This was published as the “Introduction” in the book, “Frankly Speaking: A Collection of Essays, Writings & Rants” by Frank Moore, published by Inter-Relations in 2014. Frank originally wrote this piece in 1994 for a 24-hour workshop with a San Francisco bisexual performance group, BREATHE. It was read aloud at the beginning of the workshop.

by Frank Moore, 1994

This is not a logical, linear, or rational process towards some fixed set of goals. It is instead a mystical experience, a dream which will be created by various rituals…some silly, some intense. The dream experience will be different and unique for each person here. But the dream will include healing by ecstasy. It will be about performing passionately, and living fun. It is about creativity as channeling…creating as something which you open yourself up to, instead of something you do.

The rituals of this dream will probably seem to be unconnected fragments that I pull out of the air. These fragments will dance around, not making any sense at all. But slowly they will end up as a whole jigsaw puzzle. This may be a dramatic event or a small but important insight. This coming together of the fragments may occur days after we leave here.

We are leaving the world of time, of taboos, of reason. We will visit birth, childhood, playhouse, the dark side. It may be overwhelming in the normal reality. But this will be the magical state of all possibilities in which you can let yourself be carried away. In this realm, you can be that trusting…trusting yourself, trusting others, trusting the magic.

This is a gateway. This is a beginning. Once you have passed through this gateway, it is up to you where the path leads.

Frankly Speaking book cover
Book cover by LaBash