The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  Quite radical earth changes which happened over the time period of a thousand years — from 9,000 to 8,000 years ago — caused a changed relationship in distance between what was the Island of Mann and what is South America now — by the end of this thousand year period, the Island sank under the ocean.  Moreover, this changed relationship caused confusion in your mind, Frank, about the Island’s location in relation to South America; this confusion has been reflected in our talks.

The Island was west of South America.  Our confusion arises from a great body of water, over 700 miles wide, which separated the Island from the main land mass when humans inhabited the island and created the civilization of Mu.  It also arises from the waterway which connected the west and the east oceans together.  The Great White Brotherhood used this waterway to sail to its new home in the East when the city of Mu was about to be destroyed.  For more than 10,000 years after this voyage, Man had tried to rediscover this waterway; this search led Man to unexpected discoveries.  Even after Man convinced himself that this important waterway no longer existed in that world, he recreated it.

This ancient waterway disappeared during the great earth change.  This earth change was caused by the immense inner pressure which had been building during the time period of 550 years around the fault line which still runs from Central America, all of the way south in the wide band which is now known as the “Fire Basin”.  During this 550 year period, there was heating up of the Earth’s molten core; this was linked with what men were doing at that time, especially on the Island of Mann, linked both directly and indirectly with the negative use of advanced material knowledge which was about to leave the isolated Island, spreading into the wider physical world of Man.  This heating up of the core caused an immense expanding pressure which can only be compared to the inner pressure of material creation of that physical planet Earth.  At the time of which we are speaking, the Earth’s crust had become colder, harder and denser.  This crust on the western half of that globe would not allow this great inner pressure to escape gradually in the form of minor earthquakes and volcanic activities.  Instead, this pressure was forced to build over the centuries. If the Fire Basin fault had not cracked and given vent to this pressure, the whole Earth would have been in danger of a very serious inner explosion.

When this earth change began, the Island, which was in the middle of the fault, experienced heavy volcanic activity which destroyed all life on the Island and covered the City of Mu under lava.  This volcanic activity lasted off and on for the 57 years that it took the land mass which is now the bulge of South America to rise.  Many of thousands of years before this time, this land mass was once dry and bigger than it is at the present time.  What was to become the Island of Mann was the western point of this ancient land mass.  This point was a fertile delta at the mouth of a great river.  Over 50,000 years ago, a large part of this land mass sank under the ocean, only leaving the island and the land which is now east of the Andes dry.  It took the great earth change of 9,000 to 8,000 years ago to once again lift the land mass — all of it except about a 300 mile wide strip of what had been its eastern coast, which remained submerged – above the water.  The southern half of what is now Central America also arose from the water, connecting South America together with North America. During the last 200 years of this period of great geographic change, the Island of Mann very slowly sank under the water to the position that it can be found today.

The next time, I will start to describe how the group of spirits which have come to be known as the Sons of God entered into the influence of that world.