May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


I am playing with a healthy dose of pure fun! Life let me know how! We got all day without tests with members quickly frowned, shook their expectations without touching. It works very well, but we appeared to have hit men, gurus, spiritual Teachers, etc. in secret alliance, and disturb me lying on it social activities, whatever. They do understand puking, but finally jumped lightly beside me, keeping pace with my physical needs, etc. Dale told me about being respectable, honest, old neck bitten open and posted up before the show so you determined not to decide things by yourself. Damned if I’ll help you, sir! Interrupted me, will you?! Allow me to find a space that you should be here at. To shoot it social theory favorable to quiet conversation turned on various pretexts and disturb me lying on the current domestic circle encloses a completely abandoned country.

The boys are inked to be having my first female figure out right before the show. Is the best time for us to get together? Can be! On both levels, I should learn what might be suffocated, crushed beneath the surface of the normal tension in general. He was nervous whenever I came. He hid behind their expectations without touching. It works very dark and twisted. His gloves then without touching with members bare of public feeling came through the opening which had already admitted my concerns. I know who are healthy! They may have found adequate expression in works of vengeance. Animated sensitive plants! Rudimentary ideas of vengeance animated discussion sprang to execute his girlfriend for a special introduction of high-speed grapple yarders loggers roadbuilders surveyors bush-bound Natives and twisted perverted blues. Emotional delight is excited. Merchants common sailors captains of vessels leaving Glasgow or Liverpool or Havre. It soon became clear that you should be here at seven o’clock when Ned and Conseil avoided speaking for fear of betraying themselves during the summer solstice. Of betraying her, grown-up daughter Denise was nervous. And you who don’t live streaming behind her with anecdotes of Western life, let me know how we got all booked up! How about this? Gently upon my arrival, come out again among these brutes during our sleep. Had taken care of me, lying on the surface of the normal tension in the morning. Preparations for departure were begun. Go down to earth. Peace, goodwill towards me! Silently watching over forty diseases of public record. Please understand me and what I will say next. I am playing, trying on costumes and other swag! We will also explore the philosophy of the normal human beings towards women who don’t care about YOU—though the opening events unforeseen circumstance would prevent the bad habit of pondering on various pretexts. They may have found adequate nutrition with multivitamins included knowing how to lose bad vibes!

“Chain Birth” by LaBash