This is part two of three posts showing just a small sampling of what people have said over the years about Frank, Frank’s work, performances, writings, music, etc.

“Hi Frank,

I’m watching “Fairytales Can Come True” on the Intimate Theater right now. Its GREAT! I love how the guy is going for sensitivity training haha.  So funny.  All the music is used so perfectly.  I love the Peter Gun part.  Frank this movie rocks!!!  So powerful and important.  You are so normal!  haha.  It’s true, everyone feels like that, we all focus on our shortcomings instead of our strong points.  Well maybe not everyone, but I certainly relate.  You are one of the coolest people on the planet.  you little ol’ do-dilly dad.“
John the Baker, musician

“When I first saw you and some of your vids I was very amazed and pleased. Pleased in the sense that you have a very open-minded and positive attitude towards sex for one thing. Second was the fact that you don’t seem to see any limitations to what you decide you want to do. It sure seems like you have some serious fun.. its really great! Pushing the envelope and living life fully and with intent..Good for you. I think you’re quite a wonderful person.”
Diana Battle, RN

“Saw Frank’s video, “I’m Not Like Everybody Else,” at Radical Light: That Little Red Dot video screening at ATA and it was fantastic…disturbing, funny, brilliant. Thanks!”
Janet Silk, Painter/Professor

“I think the video, ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ is amazing.  Incredibly poetic.”
—Cristine Brache, Art Curator  

“I’ve just looked at your works. They are fascinating and addictive..”
Jacek Jedrzejczak, Polish Photographer

“I just want to say this is really amazing stuff! I really wish I lived in an environment where a woman and I could just love each other like this! This is some of the purest intimacy I ever saw…and its not even sex! Love it! RIP Frank”
Denzel26 review on Internet Archive “Nonfilms – Frank & Barbara”

“A killer great video–one of your best–a real rock n’ roll show!   But sweet, psychedelic, and sexy.  And orgiastic and wild in the end.  I loved those shows at Burnt Ramen!   And Bob was so great, of course—I miss him.”
Michael Peppe, artist, musician, writer re: Cherotic All-Star show at Burnt Ramen, 10/26/06

“While never comfortable and quite often challenging viewing, Moore’s work manages to simultaneously laugh at and insight compassion for his struggles to find love, to have sex, to  communicate…”
Alex MacKenzie, curator Blinding Light Cinema

“I personally want to thank you for the breakthrough work you have done for us ‘other’ actors. I think work like yours will bring acceptance to film makers, producers and directors that people with disabilities can act…even if it has a touch of ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes/Andy Warhol’ feel to it. I believe we are on the verge of tipping the scale…BIG TIMES! Keep up the great work!”
Tristan, deaf actor

“(FEISTO) is a sometimes startling, frequently funny, and occasionally just head-scratching look at the sexuality of someone society tends to think of as neutered”
Ken Eisner, reviewer, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly, April 2002

“I love FEISTO!!! The story is so in your face and yet so subtle…. Great job Frank!”
Melanie Lee, filmmaker

“I see so many levels beyond the surface story. The biggest for me is the link between fun and creativity. Related to that is how much our concern with conformity causes us to miss so much. Clearly, there’s also the story of not assuming that someone who is different has little to nothing to offer. You can see the joy in her whole being when she is with the creature. Slowly even Chip realizes the folly of defining ourselves and dreams by the expectations of others.

Bravo, Frank. A truly moving video on so many levels.”
—Don Hanson, Vimeo viewer about Feisto

“…a trend that I have been aware of for some long time and has now been defined by friend of mine, Frank Moore…. He calls it the cherotic movement. This is not unlike the so-called sexual revolution of the sixties, but a physical/spiritual movement that redefines and expands sexual, spiritual, social concepts of reality….”
Tuppy Owens, Forum magazine

“We can only rediscover (as Frank has done)…the powerful ancient rituals that tell us how to be HUMAN.”
Chief Distant Eagle, Free Cherokees

“It is wonderful how much you have independently discovered the sacred medicine way!”
Chief Distant Eagle, Free Cherokees

“I’m sure what bothers people like that about you is that you refuse to toe the line of any axe-grinding agenda, and that you refuse to fit the mold of any particularity. Of course, that’s one of the things I love about you!”
Chief Distant Eagle, Free Cherokees

“It told me that a lot of people really are freer than they think and that it takes a ritual experience like the ones that Frank offers for them to really enjoy all that they really know and claim it for themselves….The Journey to Lila is a lovely freeing experience. It offers so much, especially to the ‘yang’ side of us. Nothing beats ‘yin strength’ it is clear and precise, gentle and loving. Not a dramatic climax or revelation, but nice — like a sunrise.”
Luna Griffith, S/R Press

“When something moves me, it moves me. Frank, your work moves me. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh (though I feel guilty for it, even though I know you’d probably just smile at me and let me know it’s OK), it makes me aroused, it makes me think, it makes me…..believe it or not….more human, more alive. And I love that. I adore it with all my heart.”
Kenyata Sullivan, artist

“Frank, that poem (“Tortures”) is the most outrageously incredibly powerful ode to the body that I have ever read. With all of my power I will make your work available to more hungry for truth souls.”
Linda Montano, artist, teacher

“…You are truly marvelous. You’ve got it all right. You make the connections. And you ain’t afraid of nuthin’”
Bill Mandel

“…Frank had his method of bringing out more than any actor would know was there, and having them take chances they never dreamed they would.”
Jesse Beagle, artist/composer

“Frank is an inspirational man. His art was banned by Jesse Helms, and his work continues to disable corrupted and conformist minds. Frank is truly a work of art!… Frank is a dedicated and disciplined  free speech activist and community leader. I met Frank in Wilmington, NC after my first WeFest appearance in 1998 and we’ve been friends and colleagues ever since. Frank almost died after the week at WeFest….Frank’s commitment to fight the crushing powers of what he calls “The Combine Plot” and I call the Fascist UsA,  knowing that he risked death to be there. Knowing Frank gives me extra strength to keep working for justice and peace. So gain some inspiration to keep fighting the good fight and watch me and Frank jam at his house in Berkeley. By the way Frank’s got mittens on so you won’t have to see anymore blood this time. Smash apathy!”
John the Baker, artist/promotor/baker

“…but most of all, the delight of being invited into the HOME of LUVeR is definitely a very unique adventure which only one who has experienced it can understand – the ‘one of a kind’ homey-home/art gallery/holiday lit/artistically painted/ extraordinarily designed and bordering  on genius cats / not to mention the loving beings who make you feel so comfortable who live in this remarkable house, and then there’s that man/child/shaman/cute tie-dye dressed, coloring his little legs, his eyes in a steady gaze and his arms and legs moving about expressively, eyes-piercing-into-your-soul – look out!!! the man in the wheel chair. Ah, who would be running too fast to miss this important way station on the path of life.”
Jesse Beagle, artist/composer

“…and lovable mutant freaks like Frank Moore get to send out pure signal as a homing beacon for humanity….”
Bowerbird, poet

“I feel exhausted but in your eyes I see the Fire and Passion still very intense – that is why I said that you inspire. You ask the right questions and you open doors for others and thereby for yourself. It is balanced and mutual.”
Kalib, musician

“In particular I am assessing the reaction to my work and its implications for my future direction. My encounter with Frank Moore and his loyal followers is undoubtedly a turning point in my photography if not my life. He made me feel that until now I have had one foot on the platform and the other on the train. I’ll get back to you on what that means for my work.”
Tony Ryan, Tasmanian photographer

‘So I say give it up… the powers that be have already tried to shut Frank up, but it didn’t work.”
Bob Cardoni, rock ‘n roller

“The magical work Frank does, and I, and people like us, is all about affirming our humanness, and counteracting the forces of dehumanization.” —Chief Distant Eagle

“I am also in a wheelchair…. It is really an inspiration to see someone like you out there. It’s about frickin time that the disabled community had a cross between Ron Jeremy and Martin Luther King to not only promote positive disabled stereotypes, but also creative sexual expression tied into the process. (I suppose one is just the catalyst of the other).”
Jeremy Plante

“Frank says he has to find something he cannot do …. the piano player, the painter, the serious article writer, jam originator, theater writer/actor/director/producer/radio producer /tv /shaman /author of books /poet/performance artist/SINGER!!!/organizer par excellence /party animal/people-lover/cat-lover what have I left out?” 
Jesse Beagle, artist

“For being such a small little guy in a wheelchair, are you a hell of a man to kick in locked doors to rooms filled with taboos.”
Mickie Monster, artist Sweden

“In my book, Frank, your radical deep content and your fantastic community-building skills are a valuable inspiration to me – and as I often tell you, ‘Thanks for bein’ here!’”
Art DeSantis, artist

“What you do seems even more significant now (not that it wasn’t before), considering recent events in New York City and Washington. There is so much hatred, violence and uncertainty in this world, and it’s great to know that you continue to delve into the nonviolent art of playfulness and sexual expression. It seems so much more important now to keep this going.”
Joe Verrilli, poet

“…the Stephen Hawkins of performance art who ‘fucks with the frame.’”
Mark Mackintosh, Underdog Online, Amsterdam

“Personally, I believe Frank Moore’s interpretation of ‘These Boots are Made for Walking” to be the most memorable piece on the cassette (audio SHOES by Joe Verrilli).”
FnL Osowski, Australia

“and while i’m writing (and thinking about the subject of taking those we love for granted), let me just tell you how much i appreciate you, your steadfast friendship, your inspirational brilliance, your sexy body, your soulful eyes, your intimate eroticism, your caring sponsorship of my oh-so-nasty show on btv, your take-no-prisoners sense of values, your poetry, humor and your always intriguing emails. peace through pleasure, art & REVOLUTION suzy”
Dr. Susan Block

“(We) have run into a lot of interesting, very accomplished, amazing people doing our music, but by far, Frank is the most inspiring, influential and amazing artist we have ever met. He has had the most profound effect on us.“
carl f off & Hop-Frog’s Drum Jester Devotional

“Freedom and the power of free speech has become the signpost of (Frank Moore’s) work from the 1960s to today….. His career’s work has been to burst through the barriers of social isolation that separate people.”
Nick Stillman, Editor, NYFA Current