The following lectures are from Wandbua, the historian. Frank channeled these lectures at the same time that he was channeling Reed and the others in circa 1972. From the book The Art of Living by Frank Moore.


Hello, Frank.  Gradually this telepathic communication spread from mates out to creatures who were both karmically and physically related very close together.  It became common for small groups of spirits to enter physical bodies at the same time, to share the state of awareness.  For days after an experience of this type, these human creatures, although they couldn’t remember what had happened in the aware state, had a vague feeling of loss, of sadness, and of loneliness.  These higher feelings were filtered through their throat area just as the lower emotions of fear and doubt, which tied Man to the influence of Earth, were filtered through the region of the belly.  Because of this feeling of loss, sadness and loneliness, these became dissatisfied and started to be pulled to their fellow creatures. Until this time, they had been kept together within their packs by the needs of survival — the need of protection, the need for collective action in the hunt, and the need for a selection of mates.  But now they were drawn to one another by the need to share what had been newly born within them, and by the needs of love.  The system of noises and physical gestures which was used in the hunt couldn’t begin to express what these human creatures now needed to express.  From this dissatisfaction and frustration grew a real language.  At first these creatures started giving persons and physical objects and animals around them names.  Soon after this, words for the colors were coined.  Later action words came into being, then simple describing words were invented.  But it took 650 years before words for abstract ideas and concepts could appear.

Other inner abilities these creatures discovered they had while they were within the aware state were teleportation, levitation and the ability to shape a material object such as a stone by their thoughts.  When the time of the state of awareness had expanded to over an hour, these creatures started by their thoughts to pile huge stones, one upon another, creating different shapes, much as a child piles boxes or toy blocks.  Later Man worshipped and burnt animal and human offerings at the bases of these giant rock creations, thinking these must have been made by some mighty gods. The spirits piled these rocks out of a religious reaction to the beauty which they sensed both all around them and within them.  By creating these giant forms, these spirits were releasing their creative energies into the physical world.  By doing this purely they would have raised that world’s vibrations to a higher, finer rate, causing that world to become a part of the subjective dimension.  This was the original moving force that brought these spirits of the Sons of Man into the Earth’s influence to experience and create in the physical plane.  Unfortunately, as we have seen, both a collective karma and individual karma’s had developed, requiring Man now not only to create and experience on the physical plane, but also to manifest the real spiritual love in that dimension, to bring this love down into the physical plane.  This is the only way that Man can correct the imbalance he has caused in that world, the only way we can pay off our karma as human spirits.

Unfortunately, after the time period of aware state — that is, the time spent by a spirit within the body — had expanded to over an hour, the spirits became satisfied to make these physical bodies their sole dwelling place until the physical death of the bodies.  When this happened, the state of awareness soon dulled; the inner abilities were forgotten.  The spirits soon lost their ability to exist on many dimensions at the same time and settled down to the physical world.  The self awareness, in the form of the brain and the lower mind, became merely a tool for the personal life on that world.