The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  The race which the Island’s nonhuman villagers were a part of, used their self awareness within that physical world only to maintain their existence in that world.  They discovered the primitive uses of fire, but they never discovered how to start fire burning.  The only tools they invented were stone tools for cutting wood and stone tools for digging holes in the earth.  They also discovered how to tend wild fields of grains and how to prepare such grains for eating; along with gathering berries, roots and honey, this is as far as they materially advanced.  This is because they existed mainly on other dimensions more than on the physical dimension.  They were more involved with their village relationships, their religious ceremonies, and their singing, than with finding things which would have made their physical life easier.  Thus, beyond this primitive point, this race did not physically or materially advance, even though spiritually this race was more advanced than the human race which is there now.  On the Island of Mann, within 700 years from the first flashes of awareness within these human creatures, these humans were more materially advanced than the nonhuman villagers.

Let me take a minute to describe the relationship between the human race and the race of Titans.  This relationship existed from 430 years after the beginning of human awareness in that physical world outside of the Island. Individuals, men, of the Titans started marrying women of the human families.  This happened in what is now known as southern Europe (especially southern France and Spain, Central Africa, and Asia Minor.) The Titan had achieved the balance between physical or material and spiritual existence and advancement.  They had created a primitive style of living which fell between the New Stone Age and the Iron Age.  They knew the secrets of fire, lived in caves in some areas, and worshipped Life in the form of animals.  At this period, the Titan worship was beginning to shift from Life in the form of animals towards Spirit in the form of the Sun and the Moon.  The major Titan secret or discovery, however, was clay colors, vegetable dyes, and other materials in creating colors.  The Titans released creative energies into that physical world, raising and refining that world’s vibration, by drawing and painting with these clays, dyes and so forth.  To the Titans, drawing and painting were religious and magical activities, as singing was to the second nonhuman race, and the creative placing of huge stones upon one another was to the first Sons of Man to enter that world.

The Titans treated their human wives as equal to the wives who were born into the Titan race.  They taught their human relatives — relatives by marriage — their cultural secrets.  That is, they treated their wives equally until death, physical death.  Their burial customs show that the Titans recognized the spiritual difference between them, and the human race, the Sons of Man.  When a Titan male or female died, they would build a huge fire to burn the body, then the whole tribe of the departed spirit sat around the warmth and the light of the fire.  Then the ashes were thrown on the water of the sea, a river or a lake.  The Titans believed the spirit departed from the physical world, returning to Spirit, with the smoke; that the warmth and the light of the fire was the spirit’s love influence which was his gift to his tribe and which the tribe absorbed; and that, by putting the ashes, which were now a tiny heap, upon the waters, they were putting the body back into the fine vibrating world of form, the Life force which is within every material thing, including inorganic objects.

After the death of a human wife, or an off-spring with a body that looked human more than Titanic, the Titans buried the body in the earth in the same manner in which we saw the villagers of the Island of Mann bury their own dead … but for different reasons.  By burying these humans in the earth, the Titans were linking humans to the material world of dense vibrations.  However, the Titans tried to release the human spirits from the dense physical dimension into the astral world by drawing images of the dead human body on rocks and walls of caves.

By the way, the first life on that physical plane of Debbie, her first life on Earth, was as one of these human wives of the Titans about 14,000 years ago.

In myths, including Greek and Hebrew traditional mythologies, the Titian — or Titan — came to be known as a race of giants, of demigods.  This is because the average height of the Titans was six feet; moreover, unlike the second non-human race, the Titans were physically massive.  In some areas of that world, the human civilization was built upon the Titan culture; in those parts, the Titans gave humans tools and colors and fire.  But in other parts of that world, such as on the Island of Mann, where humans made their own material discoveries and inventions on their own, they did so because, unlike the nonhuman villagers, they centered their existence upon their material life.  They never have had the balance of the Titans.  The Titans began to fade from that world 13,000 years ago into a world deeper within.  At that time, Earth and its influence became quarantined.