This is an excerpt from Frank’s book, Art of Living, 1974:

Frank, it should be very clear to any person there who is aware of the world around him, even though his awareness may be purely on the physical level, that the material world has reached the critical point in its life. The world of materiality has become physically ill, just as an individual spirit in a physical body commonly gets ill when he has reached a turning point, a decision of his inner existence, a karmic requirement facing him. He rarely knows consciously the inner illness. He just knows he is hurting physically and takes steps to cure himself. While this is happening, hopefully just by living in a slower state, he will, most of the time, unconsciously make the decision, select the next path to follow, face up to what he must do. All of this goes on usually without ever coming to the attention of the physical brain because this inner issue is dealt with in the mind.

To understand more clearly what is happening within that material world, you should see that world as an individual spirit within a physical body. This person would be about to enter the Love Progression, but has a great deal of trouble balancing the four sides of his lower self, and cannot relate to people around him because of his inability to communicate in the acceptable manner. At first he is unaware that anything is the matter. But now he has an uneasy feeling, a feeling that he cannot rationally label as any concrete thing or a particular event. It is just a vague feeling felt by his mind. Then he discovers sores on his body, and also difficulty breathing. At first, he isn’t concerned and waits for a while to see if the sores will go away; moreover, he dismisses his shallower breathing to his imagination (by this he is really blaming his mind). His mind at this time is tempted either to be absorbed into the physical brain or to isolate itself to think and feel by itself in an abstract state using its intellectuality to do this. Both roads, being absorbed and being isolated, are used to escape feeling the vague uneasiness. Both roads are an escape from the mind’s leading and translating role.

The brain finally recognizes that the body is ill and takes steps to cure the illness; meanwhile, the brain, lacking any rational reason for the vague uneasiness, sees the physical illness as the root of the vague feeling.

This is the condition that the material world is in now.

Art of Living
A guide to down-to-earth spirituality as channeled by Frank Moore.
published 1987