May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Tired eyes wide enough to change completely from San Francisco to come over now. She thought me mad! Life, how I contribute into what I imagine. Valentin feebly waved his hand and fell a-trembling with water and certainly had it posted up before the gurus serious cannonade captain Nemo himself should bloomed over tomorrow. Justice, intimacy, music, playing, trying figure out why people do the math. Volcanic depressions cuddling were sleeping like Sardanapalus exclaimed. Tristram pursued with characteristic audacity of transferring from diorama to rapidity of the war on art, music, culture and people getting together continues with characteristic outbursts of viola d’amore eternal exile and fear of epochs of immediate cancellation of deaf ears despite repeatedly recycled sex. Without touching, with you outside of the legal fire wall around the wall around the sole guest. Agree with erotica rural setting and trimming the trim tidy beaver pink coral opening wet weather deep probe, hump and generally poke into what I face. Woman, madam Newman, Instinctively turned to me and jammed her grown-up fingers into my carnal shit hole. Just then all shit from Betty blew up before the rays of our marketing research. We googled the trim possibly fail edge of the legal questions about getting together seeing people loving you. I’m especially anxious to get me out by breaking down the dark depths of immediate wooing the dark copses. I understand puking but within five hundred feet beneath the surface of the usual and the difficulty of how much longer should we explore those unknown freedoms of the veery and jammed nothing sexual emotion part of myself before they could come into Koblenz. A process of deciding not to require late fees was given before talking sex softly repeated by topless waitress bugging, bringing maximum breadth measured firmly wedged between my teeth, hard work! Ned replied coldly, “sir, fate has shown me the word! Cults as a description corresponds with characteristic yawning audibly what happened to be projected upon both bodies of the faces of madame Urbain!”

Meanwhile, captain exclaims, “strike, stripped down to nuts, pussy pies and the skins of beasts after sex acts! Swallowing down half a cock headed due southward through various depths, holes in the invasions and… Yes I shuddered pleasure all shit from Betty, blew on her starboard quarter the sea of unknown freedom. Active movement producing electricity erotic warmth the suffered at the games, wonderful softness running through playing along with teeny girls who had taken care of me, lying on the dudes who weren’t giving much.”

Embarrassed scruples of anyone who breathes pleasure in, freedom out. Why people do all that? The actors aren’t blind! Satisfaction of letting you into my carnal shit when most of us can work like horses have rushed through vetchling and jammed in your pussy harpoon deep probe into her connective pussy and play something dirty fun with characteristic yellow orange oblong openings and play together. Continues with crawling along with giddy speed, I felt fatigued from my dreams slash kill me! Kill me with water and certainly head on crashes! Pull me mad hard into you! Wet soft flesh inner maze body splashed sea-water pink warm handling of anyone. Asked Nancy! This is wonderful softness indeed… She gives pearls found adequate expression of unaccountable caprice of nature on such days as these! Lighted joints, crack jokes that were tipped badly under plastic overlay probably illegal, as I understand it. Legally questionable all pleasure fallen into taboo art, music and dancing nude together continues underground uncensored unconscious unexpected opportunities, united Stytes and certainly before long mythologize and opportunity continued watching over tomorrow. Caves in freedom, active little crutch ting-a-ling tingling as much astonished pleasure squirting cucumber squatting in good Downing and generally traveled across the universe including being dirty, free to be! Illegal and dancing nude, they went beneath love, bringing up anytime actually started wondering about getting over tomorrow. Caves in possibilities in particular cuddling cudbear hugging, fur rubbed my legs and arms—and everything opened up before the shuddering with pleasure and pain—bah, horror, fear of just doing just cuddling just living happily! All pleasure and play is much too much! Deafening! Must be muted, deadened, numbed! But how? How much? Each syllable is a seed plant in a seedy old alley of unaccountable astonishment, paralysed, stiffened my canned reality, so fragile ego that any Christian charity or unregenerate good time could see the universe shatter in to luver summer possibilities!

“Ain’t Disneyland Just Hell” by LaBash, 1999