Frank wrote this poem about/for Kenneth Atchley (K.A.) right before the “Voices from the Underground” event on June 27, 1997 at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco. It was read as K.A.’s introduction before his performance. From the poster:

THE CHEROTIC (r)EVOLUTIONARY, a zine of all possibilities, presents VOICES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, an evening of readings and music by a wide range of agents of cultural subversion … featuring Dorothy Jesse Beagle, Barbara Golden, Noni Howard, Jack & Adelle Foley, K. Atchley, Frank Moore … plus special surprise guests. If that is not enough, everyone will get an autographed xeroxed piece of art by LaBash!

Frank had published one of K.A.’s written pieces in his zine, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary. K.A. also played with the Cherotic All-Stars several times and even travelled to Seattle to perform with Frank in 1996.

About K.A.

June 23, 1997

A southern gentleman,
gentle being,
creates a noise fountain,
a gate to a dark erotic motel
of razor blade cutting blonde
white skin in love.
Time going backwards
into a shamanistic perverseness,
floating back into a pipeline
of a sustained note, a sexy machine whine,
strangely human, strangely divine.

This gentleman puts pictures in my head
too taboo.

This gentleman with his noises super real spray
opens up caverns of possibilities
like a knife ripping open a child’s belly.

And I always have wondered
what is in southern comfort!
A gentle spirit unbounded.

“Voices from the Underground” poster by LaBash
Poster by LaBash for Seattle performances in 1996.

The poem “About K.A.” was published in Skin Passion: poetry and paintings by Frank Moore.