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The Night of Taboo-Benders, Slaughterhouse, Oakland, CA

This show, that was put together by John the Baker, took place the day after Frank’s birthday in 2004. Kirsten arranged to have a large blow-up of the show’s poster made to hang on the wall backstage for people to write birthday wishes on. Below is the poster we took home after the event:

Here are the details of the show along with some photos and backstage footage!

The Night of Taboo-Benders
a benefit for www . luver . com
A night of cultural terrorism and subversion with legendary hard/deep core reality messers deep in the bowels of the underground where luver.com webcasts 24/7!
It was an historic show!
The Slaughterhouse, Saturday, June 26, 2004

(in order of appearance)
Hep Si
New Earth Creeps
Fluff Grrl
The Feederz
Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band

More: eroplay.com/Cave/taboobenders/index.html

A Pussy For Bob

February 17, 2007

Frank wrote:

One night at BURNT RAMEN, Bob said, “Man, I wish you would paint me a pussy that I could hang up on my wall so I could jerk off while looking at it!” So I did. This video was when my crew delivered the painting to Bob’s apartment [I could not get in because of stairs]. This is a glimpse of the backstage of Bob’s reality! For years later he kept calling me… “man, I just see a cheese sandwich in your painting!” But finally, “Oh man, I SEE THAT PUSSY!”

“A Pussy For Bob” by Frank Moore 2007