; he can’t escape the responsibility for everything around him.  When the first human spirit came into the planet Earth on the Island of Mann, for that fraction of a second, the whole Earth changed radically, its mineral and chemical substance changed, its plant and animal life took a new turn in their evolution.  Even the karmic timetable of the two other races of Self-Awareness was speeded up; their lessons on Earth could be finished sooner.

As long as the effect of these human spirits on that dimension was positive they were free to come into and go out of that physical world, free to leave the situation.  But once the human effect became negative, the human spirits had to stay in that physical world, with only brief stays in spirit between “deaths” of their physical bodies to the great explosion of energy of the physical human sexual orgasm which rents a hole in a veil between dimensions through which a spirit can pass into a human body.

The human effect on the planet Earth when the human desire or will became carnal has never happened before or since in any other part of the multi-dimensional existence!

As I have said before, the first flashes of human self-awareness in animal bodies happened on the Island of Mann.  This island was 308 miles west of what is now Peru.  It was only 26 miles long and 12 miles at its widest points.  It was just 600 feet above sea level at its highest point at the southeast end of the island, but its inner plain was just 250 feet above sea level.  There were two bays or coves on the east side.