The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  The thousand years between 17,500 to 16,500, the humans on the Island of Mann made a number of very important discoveries and inventions … they discovered not only the many uses of fire, but how to start fire and were soon roasting their meats from the hunt.  The nonhuman villagers had the stone ax and a stone tool for digging, but the humans invented these kinds of tools on their own by using their new minds.  These minds were the closest aspect of the now dulled aware state … closest to the physical plane.  The creatures within which the spirits of the Sons of Man came to dwell always had physical brains, as all higher forms of animal life have.  Within these physical brains, fears, reflexes and instincts exist.  These fears, reflexes and instincts are the reason that animals can live their automatic existence.  But when the spirits or awareness entered the human creatures’ bodies, the humans were lifted into the higher dimension of total physical awareness.  Within this dimension, the instincts and reflexes should have come under the control of this new awareness, and fear should have been entirely cast away as being absolutely useless in this new state of being.  However, the humans held onto their fears.  As a result, there arose a conflict between their awareness and their fears, causing their awareness to be dulled — that is, their awareness went deeper within and became covered up by layers of self-doubt. The conflict also created the mind which stands between the physical brain and the aware-spirit.  The mind could have been, and still could be, used as a tool to rediscover the aware-spirit, the aware-state.  However, the Island’s human focalized their new minds upon the material world and became a race of inventors, explorers and later, artists.  Such creative invention and exploration could have led the humans back to their full physical awareness, and even beyond to the full spiritual awareness, by raising the vibration of the physical Earth to a higher, finer rate.  Inventing and exploring — the activity termed as science — releases as much creative energy into that dense world as painting or singing does.  Unfortunately, the lack of creative energy from that world, caused by the negative uses which the humans put their inventions and discoveries to, vastly out balanced their creative release.  The humans used fire as a powerful weapon in their tribal wars.  The spear was also used as a weapon toward the end of the first series of tribal battles … the invention of the stone spear, on its positive side, changed the human radically.  Not only did it make the hunt easier, but it also opened a new source of food for humans — that of fishing.  By the end of the first series of tribal wars on the Island, the human packs had been united into two main tribal families.  This occurred about 16,550 years ago.  One of these was a nomadic tribe which hunted in the Island’s western woods, always moving with their sources of food; this hunting tribe was known as Kaner.  The other tribe, the Hable, was also a tribe of hunters.  The Hable, however, stayed near the smaller of the two coves on the Island in order to be able to fish with their spears as well as hunt.  The thousand years which it had taken for these tribal families to evolve from the human packs, was full of animal terror and human creativeness.  As we have seen, at the beginning, when the first flashes of the aware-state began, the human creatures traveled in hunting packs … they didn’t have any form of shelter or protection.  At night they huddled together in the pack for warmth and safety while they slept.  All around them while they slept was darkness, unknown and unseen dangers and horrors as well as the lonely cold.  At the same time, some danger could erupt from inside of the pack.  The night was a time of cold terror and of the darkness full of menacing noises.  During the day, the individual’s life was totally focused upon the hunt.  When the awareness had dulled in these creatures, they started projecting their possessive desires onto the animals they were hunting, causing these animals to become in the human’s mind favorable demigods.  In the same manner, human fears came to be projected onto the vague shapes and frightening noises of the night.  Thus, these shapes and noises came to be actually live as demons.  The human emotional thought actually gave these demigods and demons their own outer reality and existence.  They came to exist not only in man’s imagination, but in the “real” world which man lived in at that time.  They became totally separate from the human imagination.

Frank, rest.  I will continue this the next time.  Goodbye.