The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  To understand the concept with which we left off the last time, you have to realize that after the aware state within these humans had dulled, the humans existed in a dimension which was a blending of the astral-alpha and the physical-beta worlds.  There wasn’t as yet a sharp division between the astral and the physical world.  As a result, these spirits stayed in a state in which their emotional aspects, both their self-destructive emotions such as fears and self-doubts and hates and their higher emotions such as loves and creative inspirations, took on objective forms and objective reality of their own.  These emotional forms, which are now connected to the lower levels of the astral dimension, came into existence of their own within that world of the early humans.

This is one of the ways by which the human awareness changed, reshaped the physical world into which it had entered.  These objective emotional forms shaded and distorted the human view of the physical world.  The state in which these spirits came to exist can be compared to the dream state, the state of so-called insanity, and the state that is brought on by drugs — these three states which are in reality just three aspects of one astral state, exist still within your field of experience.

It was common for the humans who existed in this state to meet terrible demons and beautiful gods in the course of everyday living.  Every animal and every tree was given a new and very magical dimension by these humans. This dimension had to be dealt with before every hunt, later before every battle, and much later still before every planting.  Having visions was an everyday affair, as hearing voices later was after the humans started thinking in words.  The emotional tint of this state for the individual before the appearance of language depended on the character of the mind of  the individual.

If the individual had a spiritual memory of the pure aware state from long ages past, the world in which he now lived had the tint of wonder and awe. However, the terrors of the night dwelled foremost in the mind of most of the early humans.  As the result, the emotional world for most of these humans was filled with almost unbearable horrors and grotesque demons. Before the arrival of language, individual men had no way to share with one another their experiences in this world of emotions.  Each was on his own inside this world.

After death, these spirits came to not travel into the deeper, finer vibrating dimensions of existence.  Instead, they remained in the lower levels of the astral dimension, very near to the physical plane as they stayed close to the astral when they were in physical bodies.  Slowly there developed around each individual spirit what is known as a Maya Sac.  A Maya Sac is the system of illusions which a spirit tends to surround itself with at the moment of physical death just as the physical body while it is in the womb surrounds itself with a sack of liquid.  This Maya Sac is linked with the emotional world in which the spirit had just existed.  If the emotional world was one of awe and of wonder, the Maya Sac would be a complex system of illusions which created an unreal physical paradise or Heaven with the individual spirit — along with that spirit’s desires which he had held within the physical plane — as its center.  If the spirit’s emotional world was filled with the terrors of the night, the Maya Sac would be a hell haunted by horrible demons and with the spirit’s fears and doubts he had held within the physical plane.

The Sons of Man came to stay in these illusions, neither growing nor learning, during the period between lives.  The selection of physical bodies became almost random instead of being a choice of knowing free will. These spirits were drawn back into the physical world by their crude, carnal desire for physical experience.  The spiritual memory that a spirit retained after returning into the physical plane for a new life … his spiritual memory of the Maya Sac he just left reinforced his new emotional world; this memory also set the tone or tint of the new emotional world. Now you can understand the reinforcing cycle of illusions.

When the humans couldn’t communicate their inner emotional experiences to one another during life, after death each spirit became isolated inside his own Maya Sac, isolated from all other spirits.

After the discovery of fire and after the human language had developed to the point where it was capable of crudely communicating human inner experience and emotions, the men started sharing their individual emotional world with one another.  This happened when the pack — and later the tribe — huddled around the communal fire for protection against the terrible night demons that lurked in the black just outside the firelight.  As they waited for sleep to come, one by one of the pack told tales to these others with whom he felt an emotional bond.

As these tales, which now would be called religious myths, were told, there would be a release of a highly emotional charge of creative energy from the tale-teller which both he and the listeners would actually physically feel and see.  These early humans considered it as magical.  As we have seen, such releases raised the vibration of the physical world to a finer rate if the release was pure and wasn’t rooted in fear. Unfortunately, most of these inner tales came out of emotional worlds which were shaped by fear.  These tellings of tales created a tribal emotional world which drew its qualities from the common qualities shared by most individual emotional worlds in the tribe.  This tribal emotional world provided a connection between the various emotional worlds.  This event in the physical world, because of the immense emotional shift from individual imagination to group imagination, cause a change in the astral dimension. There appeared over-groups of individual Maya Sacs.  These Over Maya Sacs became the various Lands of the Dead, in which the illusions from the individual Maya Sacs melted together forming an over-system where there was a dream existence of spirits waiting for other lives.  Most of these Lands of the Dead were based on the terrors of the night; thus, they mostly were versions of Hell.  Through the spiritual memory, images of these Lands of the Dead found their way into the tribal myths.  These myths, by giving these worlds of terror energy, reinforced these Hells, and the Maya Cycle gained in force.  These Hells sealed the astral and the physical planes off from the deeper, finer dimensions of spiritual existence.  This seal could only be broken from within — that is, by spirits coming from the deeper dimensions.