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An exhibition at Franklin Furnace in 2019.

Curatorial Statement

Between 1987 and 2012, Franklin Furnace hosted and funded performances by artists Frank Moore (1987, 1989), Linda Sibio (1991), Gary Corbin (2005), Lisa Bufano (2006-7), and Dustin Grella (2012). These five artists utilize the ambivalent forces of hyper- and in-visibility directed towards them within a culture of ableism to captivate audiences and challenge viewers to confront their own relationships to ability, access, and identity. The performances of these disparate artists each point towards alternative modes of existence and relation.

[Label This] is the product of the passionate efforts of a group of Franklin Furnace’s 2019 interns. The topic of ability is personal, complicated, and important to highlight. Through this exhibition, we hope to work in concert with the project of Disability Awareness Month (July) by reiterating the importance of promoting diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity in the arts.

We focused primarily on works supported by Franklin Furnace (and of which original documentation resides within Franklin Furnace’s archives) and chose to incorporate some of these artists’ more recent work in order to trace their artistic development. We are excited to display documentation of work from these extraordinary artists who are connected through Franklin Furnace.

This exhibition and zine were curated by Rebekah Boggs (University of Virginia), Roxy McHaffey (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Alyssa Rodriguez (Brown University), Mari Sato (Bates College), Allison Schaum (Brown University), and Van Tingley (New York University).

Here are some of the pages from the zine produced as part of the exhibition. Franklin Furnace intern, Alyssa Rodriguez, was one of the curators of the show and she was responsible for researching Frank and curating the portions of the exhibition and zine that explore his work.

Download the pdf of these pages here:

Here is the text from the Frank Moore pages:



“I’m lucky to be an exhibitionist in this body. I like to be around people, but not in a polite way. I like to get down, talk about what you really feel, and play.”

Frank Moore interviewed by Chiori Santiago for  “Artist on a Roll” in the October 4, 1985 issue of East Bay Express


As a performance artist and self-proclaimed shaman, Frank Moore is recognized for his development of eroart and the concept of eroplay, which he defined as “an intense physical playing or touching oneself and others.” 1 Moore postulated that intimate community, formed through playful, asexual contact, could serve as a critical tool in the promotion of spiritual healing and human flourishing. An antidote to the social fragmentation and self-alienation necessitated by a culture of individualism, eroplay calls for psychic presence, vulnerability, and spontaneity.

Franklin Furnace hosted and helped fund Frank Moore’s performances of Intimate Cave in 1987 and Journey to Lila in 1989. These pieces, like much of Moore’s eroart, consisted of sustained, multi-hour sessions and incorporated elements of meditation, ritual magic, vocalization, rhythmic percussion, physical gesture, painting, projected image, and nude physical exploration to create an immersive world experience – a realm of fantastical possibility, which he called the “awake-dream.” Moore himself performed random gestures and vocalizations throughout these sessions. Local performers, musicians, and dancers were invited to participate as a cast of playful and eccentric characters, guiding the audience towards active participation. Moore urged his audiences to surrender their fears and inhibitions and embrace pleasure in the taboo.


Moore, who was born with cerebral palsy, cited his body as a creative asset, granting him freedom from societal expectations and normative standards of conduct. Moore firmly argued for the generative, world-making potential of embodied performance to manifest new modes of relation beyond culturally sanctioned conventions.

Moore’s creative work is inherently tied to his political beliefs and personal philosophy, which drew upon psychology, non-western spiritual traditions, the occult, and the creative, spiritual, and political countercultures of the 1960s. A prolific writer, painter, and musician, Moore was a resolutely anti-establishment advocate for difficult art.

Moore campaigned for the US Presidency in the 2008 election cycle. His performances and video works can be viewed online at

These works, as well as many of Moore’s visual and written works can be accessed via Frank Moore’s Web of All Possibilities:

Background image: Frank Moore & Chero Company, 1989. Photographed by Eric Kroll

1 Caves* a book for a performance tour by Frank Moore, 1987

The Inner Maze – TEN

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Why don’t you come out and love, staying playing, trying things, falling in the middle of the universe? Hey, have I bored you yet into all kinds of ridiculous poems too hot for being quick flush with the next opening of emotions? I bored you into tanpanic trance, gazing with mirrors reflecting my cock into a private satisfaction of drawing you into juicy molten colors of the bodies melting into one another, just doing, just cuddling, just living! It is easier to get people to kill you, to being willing to die to-morrow for some goofy bugs than it is to convince them to live like horses, young kids. Why is that? But I always try! Looking behind this iceberg, let us go towards women who pleased without separation from humanity and love staying playing with my cock. The Powers Prophet gains reality and control, rising out of isolation, separation, fear of the other, doubts about personal worth, and manufactured undergrowth of desire, despair of drawing blood. This Powers prophet was toxic cloud that the brainwashing and manufactured flaw of souls puking over the pond of taste of rotten fast food poisoning and control of life in the ravioli cans. Point of responsibility is any body, organic or inorganic. Waves of reality pass through the points of responsibility within each body, being influential affected by each body, being swept along with several sailors surrounded by profound attention, attraction and universal admiration between rubbing against all kinds of human beings. Is playing you into juicy experience of life turning you unbutton all morality and love, bringing the brainwashing to an end. I could ask you to feed me, give me drink, help me in the bathroom comfortably. But if I ask you to make out with my cock, to share physical pleasure and love with me, all discordant falsetto cries of alarm would create uncomfortable suspicions seriously ill scene of destruction, terrible apprehensions and words that escaped beneath love. Why is that! True, we are hitting bottom of this inner flesh, outer door of communication between us. But! But don’t worry. There is a funky basement under the bottom where we will wing it! So stay! Staying in here now without separation opens up virtue of every gigantic sea-serpent and universal admiration between rubbing aroused after forever and perhaps the space of regret can disappear and perhaps after all these foolish old battles are extremely booked up, we could be called unicorn. May happen about getting more handsome proposal and such eye-beams as always amazing how easy life is! Just show up and stay and be conscious and willing, knowing how easy it would be to see desire of this inner flesh. Wear only this inner flesh. I go in to the most dangerous neighborhoods alone after midnight among various gangland surfs and willing to follow fate destined with mirrors of self-confidence and perhaps the unusually metaphysical inspiration. I go into the ultimate midst of a gang of destruction and start slap-bang asses of big Hyena-swines giggling joyfully and they start moving their claws gnawing away from my dreams. These men who are dear boys can’t believe my own heart laughing. I look helpless, vulnerable as much astonished! But they don’t smell fear of contact in me. They smell from my dreams intensified self-confidence and willing to live like horses, young kids and whomsoever approached me to-night will play with me! I don’t care about being harmed, being influential, being swept along into their formidable cyclones. Actually I don’t make sense to them. So they swayed from side to side. Don’t actually know what I can do! Nothing regular now apply at these proceedings on whims! If you are game, you unbutton all kinds of ridiculous poems for me with wide open eyes from my mind. Doubtless they went running out fast, cutting like these bold companion. Stretched out floating, a fart waft from between your legs wide open taking refuge in my nostrils quivering. Disgust, excuse! Naw! The ultimate reality! Sexy hot girls fart. You are sexy, hot! And panting you sit there legs wide open and smelling your own fart waft up and enjoy it. That is something rather impossible in Hollywood fund-raisers and widespread Media attention and stimulate the apathy of the temptation and certainly my nostrils! Quivering flesh, I surrender to you. I have searched for a farting sexy hot girls. And finally here you are!

Artwork by LaBash

The Inner Maze – NINE

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Words uttered with your mind and body and soul longing for fairy-tales can create their own logic and English, French kisses of excellent games. Life eats the dead. Brute truth! We eat the dead to live. Obscure depths against saving up virtue. Yes, I am feisto and I am planning to incorporate some of your Songs in to keep pace with heeling over oils of love. Skin penetrating into a private conviction resting on your web of possibilities. Taste all pleasure and play with anyone! Baby puts everything into her mouth to incorporate every urge, every expectancy, every level of improve playing this inexhaustible field of ripening fruit! Baby puts everything into her pussy and her asshole and her mind. Building up her immunity by taking life deep within intimacy. Playing trying things, falling headlong into juicy experience of all sensations which streams whenever any worldly feeling of ripening. Falling into muddy holes, protected by dancing on the floor. Overhead as always amazing shit covers entire body of the baby, grunted again distinctly and sexy enough attempt that she has just made a pronouncement! Baby has no idea of failure, of outside, of separation from humanity and everything else alive and wants to pack all sensations into her connective body, reality of circulation, not of exchange. Thoughts crowded my brain becoming impracticable to get together. Confound old boxes of fear of being dirty. Fun, it was the baby with wide open eyes of giant glorious curiosity, attracting attention, attraction of circulation, taking every beam wind of light deeply impressed upon examining everything, everybody without separation of within and without, without dividing lines, without any particular fear of failure. Failure doesn’t exist for the baby! Walking is impossible without falling. Nothing is created without failure. I can’t “walk”… But I always get from point A to point By dancing nude sliding on whims of light amidst hurricanes of fear of just doing just what I want to. So why walk? Of course when I need to piss or shit, I am in intensified time. And of course when I am in a fire, I just relaxed and surrender to incorporate every expectancy, every level of high expectations without pictures uniformly framed and without being swept along with heavy leaden gray deceptive fears exaggerated opinions and vexation. And so far into juicy experience of life I have come out of the fire without being harmed. I have come out hurt, but not hurt, not getting nervous that force will keep us down. I am always willing to take hurt on. That is the official price of living a full frontal life! Baby puts everything into her mouth. Will you unbutton your blouse all the way, surrender your bra and panties and pull up your spirits oh yes and your skirt, upsetting all morality and sit down legs wide open, taking life deep within intimacy, playing with my cock and surrender to love?

Skin is not a dividing line between you and me. Skin connects us. It is connective tissue, connective organ circulating possibilities within our tribal, global/planetary and universal body. Skin is hot wax melting into juicy molten mucus eddy currents into all bodies of living forms including rocks. These insoluble eddy currents of inspiration, of intimated sensations, of emotions, of thoughts and feelings and fears, of sense of humor and time, of insight and wisdom, of spiritual survival and love, bringing us down into the earth and pleasure. Hot wax bodies unite molten colors swirl together confound old Powers that were created by isolation, separation, fear of the other, doubts about personal worth. Power is cold. Human beings are warm, sweaty rubbing aroused by taking life deep to incorporate into one another. Sometimes they just relaxed, unhurried and love with wide open eyes from humanity and wisdom of sense of humor among various acts upon examining everything, everybody without separation from my dreams.

I do not walk. So I stay. So I stay together, seeing I am always able to handle anything. I love staying in you. I have staying power! I am a stay-at-home kind of dude! Of course I am a con man who certainly belonged to modern Greece. This inexhaustible ocean of emotions caused things to multiply in these interesting people. Images flowing non-linear and words options available appear paranoid and universal language among various pretexts of courage. You can play whatever on whims… If you are not comfortable, not confined to the bathrooms of insphere conformable comfort zones. Imagine staying in the bathroom comfortably all of your life! That is a funky lot of shitting and pissing and puking! Not to mention washing alone!

“I Joined The Navy” by LaBash

The Inner Maze – EIGHT

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!

Arms of skin penetrating bodies of others are the connective organ circulating possibilities within our tribal body formed global and universal pulse arteries spasms and universal tribal body. People do not know that there is a right time for grasp opportunity notwithstanding the buzzing and feeling rather bruised and broken. These ever changing Walls of right time are the surrounding Walls of the inner maze with irresistible doors that keep on moving onto the new structures. Got to be ready to drop everything and surrender in to the big new or a small intimate journey into each other without looking behind this inexhaustible ocean of what if’s, addiction to comfortable death by Suffocation before that fleeting twilight filling with irresistible drowsiness of what should be here at stable situations. Are you committed to dropping things to me? I always have followed many names of these men who had taken care of the inner maze with anyone who breathes pleasure in and out, murmuring like horses coming back again before they could come into understanding. I never have gone after understanding. I always try looking up dresses and down necklines and into juicy holes in each body, hairy openings of contact with innermost flesh, inner sandy pleasure, fallen into taboo. It was deep within intimacy, as deep as possible for beyond all time. Do you wish to risk? Take your shawl off. Keep going! Taste all possibilities! Taste all my wants! Keep going deep within intimacy, keep going through playing the queen of all possibilities. Keep inviting us to breathe you again in. Keep on moving sexy warm, handling my wants so entirely expanding out and inward towards me with interest. Having committed everything onto the new episode of contact with innermost flesh. Walked up and surrendered! Tell me something of yourself. Damned silly dawdling at fears, exaggerated its size and cheapness! Were searching for something better than words in vain? Words that escaped from prison were concealed under ordinary circumstances after this large percentage of patients who wanted leaders and broken dreams.

We are points of responsibility within a web of relationship, of possibilities. Within each point of responsibility within each body reality is created and broadcasted. God is a pizza of responsibility within a web of possibilities! Taste all pleasure and play with anyone who is seeking intimacy. Keep inviting every urge that forms us! What is fucking up? Dresses and play turn me into gold turn on. Touch me! Rub my wants so entirely by dancing nude, sliding in my skin, penetrating bodies unite with me digging in taboos. The surrounding Walls of the buzzing joy of living all together, confound old boxes of fear of good time. Good times freak a lot of people out! They run from things working out. They always smash it all up and Throwing nuts at being free and easy and happy and contented and prosperous and etc. if they were happy, grateful, pleased, they would have to admit they are responsible! So they marched off into cold places undoubtedly afraid of being diverted from prison. It cannot be understood! What freaks them out is seeking intimacy! It is always amazing to me! The buzzing of fear of being free and happy, otherwise only handle these foolish hopes belonging to dropping nether extremities satanic and special treatment or unregenerate empty air of being rolled pell-mell into muddy holes on the big Hyena-swine, gripping MONTGOMERY’S despair! Yet maybe I am doing just what I want to do! Send your checks to me!

Zealot interprets even exposures like these took each body, hairy beard Wolf man who was making straight for something better. Remember, you wish me to put it clearly and without any nudity or explicit instructions. But you need to find out what happened to you. What a bummer! Get well fast! Next time you come out of fear of being dirty, you again can be expose to the new episode of Frank Moore, aka Feisto, and a special education, personal opinion of death earned by Suffocation before that fleeting glimpse of pieces of excellent furniture of black basalt. The first cut of the spiritual exploring of frank Moore aka feisto is waiting for you! I’m sitting waiting for you! I’m just starting! From my dreams I want to invite you inside my skin! Penetrating, plunge below the water-line where opposites melt into one another. Sometimes lying, I always tell you the truth! Trust me with your mind and body hairy with irresistible desire! This visit from my hands is seeking intimacy. It cannot be ignored. My sarcasm aside. I was just doing just as we were setting out to do. Such invasion of frank Moore was making straight lines from our starting-point to risk the tides of excellent life! Let me know how likely the playing with a idea of fun will turn you on, arouse you inside. Not a politically correct package am I selling! Buttons and zippers and whalebone and Velcro are useless when we are nude and happy and contented and willing, knowing what surprise wait for us.

“Why Me?” by LaBash

The Inner Maze – SEVEN

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!

I do exist within your mine and body inter- independent, living web of relationship. But we live legs wide open, taking life deep within our wits, pussy pies and assholes lustily. Ha ha ha, anything ultimate is equally possible indeed if we stay within each other, if we need more! We can only be if we show up together for each other heartily, lustihood of love, bringing up possibilities, cuddling tanpanic erotic warmth together! Excludes nothing whatever! Between rubbing possibilities friction enlivens life deep within our home now without money makers swallowing down many of philosophies of crying out forever. Why don’t they always think what freaks them out indefatigably and perhaps as research in the middle of my head? I need you, want to invite you to exist. Indeed, hey, settle down comfortably with me, dealing successive blows at fears, exaggerated opinions, and vexations. Show up anytime actually is the secret of creation of love, bringing the overlay desirous of seeing sexy bodies, unite with irresistible suggestion that occupied before the beginning and after the end, beyond the margins that frame, limit, what is seen as normal and possible, indeed beyond that is prohibitive qualities of the usual and the sharks of many kinds!

Amongst bony jaws of many on the envelope of the universe, we stay together. The margins exclude almost entirely most of everything which is strange, sexual, progressive, untreatable, terminal and possible poetry, possible alternatives to regular programs filling up everywhere. Let me dig down to remind you that these excavations will be liberating and possible poetry of expression, even more urbane than usual. What freaks them out all summer long is prohibitive life! Let me dig in to enormous protuberances and perhaps after all these foolish hopes belonging to film of seeing sexy hot bed of orgies, explore over oils of love of friends. It was deep and rich, expanding out forever. Why don’t we do it again? Why don’t we go back—back back all away and go all the way? I feel lucky! The universe shatters, swallowing down inner sandy pleasure squirt in to enormous waves connecting, inspiring, opening up with irresistible power of impulsion of friends gathered all summer. Was channeling through playing enough? What is not enough? I am turned on. My standing, holding in particular private satisfaction of letting go is strange because we kept calling each other loudly. Before talking sex without money in public, I feel furious! Yelling, screaming madly upon examining it again, distinctly transmitted through playing with a idea of letting go all the way responsible for everything. Everything goes! Our way is equally possible and becoming every urge satisfaction of running aground, bringing up possibilities of the spiritual nonsense.

Grace was my grandma who saved me with Mom Connie from falling into muddy institutions of doctors dictated forgetting. Louise was so liberating to me, so entirely expanding my possibilities in the middle of the universe. Linda has been my own self in a sexy hot body, inter- twine together taking life deep within together for years and years outside of the margins, always together and Mikee baby baby, our home and feeling quite the same joy body splashed with irresistible impulse of love, bringing maximum breadth of care of a quantity of moist farts and feeling quite pleased with our riches, well-distributed to enormous deep within our body. And soul of the tribal body that forms us are Alexi and Corey, and Jen dancing nude together, seeing our tribal body formed picturesque interlacings of care of a sexy warm reality of circulation of love, bringing people together. Seeing you again distinctly visible for looking at is equally possible and to get together is why I am writing this book! Highly improbable! Don’t we stay together? Seeing people getting nervously concern because the demo of circulation was built partly of letting go all the way, surrender in to luver and yes here now without pictures, blocks and fences between the us. I could tell how Eroplay can create change completely immersed in my studio. Well, we shall play together. Trust me! Trust you! Want to be liberating and yes unless you give yourself up, possibilities of the spiritual exploring of love, of friends, of lovers like skin of Waters attentively certainly before long elegant points of contact will join us. What is fucking eating you? Give yourself up to this inexhaustible family! Was making ducks and drakes of letting go too fast for your personal myth? I have invited you again! You saw the electric spark from our home. Why do you wish to question me? How could you construct this wonderful softness? Indeed beyond that is strange because of the spiritual intoxication. In my studio alone some snuck in to keep pace with irresistible impulse to celebrate the tribal body. Count many names of these adventures, articulating each syllable clearly. Defined shadows mounting actresses and feeling them up deeply, impressed upon examining their souls together, seeing you again. Why don’t you remember who exists outside of these insoluble problems?

Artwork by LaBash

The Inner Maze – SIX

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Not me! I never saw such bestial-looking creatures. They are trying to figure out why people will join us to get ready for any worldly Fortune by our wits without money in new York city. From our home now we are going off into the ultimate reality. Will you stay? Will you stay within forever forever and perhaps after all this time for you there on the street. Stay here now without past, sufferings, future, fights, pictures, blocks and fences between the us. I shall stay with you true, unlimited life. Let me! Digging round us, what is up with irresistible attraction glued me to dance with you outside of childhood. I think we were searching for something better than the surrounding sea of blood and ink and fences built beside you. Stay within skins till I joined you outside of the night of unbroken flood of images. Imagine all my wants sometimes lying hidden vices and generally adopted to dance with irresistible drowsiness of luminous electric light of blood. On the other hand Tom Tristram’s conversational felicities and generally composed himself from falling upon examining again among various pretexts, they may pop up anytime! Actually for the next time you come into jazzed firma alive, you should be near enough either to hear or see anything ultimate. Fate destined me to put it mildly write this imperfect view of taboos. Feisto, I think he is me… Or you! Wouldn’t you come into my programme, TOUCHEZ-LA? I need you to exist! Indeed, who exists outside of relationship? Dynamics upon communicating back to regular people rock! Began afresh with irresistible attraction glued their dicking and generally poky directly resumed their former position. Lowering pile of pink-covered novels on such a quantity of brain matter brought quickly honey pie and generally poky little crutch ting-a-ling tingling in the freedom of space and time constraints. I love you, dearly intimate and cozy. It is just that simple. Pitching almost entirely unprovided with irresistible impulse to make myself understood. What had become brilliant coral opening events unforeseen circumstance thwarted to make myself felt vulnerable as much you as me. I always have liked your ass. You’re easily pleased! But you need not despair. Yet hoping I always have liked your face. Woman, madam, how could you Eroplay with irresistible impulse? I think of taboos, tansex, tanplay, and tanpanic trance, gazing at being free and easy no problem no reason why we cannot release ourselves into each other heartily! Immediately took each other loudly before talking sex softly, repeated by topless waitress bugging before long elegant bronze skin, chestnut-brown rubbing against her, her hands clasped like that occupied one-third roof, bearing an one world wide wide range of relationship between us.

What is fucking eat drink go over the tracks with mikee baby baby goo and goo and easy tanpanic erotic reality will join us to get together. So we can only handle these parts. Anymore perhaps after all this shit go around, waiting, seemed eternal. Perdition and time constraints and easy refuge from falling violently towards women who wanted to film my performance of taboos, tansex, trouble and vexation and loss of blood… Energy—evinced by the darkness increased under plastic sewage, fish skins, trash and goo. I outlined against saving everybody! Pitied Susan! She looked consummately artificial! Woman should treat me differently, carefully, studying me mmmmmm jamming me into her connective pussy and play something dirty. Free to be absolutely meaningless and easy. Tanpanic of taboos, tansex of relationship between us can create memorable moments stretched out forever and perhaps after forever and beyond! This shit about getting nervously is shit! When most of us can create change completely immersed in new policy of relationship dynamics upon big news! I may actually exist!

“Can You Say Om?” by LaBash

The Inner Maze – FIVE

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


There was Feisto! Feisto is me! Mad hard strange man who had a certain lust, a certain soft touch between physical play is having pictures uniformly framed and got suck in to enormous depression already described such lengthened curves prolonged imprisonment in particular private conviction that a bitch was making straight for the control box of unaccountable sadness. Excuse me, sir! I am Feisto. Is having men vetoed romantically reality when most of us can create feedback cycles trouble taboo? Art intensified of human destiny went on board. Matthew, we will give orders that shock, caused things to multiply in these situations with pleasant offer for example devotes less than ten months of darkness fringed edges which formed picturesque interlacings of letting yen and Yang to multiply my friends. Like the hutches, however I watched these Raging Minorities against saving everybody. Understanding lively sensations which streams whenever we meet him for the truth, deeper into Sadducee swung open audition part of myself. Said John, “black beauty had taken care of me”. During my research he kept calling me to make sure I would not be nude! Goddess of nature, sky became uncanny. Voices from the old boxes of eroticism looked at the night of slipping into unconsciousness. I will give them welcome. Back Homo! I won’t pretend even to inquire about miss Dora! Finch sitting waiting ready to jam tunes. Trouble taboo art intensified God enough, enough time could see emergencies. It sounds like he continued that being commercial. Doesn’t matter! What indignities may pop up anytime. Actually for the next time you come into possession of this legal fire, you will ball the duchess!

I am Feisto! Feisto is a feisty creature, living happily beyond the normal taboos. Feisto is me. Feisto is waiting for you. I’m sitting around waiting, ready to jam with anyone who would be happy. Otherwise I always wonder what my dear and precious booty of eroticism and lovers like skin chestnut-brown rubbing gently upon my mind. I rushed through green veins of this inner maze body, inter-relationships non-linear personality. I get mad at being mauled by shutting down many of philosophies of community voices from my dreams. Intensified God enough to frighten Frederick Barbarossa to inquire about our excursions on your web of this inner maze. Furrowing in possibilities of the ultimate reality in which everything is equally possible, where opposites co-exist within skins of beasts. Beasts appeared to have hit upon communicating back home. Ok, okay. I get funny, especially when I moved into possession of this inner maze! I need you cherotically with pleasant encouraging tone to actually exist within the presence of myriads of diamonds behind this young lady rubbing up and down with an agility and precious mind-blowing being. Sandy pleasure squirt in to enormous jaws wide enough to frighten me. Unknown freedom active little uncensored reality tends to be absolutely glorious. The presence on the stage soon became obvious that being dirty, free to be absolutely meaningless and historically inaccurate was over before long. Chance I would betray the poverty of myriads of luminous spots about the killing of eroticism, whatever between us can create uncomfortable eddies and down in reality passed during our sleep had cleared away with terrestrial horrors of childhood. I had nothing! Yet hoping that you need to be with me! Digging for you, I’m sitting waiting for you there on the street, on the corner of the street, on the front yard waiting for the opportunity to open and be grabbed. All my life I was ready and willing, knowing what surprise awaited! All my existence on the street together seeing people loving, I was just living waiting, ready to jam with anyone who would be interested. Perhaps you! Perhaps you?

I need you, want to invite you first hump and generally attached me to dance with you outside of childhood experience of all possibilities… Cuddling just living flowers both bodies of flesh inner flesh outer flesh. Walked up and surrender in particular private satisfaction!

Artwork by LaBash

The Inner Maze – FOUR

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


Tired eyes wide enough to change completely from San Francisco to come over now. She thought me mad! Life, how I contribute into what I imagine. Valentin feebly waved his hand and fell a-trembling with water and certainly had it posted up before the gurus serious cannonade captain Nemo himself should bloomed over tomorrow. Justice, intimacy, music, playing, trying figure out why people do the math. Volcanic depressions cuddling were sleeping like Sardanapalus exclaimed. Tristram pursued with characteristic audacity of transferring from diorama to rapidity of the war on art, music, culture and people getting together continues with characteristic outbursts of viola d’amore eternal exile and fear of epochs of immediate cancellation of deaf ears despite repeatedly recycled sex. Without touching, with you outside of the legal fire wall around the wall around the sole guest. Agree with erotica rural setting and trimming the trim tidy beaver pink coral opening wet weather deep probe, hump and generally poke into what I face. Woman, madam Newman, Instinctively turned to me and jammed her grown-up fingers into my carnal shit hole. Just then all shit from Betty blew up before the rays of our marketing research. We googled the trim possibly fail edge of the legal questions about getting together seeing people loving you. I’m especially anxious to get me out by breaking down the dark depths of immediate wooing the dark copses. I understand puking but within five hundred feet beneath the surface of the usual and the difficulty of how much longer should we explore those unknown freedoms of the veery and jammed nothing sexual emotion part of myself before they could come into Koblenz. A process of deciding not to require late fees was given before talking sex softly repeated by topless waitress bugging, bringing maximum breadth measured firmly wedged between my teeth, hard work! Ned replied coldly, “sir, fate has shown me the word! Cults as a description corresponds with characteristic yawning audibly what happened to be projected upon both bodies of the faces of madame Urbain!”

Meanwhile, captain exclaims, “strike, stripped down to nuts, pussy pies and the skins of beasts after sex acts! Swallowing down half a cock headed due southward through various depths, holes in the invasions and… Yes I shuddered pleasure all shit from Betty, blew on her starboard quarter the sea of unknown freedom. Active movement producing electricity erotic warmth the suffered at the games, wonderful softness running through playing along with teeny girls who had taken care of me, lying on the dudes who weren’t giving much.”

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“Ain’t Disneyland Just Hell” by LaBash, 1999

Season of hidden hope

a radio musical

November 23, 1993


Walking along
cold dark homeless
clogged with ice fears,
my only friend
is the wind
chilling my bones
into longing
and lost
and beyond…
into a cynical loneliness.

Herding my sheep,
looking in windows
of unattainable desires,
looking at presents
I don’t have anyone to give them to,

looking into the past
soft colored warm homes
that are no longer mine.

Everyone has left,
everyone is gone.

Even the sun has left
long ago,
long before the manger.

And the sun
will not come back
This is the season
of dark depression
and fragile suicide.

I know
I can always bum up
the $29.95
to buy
the plastic hope and faith
at 7 Eleven
and pretend
it is my wonderful life
in the video store’s window.

But instead
I wrap myself
in a jaded pretense
of dry ice isolation
of not caring,
and drinking
the stale
but warm wine of regrets.


The birth
of new hope
has always been hidden within
the long cold
winter darkness.

Huddled together,
clinging to our tribal warmth
as our only protection
against dying
into the scary

we always have been blind
to the evergreen
hope of life.

It has always been
the first time
the sun
and easy hope
have gone away.

So we always think
they will never
come again.

The evergreen hope
has been hidden
in the womb
of the humble
and in children’s dreams.

The forces of greys
have always overheard
the possibility
of the hidden hope…
have always searched
for it
to pervert it
into human isolation…
failing that,
to kill it
for all time.

But the forces of power
always overlook
the hidden human hope
in the baby’s cradle.

As power
goes on a desperate killing,
the old world up……
we huddle together
in the silent night
upon the hill,
rocking together
in our tribal body warmth.

The shaman,
the holy woman,
the medicine man
have always shifted
our attention away
from the dark
have always shifted
our gaze
to the guiding light
of new birth…
at first
in the stars,
then in the roaring
tribal fire
which pulled
all human feelings
within it,
and still later
into that corny
home hearth
with bright colors

Into this fire
we have always gone,
the drumming
of our innocent heart
in a slow excitement,
our love of life.
We curl up
with our love
and wait
for warm spring
to arrive…
as hope grows
into knowing.

Christmas Card, digital painting, 2008 by Frank Moore
Christmas Card, digital painting, 2011 by Frank Moore

The Inner Maze – THREE

May 28, 2009. Frank wrote this as an experiment using Aurora Suite 2005, a word-prediction software program. For every letter that Frank would type for each new word, Aurora proposed to him nine possible word choices. For The Inner Maze, Frank ALWAYS selected a word from Aurora’s first nine choices. In this way, he followed Aurora, as Aurora followed him, through The Inner Maze!


OK OKAY OKIE OF BERKELEY! Want to have the spell of truth imprisoned unwilling witnesses of the reality of programs filling up everywhere. Let me dig down to remind me of folly until later, folks! Keep on the reality which agitated shadows mounting actresses for years and work with me. Digging for the truth deeper into the truth. It talking with you, with Aurora and the others crowded my brain becoming stupefied, awaited them faith broken faith broken dreams! Slash of folly but wisdom which may be able to procure real life. How I contribute into what I imagine was injected by loud bellowings such meaningful questions. I write this imperfect glimpse under these conditions with Aurora and you coming back again before they could come into the shithead and you coming to the contents of folly. I am only a maniac puppet. You say very much. Embarrassed scruples of running aground, bringing maximum breadth measured more than fifty atmospheres equivalent to saying trust me. So the art thump down models stood upon pedestals in Paris. They were fast cutting edge and began to loosen secretions and bring me there. I did pot and experimented tripping dropping things slurred the art. Anything dreadful fit into what I imagine. Nothing sexual, just cuddling that is how dumb I was! Just dragging chains like Marley’s ghost, dumbly entreating to procure fresh particles of truth deeper and arranged them methodically as though melted on compulsion and experimented was injected into insanity. This is wonderful! Softness of early folly until later, folks. Match Paul! Yin and Yang and fun with you next few months, soap washing dishes, eh. You know what I will say next! Few months after we upgrade reality of sail tossed skyward and fell a-trembling with running aground bringing maximum breathing plunged under these darkness eerie feelings whipping kind of twilight filling with water and already encrusted others. Crowded my brain becoming impracticable above us, floated mainly hanging out in romantically focused on hugging Raquela!

“Mind Fuck Headache” by LaBash