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LUVeR CD/MP3 Collection Donated!

Today we donated the LUVeR CD/MP3 collection to University Pulse Radio, the student-run online station of Boise State University. Avery, a sophomore and the general manager of the station, came with her boyfriend to pick up the boxes of CDs. They were blown out by how much there was. Avery is thrilled to get them for the station. They did not all fit in her car so we loaded the rest in our car and drove them down to the campus where we got to see the music’s new home. Frank would be so pleased with where they have landed.

Here is the link to the station: http://universitypulse.com/

The LUVeR CD/MP3 collection
Avery and her boyfriend (can’t spell his name and don’t want to butcher it!)
Unloading at the University Pulse Radio office
Linda getting a tour of their website
The plaque of past general managers….they stopped engraving them a while ago and started using post-its!
We kept a very small selection of our favorites.


We digitized some old tapes of interviews that Frank did for the show “Conversations” on luver.com and added them to The Shaman’s Den Archives page: https://eroplay.com/underground/shamansden.html

Dr. Robert Zeiger
An interview by Frank Moore of Dr. Robert Zeiger, the first non-Chinese acupuncturist in the United States. Recorded February 11, 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Alan Reade
This interview inspired the poem “Art is a Bitch”. Recorded March 10, 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Joe Williams aka Radman
Worked closely with Stephen Dunifer and Free Radio Berkeley in the manufacture and propagation of low power FM transmitters. Recorded March 15, 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Russ Kick
Publisher of Psychotropedia: A Guide to Publications on the Periphery, 1998. Recorded March 29, 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

The Rise and Fall of KPFA
with Bill Mandel and Joe Williams aka Radman. Recorded May 26, 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Kiilu Nyasha
Kiilu Nyasha is a revolutionary journalist and former member of the Black Panther Party. Recorded August 9, 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Kat Sunlove
Kat Sunlove, activist, publisher of Spectator magazine, (and more!) interviewed by Frank Moore. Recorded October 1999.
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Conversation Between Two Muckrakers
Paul Krassner Interviewed by Frank Moore
Recorded April 30, 1994, Berkeley, California
Transcript: https://www.eroplay.com/krassner.html
Listen on the Internet Archive:

Frank and Dr. Robert Zeiger, February 11, 1999.
Frank and Russ Kick, March 29, 1999.
Bill Mandel in our living room, 1999.
Frank and Kiilu Nyasha, August 9, 1999.
Frank and Paul Krassner, April 30, 1994.

LUVeR: Anti-Corporate, Anti-Capitalist Web Radio

This is an interview from November 2, 2002 that Frank did with Corey Deitz of About.com. LUVeR was active from February 1999 through April 2012.

LUVeR: Anti-Corporate, Anti-Capitalist Web Radio
Radical, Uncensored, and streaming 24/7

LUVeR stands for “Love Underground Visionary Revolution”. It prides itself on being anti-corporate, anti-capitalist and probably a few more “anti” things as well. What it isn’t against is provocative, fresh Web Radio. LUVeR and stations in the same spirit are what Webcasting is all about. Your Radio Guide talks with one of LUVeR’s people, Frank Moore.

Corey: What makes LUVeR unique in your opinion?

Frank Moore: Well…how many radical webstations are there that are totally non-commercial, completely uncensored, stream live 24/7, have a core rotation of over 15,000 songs (adding more every day!) of every kind of music, webcast a wide range of programs created by people around the world, cover news, do exposés, cover political and cultural events, have large on-demand audio and video libraries, a separate news site…all run by just people for almost 4 years? Guess we have to define the word “unique”.

Corey: LUVeR states it is “an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist revolution!”. Can you talk more about that?

Frank Moore: Well, LUVeR is not about selling, making money, making it big. It is communication, spreading passions, inciting revolution. This is why we do LUVeR, pay for LUVeR, etc. This is what the internet is suited for. The corporate capitalists are freaking out because they finally have realized that the only way to make profits off the web is through monopolization. They also realized that they can not compete with us passion creative people making community together. So they are coming after us. But that’s doomed to failure.

LUVeR challenges the audience. When we first started LUVeR, people freaked because we played all kinds of music together…Without the false marketing ploy of genres. I know when people freak, we are doing our job! So we have weened people over the years away from the limits of genres. They freak when we show human eroticism. They freak when we do news, politics…Anything other than straight music. But LUVeR is here, not to make money or create a mass listenership, but to challenge, to plow down limits…And that over time attracts an adventurous audience.

Corey: LUVeR’s schedule is fairly varied. In traditional radio, that’s called “block programming” where different types of shows take up “blocks” of time. Would you agree LUVeR programs that way or am I wrong?

Frank Moore: God no! Block programming fragments reality…And gets boring fast! Each person is god over her show’s content…I never know what they will do. We schedule things purely on the practical level, not on content, not what will go with what! That would be safe…Boring!

Corey: Tell us about some of your favorite shows on LUVeR…

Frank Moore: Do I look that stupid? That would get me killed! Most of the shows I love. A few I don’t like. You have to explore LUVeR yourself! But my live streaming video show, the Shaman’s Den, is on Sundays at 8pm pt…The ultimate variety show with live bands, interviews, etc. For 2 hours. And then, after the sexy Susan Block’s video show, my “Playing with Passion” comes on where we play my videos of live performances…A lot of nudity! And that is just Sunday night!

Corey: LUVeR says it’s a “tribal” channel. Can you explain more about that?

Frank Moore: Well, it’s a big tribe who creates LUVeR, us here, the LUVeR crews who go out and tape events, the people who do their shows on LUVeR (anyone can do a LUVeR show), the D.I.Y. Bands who send us their music, the voices we webcast, and of course the listeners/viewers, etc., etc….A tribe of thousands!

The LUVeR logo
LUVeR Home page in 2012
Artwork for Frank’s show “Frank’s Deep Roots Music”
Artwork for Frank’s show “Frank Spins Hot Wax”

Frank’s Roots Rock’n’

In 1996, Frank re-ordered Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Top 500 Songs of All-Time List” to his liking. He then had Mikee download all of the songs on the list and add them to the mix on his internet station, LUVeR.com.

Here’s his top 50! (There’s a link to a .pdf of the entire list below)

Sunday, December 01, 1996

  1. I Put a Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  2. Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino
  3. Downhearted Blues – Bessie Smith
  4. Ain’t That a Shame – Fats Domino
  5. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
  6. Blowin’ in the Wind – Bob Dylan
  7. Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
  8. Hoochie Coochie Man – Muddy Waters
  9. Imagine – John Lennon
  10. Yakety Yak – The Coasters
  11. The House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals
  12. I Want to Hold Your Hand – The Beatles
  13. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher – Jackie Wilson
  14. Hound Dog – Willie Mae ‘Big Mama’ Thornton
  15. Oh, Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison
  16. Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis Presley
  17. River Deep, Mountain High – Ike & Tina Turner
  18. The Great Pretender – The Platters
  19. Spanish Harlem – Ben E. King
  20. Boogie Chillun – John Lee Hooker
  21. Kansas City – Wilbert Harrison
  22. This Land Is Your Land – Woody Guthrie
  23. Bus Stop – The Hollies
  24. C.C. Rider – Chuck Willis
  25. Got My Mojo Working – Muddy Waters
  26. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
  27. Hey Jude – The Beatles
  28. Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King
  29. Ball ‘N’ Chain – Willie Mae ‘Big Mama’ Thornton
  30. Pastures Of Plenty – Woody Guthrie
  31. Subterranean Homesick Blues – Bob Dylan
  32. C’mon Everybody – Eddie Cochran
  33. Caldonia – Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five
  34. Driftin’ Blues – Charles Brown
  35. Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
  36. Pretty Boy Floyd – Woody Guthrie
  37. Good Golly, Miss Molly – Little Richard
  38. Dust My Broom – Elmore James
  39. The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan
  40. Give Peace A Chance – John Lennon
  41. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – The Animals
  42. I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash
  43. Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  44. Good Rockin’ Tonight – Wynonie Harris
  45. Walk Away Renee – The Left Banke
  46. I Fall To Pieces – Patsy Cline
  47. The A Teenager In Love – Dion And The Belmonts
  48. Party Doll – Buddy Knox
  49. Respect – Aretha Franklin
  50. Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins

Download the entire list (.pdf)