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Hidden treasures discovered while digging through Frank Moore's huge archives.

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Tag: UCB

“Living Sculpture”

A live performance by Frank Moore 1982-1983
U.C. Berkeley Art Museum, Bancroft Way

From Frank: In “Living Sculpture” I sat for six hours in my position in the museum, waiting for people who were willing to take the time and the energy to talk to me on my word board, letter by letter. I do my art to be with people in a deeper, slower way than normal, polite, social interaction allows. My body is a great tool in this.

See more photos and read reviews of the performance on Frank’s website:

Frank Moore archives – 1st delivery to UCB Bancroft Library made today!

Photo above: Linda, Steven, Mikee, Frank’s archive boxes, photo by Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson came over this morning and filmed Mikee and I loading the first of Frank’s archives into the car! The three of us drove to Bancroft Library, Keith filming the trip as we talked. It is amazing and a little unreal, but we made the delivery! Steven Black, our contact from the beginning, and the Head of Acquisitions, came out with a cart while Keith filmed the whole thing. We signed the DEED OF GIFT on the spot. One of our favorite lines is:
“The Materials will be physically stabilized and preserved by The Bancroft Library. The Materials will be placed and maintained in non-damaging containers and stored in facilities that provide appropriate temperature and humidity control and security …” Wow!

Frank and I (Linda Mac) used to hang out in The Bancroft Library in the 1980s. Steven said, Frank is back here now.

Linda & Mikee

The first delivery loaded into the back of the car.
DVD packaging for the Bancroft Library
DVD packaging for the Bancroft Library