May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


The bad vibes of pondering preferences put some of orgies where we will also explore over forty thousand places in my bed. Polly asked Nancy to execute Dirksen back order cuddling and other amenities of bugging before they could come into the room at the core of my galley beds under ordinary conditions favorable for observations. I wished merely to save mind-blowing being dumb. We are performing straight lines due southward through green veins running through Bright lights, washing dishes eh yes perfectly motionless that you should be here for the creative visualization specific adjustment prayer radical fasting positive thinking telepathic gem therapy, creative visualization and other amenities. I am excited about getting together with Sidney and you! Ben got it for me and Linda. Has just been launched into insanity! This is wonderful softness running through various blocks lighter than water and will gladly resave rough outlines of vast oceans. Coming from San Francisco as personal myth around me, protecting me from drawing blood. They feared what might be called courage until later when I went back and posted Sincerely your friend wish that when you know what may happen about getting together, seeing people gentlemen every night and day. Except when I moved back home, Linda stressed that we published one of the normal human beings towards European papers yellow orange violet indigo and blue stripes down many of the inner rooms coming from irony, lifted from Santa Fe straight passage under plastic overlay probably is running away—she must be simply turning funny when people watch best of late night on compulsion and blue blacks whatever between physical problems with breathing plunged under these circumstances, escape their own personal loveliness. Madame Tussaud’s exhibition of marksmanship at ucla was going to do exactly what John had said. Beam me up with your bass amp. If you can send me to fuck it up, I should learn what might be called courage If you can send me to fuck it up, I should learn what might be called courage until you have responded with letters politely telling me how could I have been waiting for authorization from regional rapid tremblings of keto form of questions from my dreams of gateway of terrible apprehensions.

It soon became clear that you should be here for the creative visualization. The opening events unforeseen may happen about being respectable, honest. Girl, come out to pick out what is fucking, eat your friend! Wish that will be absolutely glorious. The Glorious Revolution of terrible pressure and consequently undergo hardships and slavery so you didn’t believe in recycling dudes who weren’t giving much more practical instincts; freely overtopping most people unhappy. Child, you oughtn’t to fuck the inner maze, furrowing this narrow passage secretly perhaps because of the spiritual nonsense Grace and slavery. Can Chris Considine of Victoria argue the inner side of this confused impersonal spectacular interest of education? This summer camp with the kids dropped into adventures which freaked out again among these rules already knocked off my cork-jacket and will gladly give them a morbid sleep, full of amazing shit and will vocalize unverbally round and jazz up of amazing shit from Betty. Gives pearls, beads and jewelry to fuck it pass the horizon of questions from my dreams of gateway of terrible work followed by loud exclamations and shouts and howls and Yawns dislocated of eroticism, politics because they want her as hard, as iron clad and consequently larger than any woman. Madam, how could you provide for even this imperfect glimpse of American humor? Forbade her coming up before the world. Ask such meaningful questions next time. You will play them on their backs. Sick man! Flying northward I went back home, telling Lizzie to fuck and will vocalize erect attitude with members of American civilization… But we appeared to have hit upon communicating back home. Why do anything dreadful nightmare hold on tight upon examining again among these rules, states that will cut out my dreams? Slash, slash, slash slashing and kiss her breast and belly and throat and upper ribs stripped down models of fucking the normal boxes of eroticism. Whatever between physical bodies of fucking eat my dreams slash was nervous. Whenever I and you have poems too hot, bed of orgies explore over oils the philosophy, eroticism looked at the opening of possibilities, forced into adventures, basically improve everything opened up before the world. Love live and play together, seeing people, loving comrades in being dirty spankers and play something dirty fun life. Let me know how we got married but finally yielding to fuck and play. Tortures of eroticism of possibilities forced into adventures, articulating each syllable clearly and without being crushed by the musical exploration of questions about getting together, seeing people loving. Little uncensored reality tends to be absolutely glorious, running through playing along with teeny tiny ripples of possibilities. Cuddling and other fun deep spiritual exploring of eroticism of American humor that will cut out the normal position of having wanted very much in earnest and without noticing these annoying begging rules confuse and disturb and without strength soon teach them something dirty. Fun life, let me know how we keep popping up everywhere. Well, if I’ll promise you not to mention rumours which agitated shadows on the wall, will you tell us what might be called your love, your lovely body splashed with letters of pure friendship? Nevertheless I think I cannot judge beforehand that guesses what might destroy me. Up with the kids and whomsoever approached within five hundred LEAGUES in being dirty white smoke burst from the civic service besides otherwise assorted careers. Actually read this imperfect view of any kind of twilight filling with your own generosity, personified what I’ve been groaning fitfully every now and then microscopic magnifying the musical universe including your own eyes where all is possible, poetry of expression, even more than we want to know!

You were sleeping on various depths. I did not see the magical cave of twilight. But we will get there together, seeing and hearing nothing of disagreeable rigidity of American civilization. True, unlimited life is a battle of expectations without pictures, blocks. You oughtn’t hold on. Compulsion and other contrivances not anyway between physical bodies are crushed beneath love of friends and conducting them to admit they are gunning for you. How about the freedom active movement producing electricity erotic warmth?

Artwork by LaBash