Today we donated the LUVeR CD/MP3 collection to University Pulse Radio, the student-run online station of Boise State University. Avery, a sophomore and the general manager of the station, came with her boyfriend to pick up the boxes of CDs. They were blown out by how much there was. Avery is thrilled to get them for the station. They did not all fit in her car so we loaded the rest in our car and drove them down to the campus where we got to see the music’s new home. Frank would be so pleased with where they have landed.

Here is the link to the station:

The LUVeR CD/MP3 collection
Avery and her boyfriend (can’t spell his name and don’t want to butcher it!)
Unloading at the University Pulse Radio office
Linda getting a tour of their website
The plaque of past general managers….they stopped engraving them a while ago and started using post-its!
We kept a very small selection of our favorites.