We have finished scanning all of the posters and fliers in our “fliers binders” and added them to the website! They can be found in The Shaman’s Cave section of eroplay.com.

Here are the links to each binder:

FLIERS etc to end of 1991:

FLIERS 1992-2006:

FLIERS 2007-:

There is a lot of history in these binders!

Frank was part of many different subcultures … and we documented everything!

Here are some of those subcultures that appear in these binders:

  • The Art World … through his painting, performance art and writings in art journals
  • The Bay Area punk music scene … From The Outrageous Beauty Revue to The Cherotic All-Stars … plus Frank ran an all-ages music club in Berkeley
  • The Bay Area Poetry scene
  • Internet radio, live video, Pirate Radio and podcasts … before there were podcasts there was luver.com … Frank was also one of the first artists to use streaming video on the internet. We have tons of audio cassette tapes and CDs of shows from DJs all over the world, including Pirate Radio shows from around the US.
  • Public Access Television … Frank’s show, “Unlimited Possibilities”, still airs on Berkeley’s public access TV channel four times each week!
  • The Non-GMO Project … Frank was involved at the start of the Non-GMO Project through one of his students at our local grocery store. Mikee designed the first Non-GMO Project website.

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Here is a tiny selection of fliers: