This is an excerpt from Frank’s book, Art of Living, 1974:

Frank, we have created a rather intellectual picture of what is going on in that physical world. We used the brain as a symbol to represent the majority of spirits existing in that material world. They are slowly waking up and discovering that something is wrong, discovering that their own negativity is physically manifested around them. They are trying, or starting to try, to correct some of the material signs of their negativity by channeling their intellectual energy into scientific, political or educational levels of human life. Such attempts, without correcting the loneliness and isolation which the spirits there feel, will probably solve problems such as unbreathable air and undrinkable water. But such attempts will only add to the negativity if these attempts do not come from a conscious movement to bring people together, not on an abstract and idealistic level, but on a very personal and human level.

The majority of the spirits there, the brain of that physical world, do not have any way to consciously cope with the vague feeling that has enveloped that world. They can only feel frustration and try to release it during the sexual experience; they can only feel restless and try to release this through emotional outbursts; they can only feel lonely, isolated, and unfulfilled and try to rationally explain this feeling away by pinning this feeling to a physical object or an abstract concept, and then try to intellectually solve the problem. But no matter on what level they try to deal with the vague feeling, in the end they still feel empty, as if they have missed something beautiful.

They lack the pure vision of spiritual love, to see their simple need to be personally close to one another. But in that world, there are a growing number of spirits who do see and feel through this vision of spiritual love, although most of these are not living in the progression of spiritual love yet. These spirits, these Fishermen of Men, are the mind of that world who can pull that world into a collective level of love by living their vision out within that world, living their vision with the other Fishermen of Men. Unfortunately, these spirits are always being tempted to forget their vision, to forget their role as Fishermen, because living their vision with one another is very hard without glamorous results which they can show that world. They are tempted to disbelieve that the world will feel, but probably will not consciously see, what these Fishermen have created together. They are tempted to believe that it is impossible for the invisible net of deep human love released by the inter-relationships among the fishermen to pull the rest of the world into real closeness like fish in a net. Because of this worry, some of these sensitive spirits withdraw from the human world into what they think is themselves, into an abstract spirituality. They isolate themselves because they are bitter that the world does not, cannot, see their vision yet. Others try to ignore what they see and feel in order to live “normal lives.” However, they can never completely forget their vision and must always carry with them the knowledge that they are living second best lives, that they are not living their highest vision. Still others, desiring to have proof in the standards of that material world that they are really doing something, really contributing, try to channel the levels of politics, science, education and art. But by placing importance in the proofs that these material levels of living offer and in the things that are created within these levels, these spirits are just making that world a little harder. The only way to use these levels to being the soft, human vision into that world is by not placing importance on these levels and what can be created within these levels, but placing the importance on human relationships and create from those human relationships…

Art of Living
A guide to down-to-earth spirituality as channeled by Frank Moore.
published 1987