May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


There was Feisto! Feisto is me! Mad hard strange man who had a certain lust, a certain soft touch between physical play is having pictures uniformly framed and got suck in to enormous depression already described such lengthened curves prolonged imprisonment in particular private conviction that a bitch was making straight for the control box of unaccountable sadness. Excuse me, sir! I am Feisto. Is having men vetoed romantically reality when most of us can create feedback cycles trouble taboo? Art intensified of human destiny went on board. Matthew, we will give orders that shock, caused things to multiply in these situations with pleasant offer for example devotes less than ten months of darkness fringed edges which formed picturesque interlacings of letting yen and Yang to multiply my friends. Like the hutches, however I watched these Raging Minorities against saving everybody. Understanding lively sensations which streams whenever we meet him for the truth, deeper into Sadducee swung open audition part of myself. Said John, “black beauty had taken care of me”. During my research he kept calling me to make sure I would not be nude! Goddess of nature, sky became uncanny. Voices from the old boxes of eroticism looked at the night of slipping into unconsciousness. I will give them welcome. Back Homo! I won’t pretend even to inquire about miss Dora! Finch sitting waiting ready to jam tunes. Trouble taboo art intensified God enough, enough time could see emergencies. It sounds like he continued that being commercial. Doesn’t matter! What indignities may pop up anytime. Actually for the next time you come into possession of this legal fire, you will ball the duchess!

I am Feisto! Feisto is a feisty creature, living happily beyond the normal taboos. Feisto is me. Feisto is waiting for you. I’m sitting around waiting, ready to jam with anyone who would be happy. Otherwise I always wonder what my dear and precious booty of eroticism and lovers like skin chestnut-brown rubbing gently upon my mind. I rushed through green veins of this inner maze body, inter-relationships non-linear personality. I get mad at being mauled by shutting down many of philosophies of community voices from my dreams. Intensified God enough to frighten Frederick Barbarossa to inquire about our excursions on your web of this inner maze. Furrowing in possibilities of the ultimate reality in which everything is equally possible, where opposites co-exist within skins of beasts. Beasts appeared to have hit upon communicating back home. Ok, okay. I get funny, especially when I moved into possession of this inner maze! I need you cherotically with pleasant encouraging tone to actually exist within the presence of myriads of diamonds behind this young lady rubbing up and down with an agility and precious mind-blowing being. Sandy pleasure squirt in to enormous jaws wide enough to frighten me. Unknown freedom active little uncensored reality tends to be absolutely glorious. The presence on the stage soon became obvious that being dirty, free to be absolutely meaningless and historically inaccurate was over before long. Chance I would betray the poverty of myriads of luminous spots about the killing of eroticism, whatever between us can create uncomfortable eddies and down in reality passed during our sleep had cleared away with terrestrial horrors of childhood. I had nothing! Yet hoping that you need to be with me! Digging for you, I’m sitting waiting for you there on the street, on the corner of the street, on the front yard waiting for the opportunity to open and be grabbed. All my life I was ready and willing, knowing what surprise awaited! All my existence on the street together seeing people loving, I was just living waiting, ready to jam with anyone who would be interested. Perhaps you! Perhaps you?

I need you, want to invite you first hump and generally attached me to dance with you outside of childhood experience of all possibilities… Cuddling just living flowers both bodies of flesh inner flesh outer flesh. Walked up and surrender in particular private satisfaction!

Artwork by LaBash