May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Words uttered with your mind and body and soul longing for fairy-tales can create their own logic and English, French kisses of excellent games. Life eats the dead. Brute truth! We eat the dead to live. Obscure depths against saving up virtue. Yes, I am feisto and I am planning to incorporate some of your Songs in to keep pace with heeling over oils of love. Skin penetrating into a private conviction resting on your web of possibilities. Taste all pleasure and play with anyone! Baby puts everything into her mouth to incorporate every urge, every expectancy, every level of improve playing this inexhaustible field of ripening fruit! Baby puts everything into her pussy and her asshole and her mind. Building up her immunity by taking life deep within intimacy. Playing trying things, falling headlong into juicy experience of all sensations which streams whenever any worldly feeling of ripening. Falling into muddy holes, protected by dancing on the floor. Overhead as always amazing shit covers entire body of the baby, grunted again distinctly and sexy enough attempt that she has just made a pronouncement! Baby has no idea of failure, of outside, of separation from humanity and everything else alive and wants to pack all sensations into her connective body, reality of circulation, not of exchange. Thoughts crowded my brain becoming impracticable to get together. Confound old boxes of fear of being dirty. Fun, it was the baby with wide open eyes of giant glorious curiosity, attracting attention, attraction of circulation, taking every beam wind of light deeply impressed upon examining everything, everybody without separation of within and without, without dividing lines, without any particular fear of failure. Failure doesn’t exist for the baby! Walking is impossible without falling. Nothing is created without failure. I can’t “walk”… But I always get from point A to point By dancing nude sliding on whims of light amidst hurricanes of fear of just doing just what I want to. So why walk? Of course when I need to piss or shit, I am in intensified time. And of course when I am in a fire, I just relaxed and surrender to incorporate every expectancy, every level of high expectations without pictures uniformly framed and without being swept along with heavy leaden gray deceptive fears exaggerated opinions and vexation. And so far into juicy experience of life I have come out of the fire without being harmed. I have come out hurt, but not hurt, not getting nervous that force will keep us down. I am always willing to take hurt on. That is the official price of living a full frontal life! Baby puts everything into her mouth. Will you unbutton your blouse all the way, surrender your bra and panties and pull up your spirits oh yes and your skirt, upsetting all morality and sit down legs wide open, taking life deep within intimacy, playing with my cock and surrender to love?

Skin is not a dividing line between you and me. Skin connects us. It is connective tissue, connective organ circulating possibilities within our tribal, global/planetary and universal body. Skin is hot wax melting into juicy molten mucus eddy currents into all bodies of living forms including rocks. These insoluble eddy currents of inspiration, of intimated sensations, of emotions, of thoughts and feelings and fears, of sense of humor and time, of insight and wisdom, of spiritual survival and love, bringing us down into the earth and pleasure. Hot wax bodies unite molten colors swirl together confound old Powers that were created by isolation, separation, fear of the other, doubts about personal worth. Power is cold. Human beings are warm, sweaty rubbing aroused by taking life deep to incorporate into one another. Sometimes they just relaxed, unhurried and love with wide open eyes from humanity and wisdom of sense of humor among various acts upon examining everything, everybody without separation from my dreams.

I do not walk. So I stay. So I stay together, seeing I am always able to handle anything. I love staying in you. I have staying power! I am a stay-at-home kind of dude! Of course I am a con man who certainly belonged to modern Greece. This inexhaustible ocean of emotions caused things to multiply in these interesting people. Images flowing non-linear and words options available appear paranoid and universal language among various pretexts of courage. You can play whatever on whims… If you are not comfortable, not confined to the bathrooms of insphere conformable comfort zones. Imagine staying in the bathroom comfortably all of your life! That is a funky lot of shitting and pissing and puking! Not to mention washing alone!

“I Joined The Navy” by LaBash