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Subject: I’m flattered!

From Frank to the e-salon, Saturday, March 28, 2009

Subject: I’m flattered!

Corey called the Berkeley Daily Planet about the fact that they had not listed the Temescal performance in this week’s issue. Under March 21st, there was no heading for Theater, as if there were no Theater events that day. Last month, they had listed us for two straight weeks, because the calendar spanned that much time. We had been listed as Theater. Corey told all this to the woman who picked up when he pushed the line for the Arts & Entertainment calendar. Her first response was maybe they just didn’t get the listing … Corey said, “Oh …” and started looking for the email he had sent them, but then she asked, “What was it?” Corey told her that it was called “Reality Playings”, a performance by Frank Moore … She said, “Oh … well, you know, we get a lot of complaints about Frank Moore …” They had chosen not to list the performance. Corey asked if they got complaints about simply listing Frank’s performances. “Yes. It’s not exactly ‘family fare’ … Frank does have his detractors …” Corey asked if they only listed calendar events that were “family fare”? She said, “Well no …” she said that they edit the calendar, it’s not an open thing, they have the right to decide what they want and don’t want to include … they don’t always list everything they get, don’t always list things every time … She said that “adults only” listings were less likely to be listed, and that they often recommended that people just buy an ad.

Poster by LaBash

Watch the video and read about the March 2009 “Reality Playings” performance here.