May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!

I do exist within your mine and body inter- independent, living web of relationship. But we live legs wide open, taking life deep within our wits, pussy pies and assholes lustily. Ha ha ha, anything ultimate is equally possible indeed if we stay within each other, if we need more! We can only be if we show up together for each other heartily, lustihood of love, bringing up possibilities, cuddling tanpanic erotic warmth together! Excludes nothing whatever! Between rubbing possibilities friction enlivens life deep within our home now without money makers swallowing down many of philosophies of crying out forever. Why don’t they always think what freaks them out indefatigably and perhaps as research in the middle of my head? I need you, want to invite you to exist. Indeed, hey, settle down comfortably with me, dealing successive blows at fears, exaggerated opinions, and vexations. Show up anytime actually is the secret of creation of love, bringing the overlay desirous of seeing sexy bodies, unite with irresistible suggestion that occupied before the beginning and after the end, beyond the margins that frame, limit, what is seen as normal and possible, indeed beyond that is prohibitive qualities of the usual and the sharks of many kinds!

Amongst bony jaws of many on the envelope of the universe, we stay together. The margins exclude almost entirely most of everything which is strange, sexual, progressive, untreatable, terminal and possible poetry, possible alternatives to regular programs filling up everywhere. Let me dig down to remind you that these excavations will be liberating and possible poetry of expression, even more urbane than usual. What freaks them out all summer long is prohibitive life! Let me dig in to enormous protuberances and perhaps after all these foolish hopes belonging to film of seeing sexy hot bed of orgies, explore over oils of love of friends. It was deep and rich, expanding out forever. Why don’t we do it again? Why don’t we go back—back back all away and go all the way? I feel lucky! The universe shatters, swallowing down inner sandy pleasure squirt in to enormous waves connecting, inspiring, opening up with irresistible power of impulsion of friends gathered all summer. Was channeling through playing enough? What is not enough? I am turned on. My standing, holding in particular private satisfaction of letting go is strange because we kept calling each other loudly. Before talking sex without money in public, I feel furious! Yelling, screaming madly upon examining it again, distinctly transmitted through playing with a idea of letting go all the way responsible for everything. Everything goes! Our way is equally possible and becoming every urge satisfaction of running aground, bringing up possibilities of the spiritual nonsense.

Grace was my grandma who saved me with Mom Connie from falling into muddy institutions of doctors dictated forgetting. Louise was so liberating to me, so entirely expanding my possibilities in the middle of the universe. Linda has been my own self in a sexy hot body, inter- twine together taking life deep within together for years and years outside of the margins, always together and Mikee baby baby, our home and feeling quite the same joy body splashed with irresistible impulse of love, bringing maximum breadth of care of a quantity of moist farts and feeling quite pleased with our riches, well-distributed to enormous deep within our body. And soul of the tribal body that forms us are Alexi and Corey, and Jen dancing nude together, seeing our tribal body formed picturesque interlacings of care of a sexy warm reality of circulation of love, bringing people together. Seeing you again distinctly visible for looking at is equally possible and to get together is why I am writing this book! Highly improbable! Don’t we stay together? Seeing people getting nervously concern because the demo of circulation was built partly of letting go all the way, surrender in to luver and yes here now without pictures, blocks and fences between the us. I could tell how Eroplay can create change completely immersed in my studio. Well, we shall play together. Trust me! Trust you! Want to be liberating and yes unless you give yourself up, possibilities of the spiritual exploring of love, of friends, of lovers like skin of Waters attentively certainly before long elegant points of contact will join us. What is fucking eating you? Give yourself up to this inexhaustible family! Was making ducks and drakes of letting go too fast for your personal myth? I have invited you again! You saw the electric spark from our home. Why do you wish to question me? How could you construct this wonderful softness? Indeed beyond that is strange because of the spiritual intoxication. In my studio alone some snuck in to keep pace with irresistible impulse to celebrate the tribal body. Count many names of these adventures, articulating each syllable clearly. Defined shadows mounting actresses and feeling them up deeply, impressed upon examining their souls together, seeing you again. Why don’t you remember who exists outside of these insoluble problems?

Artwork by LaBash