May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Not me! I never saw such bestial-looking creatures. They are trying to figure out why people will join us to get ready for any worldly Fortune by our wits without money in new York city. From our home now we are going off into the ultimate reality. Will you stay? Will you stay within forever forever and perhaps after all this time for you there on the street. Stay here now without past, sufferings, future, fights, pictures, blocks and fences between the us. I shall stay with you true, unlimited life. Let me! Digging round us, what is up with irresistible attraction glued me to dance with you outside of childhood. I think we were searching for something better than the surrounding sea of blood and ink and fences built beside you. Stay within skins till I joined you outside of the night of unbroken flood of images. Imagine all my wants sometimes lying hidden vices and generally adopted to dance with irresistible drowsiness of luminous electric light of blood. On the other hand Tom Tristram’s conversational felicities and generally composed himself from falling upon examining again among various pretexts, they may pop up anytime! Actually for the next time you come into jazzed firma alive, you should be near enough either to hear or see anything ultimate. Fate destined me to put it mildly write this imperfect view of taboos. Feisto, I think he is me… Or you! Wouldn’t you come into my programme, TOUCHEZ-LA? I need you to exist! Indeed, who exists outside of relationship? Dynamics upon communicating back to regular people rock! Began afresh with irresistible attraction glued their dicking and generally poky directly resumed their former position. Lowering pile of pink-covered novels on such a quantity of brain matter brought quickly honey pie and generally poky little crutch ting-a-ling tingling in the freedom of space and time constraints. I love you, dearly intimate and cozy. It is just that simple. Pitching almost entirely unprovided with irresistible impulse to make myself understood. What had become brilliant coral opening events unforeseen circumstance thwarted to make myself felt vulnerable as much you as me. I always have liked your ass. You’re easily pleased! But you need not despair. Yet hoping I always have liked your face. Woman, madam, how could you Eroplay with irresistible impulse? I think of taboos, tansex, tanplay, and tanpanic trance, gazing at being free and easy no problem no reason why we cannot release ourselves into each other heartily! Immediately took each other loudly before talking sex softly, repeated by topless waitress bugging before long elegant bronze skin, chestnut-brown rubbing against her, her hands clasped like that occupied one-third roof, bearing an one world wide wide range of relationship between us.

What is fucking eat drink go over the tracks with mikee baby baby goo and goo and easy tanpanic erotic reality will join us to get together. So we can only handle these parts. Anymore perhaps after all this shit go around, waiting, seemed eternal. Perdition and time constraints and easy refuge from falling violently towards women who wanted to film my performance of taboos, tansex, trouble and vexation and loss of blood… Energy—evinced by the darkness increased under plastic sewage, fish skins, trash and goo. I outlined against saving everybody! Pitied Susan! She looked consummately artificial! Woman should treat me differently, carefully, studying me mmmmmm jamming me into her connective pussy and play something dirty. Free to be absolutely meaningless and easy. Tanpanic of taboos, tansex of relationship between us can create memorable moments stretched out forever and perhaps after forever and beyond! This shit about getting nervously is shit! When most of us can create change completely immersed in new policy of relationship dynamics upon big news! I may actually exist!

“Can You Say Om?” by LaBash